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  1. The other night I watched The Elephant Man. It's been a few years since I last watched it and it is still very powerful. moving and thought-provoking. A brilliant cast and John Hurt is superb as Joseph Merrick although in the film his first name is John. That the film is in black and white adds to the atmosphere and film. I have to praise the make-up artists for the wonderful job they did. It must have taken ages to add make-up to Hurt. I didn't realise until recently that Mel Brooks was one of the producers but asked that his name wasn't added to the credits as he was worried that if it
  2. Great result and superb performance. Ran Palace ragged. Four excellent goals. Great individual performances. Passing and movement was superb. I had a couple of fine beers during the game. Now sampling a glass of the single malt whisky which I bought for the 55th. Some will know what I mean by the 55th. Now for the pikeys to lose tomorrow.
  3. Great start and the beer I'm drinking is excellent.
  4. Great picture. Jaws was a terrific player. A shame that he's not around to see Rangers winning the title.
  5. Don't know where or when this photo was taken but I guess that it was in the early seventies. Different times.
  6. You're welcome mate. I remember watching the trailer for the Netflix programme but never knew about Suter. All credit to him for what he did for footballers.
  7. Wasn't sure where to post this but it's an article about the first paid footballer. It appears that football had the same issue as rugby i.e. some believed that you shouldn't be paid. In the case of rugby that resulted in what became rugby league. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-56668983 Fergus Suter left Scotland to earn his living playing football in England The grave of one of English football's lesser-known pioneers has been restored after a fan watched his story on Netflix series, The English Game. Jacqueline McAleese contacted
  8. Over the last few weeks I watched every episode of Still Game. A brilliant comedy set in Glasgow and the main characters are pensioners. The comedy was about their experiences and relationships with each other and on occasions with the local neds. One of the characters, Isa reminded me a bit of my Gran. Some great patter and wonderful Glaswegian slang.
  9. Great photo. Looks like it was taken in the 1960s. Used to see a few ladies with rollers in their hair and wearing headscarves. I guess that they were off to the pub or club later. Look like they could hold their own in an argument.
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