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  1. I went for a walk with my kids earlier, had a little look on Facebook and going by the posts, I assumed it was a terrorist attack at the stadium (posts saying thoughts with all the players and fans at the match and so on). Went over to Sky Sports News and saw what happened. Obviously both those scenarios are horrible. I'm glad he seems on the mend. All the best to him, not sure if we'll ever see him on the pitch again, but you never know.
  2. Is anyone watching this car crash of a show Peter Crouch is hosting? Utterly dreadful. We are a long way from the days of Baddiel and Skinner.
  3. Some genuinely vile people on there. I know there's a rivalry and all that, but I could never wish anything bad on Spurs fans or anything like that. This place is a lot more welcoming than most rival forums I find.
  4. Not sure if any of you like to have a browse and a laugh on the Spurs forum, but look at this comment! I am in absolute disbelief! 🤣 "f**k off City you f**king small club bottlejobs" https://thefightingcock.co.uk/forum/threads/other-matches-fred-2020-21.36876/page-1464
  5. https://www.chelseamegastore.com/en/chelsea-cup-home-stadium-shirt-2021-22-kids-with-champions-of-europe-21-printing/p-1224997469942497+z-83-652084189?_ref=p-CLP:m-GRID:i-r0c0:po-0
  6. I know I've given him some stick (I talk utter crap after a defeat as you all know, knee jerk reactions and all that), but I reckon he will come good next season. He puts in a shift!
  7. Bloody hell! For some reason I must have completely forgot he was free. That is incredible business indeed! I always used to like watching Ballack, even before he came to Chelsea.
  8. That's what I was thinking, one more CL and we are the 2nd most successful British team in Europe. As it stands we've got 7 European Trophies, Manchester United have 6, but obviously their extra CL is worth more than our Europa/Cup Winners Cups (still special nights mind). I don't like to be big headed, but I reckon our name is on the Super Cup, There's no way we can lose 4 on the bounce surely?
  9. I've got me take away in a bit earlier tonight, because there is no chance in hell I'll be able to eat during the game. I already feel sick! Honestly lads, I'm gonna have to start following tennis or something because this is too much.
  10. 2-0 Chelsea, Mount and Werner! LET'S GET IT ON!!!!
  11. This is why at the end of the day it's just a football match! Life is more important! Get well soon mate, and if we win tomorrow it's a bonus!
  12. I must say I can't ever recall being this low on confidence going into a final. I really, really hope some of us look stupid on Saturday night, when we see young Mason parading around with the cup.
  13. Did anyone hear Lee Sharpe on Radio 2 this morning? He thinks we'll get beat comfortably. I must say....I'm very worried.
  14. All I can really ask for is to just put in a performance. If we play brilliant and lose 2-1, I don't think there will be too many complaints. Just give it a bloody go lads! Come on!
  15. I don't know what to make of it! It's gonna be a tough one we all know that!
  16. Meh! Just cannot bring myself to celebrate getting 4th place after today. I'm sure I'll feel alright in a couple of days.
  17. Indeed. I've completely given up with him now.
  18. Our attack just isn't up to it, soon as we went 1-0 down I already knew the end result. Spineless Chelsea team who lack any sort of leadership.
  19. 1-0 to the Chels! That's my prediction! COME ON!!!
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