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    Whisky (have about fifty bottles at home), beer, reading, history, blues music and family history (have traced one branch of the family back to the 17th century).

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  1. A great band. I saw them at the Hammersmith Odeon in June of that year. As part of their supposed farewell tour. Wasn't long before they starting touring again. Sad news about Alan Lancaster who passed away yesterday.
  2. Ah, the 1980 Scottish Cup Final. I think that members of my family were at that game. I've been on a few Rangers supporters buses to Ibrox and there is always one or two who smuggle on a hip flask or a bottle with vodka and orange in it.
  3. No idea of the year of who we are playing. A fine sight.
  4. Great picture. I've noticed a couple of Pomagne bottles. I remember that from years gone bye. A cheap version of Champagne.
  5. Not sure if already posted. Spurs latest DVD.
  6. Watching The Great Escape for about the millionth time. Yes, a slight exaggeration! A great film with a wonderful cast. Brilliant music. Made nearly sixty years ago and one of a number of films I can watch over and over with out getting bored.
  7. From December 1959 when we won 5-4 at Preston North End with Jimmy scoring all of our goals.
  8. Well done Vitesse Arnhem. Showing great respect to those of the British Airborne Division.
  9. Chelsea v Spurs at WHL in 1975 currently on the Big Match Revisted on ITV4
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