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    Whisky (have about fifty bottles at home), beer, reading, history, blues music and family history (have traced one branch of the family back to the 17th century).

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  1. Just noticed in the clip that there is a picture of the programme. On it, military ranks are shown against the names of some of our players. Didn't know that Tommy Lawton had been a Company Sergeant Major Instructor.
  2. A clip of the game against Dynamo Moscow in 1945. Commentary is in Russian. Some great shots of fans on the Shed roof. Loads of military personnel in the crowd.
  3. Going to see Limehouse Lizzy in three weeks time. A great tribute act to Thin Lizzy.
  4. A bit different but the referee in a game between Rangers and Hibs in 1995 had a sense of humour bypass.
  5. From the game against Sheffield United in 1994. The last day of the old Shed. The guy just left of centre is wearing a Rangers jacket.

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