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  1. Good news from Spain? Hopefully the number of deaths per day will continue to decrease. Still a long way to go but perhaps light at the end of the tunnel. As has been stated, so many variables and uncertainties with this pandemic. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-52182245
  2. Chelsea has set up a donation page on Facebook to raise funds for Refuge. As the article on the BBC website states there has been a 25% increase in domestic abuse since the lockdown was introduced. https://www.facebook.com/donate/663027647827825/
  3. Yes, can see NI contributions and taxes going up and hopefully tax avoidance and tax evasion will be reduced. Sadly, there will be loads of people without a job and many businesses will have gone bust. We all know of small businesses where the owners and staff have worked hard to build up custom service etc. I can think of several near me which I've used over the years and I hope that they are still able to function down the line. I saw this on Facebook but nothing yet on the club website about Roman funding wages.
  4. Agree. The clubs made the mistake of differentiating between playing and non-playing staff. That could lead to a lot of animosity down the line. As you say, the clubs have a duty of care to all their employees. I saw an advert on the TV the other day and it was about the American Space Programme. In it, the advert showed that all NASA employees had a role in the programme from the astronauts and engineers down to the cleaners. Once this virus is over and we are back to some sort of normality I wonder if how we watch football and how it is funded and broadcast will change. Reduced transfer fees and wages; changes to subscriptions with TV broadcasters? Will fewer people go to games as money is going to be tight for a good while yet.
  5. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/04/06/honoured-guests---the-story-of-chelsea-s-wartime-players--includ An interesting article about football in WW2. I hadn't realised that Matt Busby had played for Chelsea during the war but then there were a lot of players who made guest appearances for teams.
  6. A very worrying statistic. It will no doubt put extra pressure on charities which support victims of domestic abuse and else on the Police and Ambulance service who will have to respond to emergencies. If Police don't have to stop mass gatherings and also monitor people out and about they can respond to more important issues e.g. helping victims of domestic abuse. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52157620 Coronavirus: Domestic abuse calls up 25% since lockdown, charity says
  7. That was a very good Everton side. A shame that they didn't have a chance to shine in Europe.
  8. One of Jock Wallace's most famous quotes.
  9. History repeats itself. Poem written in 1869, reprinted during 1919 Pandemic. This is Timeless.... It was written in 1869 by Kathleen O’Mara: And people stayed at home And read books And listened And they rested And did exercises And made art and played And learned new ways of being And stopped and listened More deeply Someone meditated, someone prayed Someone met their shadow And people began to think differently And people healed. And in the absence of people who Lived in ignorant ways Dangerous, meaningless and heartless, The earth also began to heal And when the danger ended and People found themselves They grieved for the dead And made new choices And dreamed of new visions And created new ways of living And completely healed the earth Just as they were healed. Reprinted during Spanish flu Pandemic, 1919
  10. A mate of mine at primary school and I still see him at the games had one of those shirts as a kid. A few years ago he had a picture of him in the shirt printed in the club magazine. Reading the magazine I saw the picture and the name and thought is that my mate. It was. The picture was taken in his back garden and I remembered that. It's amazing what sticks in your mind after many years.
  11. It's unbelievable the attitude of some people and citing their rights but forgetting their responsibilities. We are living in terrible times and we all have a role to play. I wonder what their attitude would be if one of their loved ones was to die. One of my Uncles has underlying health problems so he and his wife are two weeks into a period of 12 weeks of self isolation. I'm sure they would love to visit their children and grand-children but they know the rules (as do most of the population). It must make them and other people in the same situation as well as our NHS staff and other key workers weep with anger and frustration when w**kers with the I'm alright Jack attitude ignore the rules.
  12. Cheers. Just had a look at the map and Gullane is not far from his home town of Wallyford. As you say, he must have used the beach in his younger days.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52175816 The Champions League and Europa League could be abandoned if coronavirus restrictions remain in place into September, according to Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin. But Ceferin added that playing behind closed doors would be preferred to abandoning games. Champions League and Europa League matches are currently suspended until further notice. "We can't play it out in September or October," Ceferin told ZDF Sportstudio. When asked whether the season could be abandoned, he added: “If the authorities do not allow us to play, then we cannot play.” Wayne Rooney says players face a no-win situation in wage debate Kyle Walker: Manchester City defender faces investigation over lockdown breach Premier League clubs Manchester City and Chelsea are both still in the Champions League, while Manchester United, Wolves and Scottish Premiership side Rangers are all in the Europa League. “The fact is that we really don’t know much,” Ceferin explained. “We are waiting for the development of this terrible situation in the world, and mainly in Europe. "It is still better to play the game behind closed doors and have it on TV, which is what the people need and want because it brings positive energy to their homes, than not playing at all. “That’s what the people want, that brings positive energy, and it will be July or August." The finals of the Champions League, Europa League and Women's Champions League, all of which were scheduled for May, have already been postponed.

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