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  1. I think his comment on Kante was much more to do with defending Sarriball than having a go at Kante. Fair enough too.
  2. I think MU have rotated most but that's not a good story! A manager knowing his first team is a positive I think.
  3. It's not easy to keep everyone happy. If the player is not out on loan I think it is a sign that they're close to being in the first team, but in a results first business they will not get the minutes. Catch 22. Also, many people want to have the youngsters given more playing time but if it doesn't work out then they're often the first to shout 'not Chelsea quality.'
  4. What do people make if Sarri's comments today?
  5. Wasn't our worst defender by a long shot against Spurs. There's always been an element against him because they wanted a superman or a batman at an inflated price. Alonso was too cheap.
  6. HO and other youngsters have to be brought in very carefully. We've seen what happens when too much pressure (and expectation) is loaded on young shoulders. Sarri has got this right.
  7. I read better analysis in here (and a fraction of the length) than that self appointed 'expert'.
  8. I think I've yet to fully appreciate Jorginho. I see him as a new Fabregas in the making. My main concern is that he also has similar weaknesses in defending as seen in our opening matches.
  9. Does anyone else think his influence is not as noticeable in the new set up?
  10. Alonso has exceeded expectations, always good even if from a modest base. I doubt if he would have made the Spanish team if he hadn't come to Chelsea so win-win.
  11. We were pretty damn impressive up until Christmas when we won our last PL under Mourinho.
  12. Played 4 and 2 clean sheets. Everyone makes mistakes, that's one of the reasons you have teammates.
  13. In hindsight maybe a battering ram like Giroud is the better choice for these type of games.
  14. If people are only going to be happy when we win trophies then it's going to lead to a pretty miserable existence... A journey not a destination...
  15. A real pity, hope he gets his career back on track.
  16. At least Real's interest might mute the people who constantly slag him off. Oh Real are interested, must be good!
  17. Not sure I agree with you on that. Christiansen had a few howlers last season and they seemed to affect him. Luiz on the other hand breezes on regardless!
  18. I'm happy to be on our side of the deal. It's not just money and seeing the back of Courtois and having him replaced by someone who has the potential to become one of Europe's best is not half bad. Kovacic will also be a plus.
  19. Maybe we could give him Gandalf as a nickname.
  20. Good luck to Conte and I'm sure he will continue to have an excellent career. I think he has been treated shabbily and as a protest I will not be renewing my membership for the coming season.
  21. Top 6 and in the FA cup final. I would have been drooling some years ago. As the man in M.A.S.H. said, 'less of those negative waves!'
  22. I don't think he's keeping an injured Drinkwater out of the squad. As I've said before I'm glad I never worked for some of you guys.
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