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  1. Very good last night but he faded in the second half, especially after he went off.
  2. Still trying to work out why people moan and get upset by pure speculation. CHO ain't going nowhere! Perhaps along with Chelsea Match Chat and General Chelsea we should also have a Chelsea Moan area where people can barf off to their heart's content?
  3. Looking at last night's match it is clear to me that not only the players but Sarri himself are all on a learning curve.
  4. For a start he is quite simply not as good a player as Alonso and secondly, he can be a liability defensively, as he was on at least one occasion against Palace. I hope he develops and puts Alonso under pressure for the starting position.
  5. A 'B' premiership would be a nice solution, or big teams like Chelsea have two teams but then that might be complicated to administer.
  6. As a general observation I see/hear much less negative comment on the very odd occasion that I get to the Bridge. Maybe i'm too busy tucking into my prawn sandwich and prosecco to notice? [emoji230]
  7. As Sarri said recently, he's stuck in the middle having to make sure we get points, while the fans and the club may shout for the youngsters to get playing time. I'd love to see more of CHO (and others) but I can also see why he's not being rushed in.
  8. Pulisic and CHO the eventual replacements for Willian and Pedro. I think that's good news. I don't know much about him and every signing is a risk, but I'm pleased that the club is planning ahead.
  9. Willian makes a very significant defensive contribution as well as creating havoc upfront. He had on off game against Palace but it was noticeable how they concentrated on our right wing after he went off. Willian has been a great Chelsea player since he's been here and the club have had more than good value in purchasing him.
  10. No pleasing some people. Look at the data day on the official site and you get a real picture of his overall contribution in yesterday's match.
  11. I have nothing against Ruben but Kovačić has more experience and always puts in a damn good shift in midfield.
  12. Very solid tonight. No eay is he going out on loan.
  13. Emerson had a good game tonight and against tougher opposition than we've faced in the EL. Cup is half full!
  14. Good game tonight against a strong PL team.
  15. Kepa is a good keeper with more to come and it's always an added bonus not to have to watch the streak of sh*te who preceded him.
  16. Yeah right and I'll be the one laughing when you next tank up! Or maybe there's enough hot air from you and the other Alonso knockers to keep the moans mobile going. On yer bike!
  17. Where have I repeated that claim? This, along with some other anti Alonso sentiments in here, is simply inaccurate. If he's so bad why do we have one of the lowest goals against in the PL and why has he made it to the fringes of the Spanish squad since he joined?
  18. Kovačić is top class and gets through lots of work. He does seem to tire though, but then he's had a long season with the WC and he is also new to the PL. Look at Klopp, he takes three months or so before introducing his midfielders.
  19. Just repeating that Alonso hasn't pace or mobility doesnt make it so. I notice no-one has addressed my comment on Alonso's speed of movement for Kante's goal. He was fast enough yesyerday when he cracked that shot against the bar. I agree with the comment that he's slow getting back.
  20. Alonso isn't the quickest but does he lack pace? I don't think so. Look back at that super Kante goal against City. Alonso passes to Luiz which gets the move going and then Alonso is at the edge of the box passing to Hazard how many seconds later? Emerson is not in the same class at the moment and has cost us easy goals in the EL. I'm not saying he doesn't have potential, which he does, but he is not as good as Alonso at the moment.
  21. Have you seen Emerson in the Europa League? Regularly switches off and costs us goals; good going forward. I didn't hear it today but I wonder if that recent booing has upset Marco?
  22. He put in a great shift on Saturday. Top class.
  23. Did Alonso get booed at the Spurs and Fulham matches and if so does anyone know why?
  24. I liked his throwing his weight around on Thursday. Like some big men he seems to hold back, so it was good to see him going for it. Tends to go missing sometimes during games, would like to see more hunger.
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