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  1. Not vintage but a great shot of the ground.
  2. Posted before. From the Chelsea 1969-1970 book.
  3. Decent beer and at a reasonable price. At the moment the beer is crap and expensive. I'm more than happy to suggest a few beers and act as a taster. @Kev56agree about putting the away fans up in the gods.
  4. It does look like him. Standing next to the Celtic scout, Sean Fallon?
  5. Indeed. Perhaps there should be a remake of John Wyndham's classic story The Day of the Triffids and call it The Day of the Celery. In it hordes of celery go around the country attacking Spurs and Arsenal fans.
  6. I remember being outside the Globe pub near Baker Street Underground station a few years ago and a guy in an open-top car pulled up at the traffic lights near the pub. He said something derogatory about Chelsea and his car was then pelted with sticks of celery. The lady he was with wasn't happy and I think she had a go at him for having a go at Chelsea. The lesson he probably learned was that if you are going to criticise a team do it just before the lights turn green.
  7. I was at the Watford game in 1987. I think Steve Clarke made his debut for us in that match. The thing I remember most from that game was being hit in the back of the head by a lump of celery. Bloody hurt!

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