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  1. I do think that we have switched target from Haaland to Lukaku due to the financial demands.  We have established the cost of buying him from Dortmund, Raiola's exorbitant fee, Haaland's own signing on fee and the wages, that apparently will break our wage structure. The deal has just got too rich for us and is now dead.

  2. 6 minutes ago, True Blue23 said:

    We had an average of two points per game in the PL under TT. Over a whole season that would equate to 76 points. Even with Mount and Havertz improving, which I think they will, getting to 90+ points, which will probably be required against this City team, without making improvements in attack, seems a bit far fetched.

    TB, I completely understand why you are ignoring Timo, but honestly believe that he will come good in a "two" with Havertz and we will all be thanking our lucky stars that we did not waste £100million 😉

  3. 6 hours ago, Ballack & Blu said:

    100% agree Coco baby, if Tuchel handoff been in charge all season i think we would of won the PL, our record against our contenders was unbelievable, a slight tweak, and a full season, and i cant see us falling off a cliff, if we sign Haaland the pressure to smash it from the get go will be Tremendous..

    I also agree 100%, Havertz is starting to look like the player we all thought we were getting and Timo just needs the confidence boost of a decent start (anyone remember Drogba's first year at Chelsea??) I WOULD take Lukaku back but only if he really wants to come, as everything I have read says he is keen to stay at Inter. Haaland simply will not happen, Roman & Marina will not be dictated to by Dortmund, all this you must lodge a bid by xxx date is bollocks and I am still not convinced he is 150 million Euro striker yet. If we do not buy a striker, Tammy will stay, He will get into double figures and is still a reasonable back up.

  4. Trippier???? WTF. As soon as I saw his inclusion, I know we would be defensive. Instead of  going and grabbing the game by the nuts, we got the lead and sat back from then on. Inviting Italy to take control and have sustained pressure. The worst thing that happened ironically, was the early goal. We seemed to adopt a " protect that at all costs" mentality and you cannot do that against a team with Italy's quality. I had been impressed with Southgate, although stating a couple of years ago that he would never make a winning England Manager, I was prepared to eat humble pie, but last night his starting line up, his substitutes and his shocking list of penalty takers, proved I was right all along.

    England undoubtedly have the players. The squad was excellent and most given time on the pitch, did themselves justice. BUT do we have the management and coaching ability to make the best of the players? I think probably not !!

  5. 3 hours ago, LongtimerLurker said:

    Apparently its Griezmann who we've been linked with. Their wage bill is huge and they will need to cut players. Maybe we can get a few cheeky loan deals ourselves.

    I've been thinking about Griezmann too. Barcelona are in complete meltdown. They are 1 BILLION Euros in debt, 750million of which is due IMMEDIATELY. They have to sell to survive and will be getting desperate soon. They also have to sell 3 or 4 top earners to comply with La Liga's salary cap, which they breached again last season. Then they can only spend a fixed percentage of the net revenues.

    Griezmann is obviously quality, but I'm not sure if he would fit with the style and set up at Chelsea. Time will tell I guess.

  6. So far, only United have dipped their toe in the water. If they do continue and sign Varane, I very much hope that this will be the prod that Marina and the board need. Nobody else has done a thing or looks remotely likely to be finalising negotiations, so I am not too worried.

    I just hope that we are still negotiating with Dortmund and Haaland's advisors, Declan Rice is still away with England, and Lukaku will be on holiday following Belgium's exit from the Euros. So although it is quiet, this is not surprising and will hopefully change quickly from Monday 12th July onwards.

  7. So, "on paper" we have a tough start, and will play Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and City before the end of September. January looks interesting too, but we still only play 38 games, the same as everyone else.  With one or two changes, nobody will fancy playing us, least of all City.  We will be favourites or second favourites for the title and must perform as such, like we did under Mourinho. Sweep teams  like Spurs, Arsenal, Villa, Everton aside and reserve our best performances for United, City and Liverpool, who will remain in the top 4.

  8. I think we should have a try for Mbappe instead of Kane, Haaland, Lukaku 🙏. YES he will be expensive, but apparently, he is no longer certain that PSG is the right club for him. He has presumably worked out that they make poor decisions (letting TT go and replacing him with Poch, Thiago Silva??) cant see them winning the ECL as they do not have the winning mentality needed.  Thinking back though, I'm not sure he had the greatest relationship with Tuchel in Paris ????

  9. 1 hour ago, True Blue23 said:

    If we sell Zouma and Alonso we are short in those areas, so we would need to buy back up players and would end up needing more than the 3 top signings Tuchel reportedly wants. And how many of these players would have already been on your list last season or the season before? It's not that easy because 3 parties have to be happy with the deal. Both clubs and the players have to agree, so you're never going to have a summer where you are able to sell all of your "deadwood" unless you sell them extraordinarily cheap. If you also take into consideration that most clubs outside of England have serious financial struggles right now due to COVID, it gets even less likely.

    We would have sold Drinkwater 3 summers ago if it were possible, but due to his wages it's hard so we keep loaning him.

    We would have sold Emerson last summer already but due to COVID we didn't get our asking price. But we might get it done this summer for 10-15 million.

    We're never going to get 5 million for Blackman.

    Which club needs a goalkeeper and has the funds to pay 30 million pounds for our second choice GK? On top of that Kepa earns quite a lot and the new club would have to pay his wages or he would have to be ready to take a hefty pay cut -> totally unrealistic. I think a loan would be a good option. It gives him the chance to play regularly and raise his market value again.

    I doubt Ampadu is going to be sold. Don't think we've given up on him yet.

    Barkley, Bakayoko and RLC we might be able to sell for your listed fee, but again we've been trying to sell Bakayoko for at least two summers now and never got our asking price...

    I doubt that anybody is ready to pay 10 million for Bats and 5 million for Baba.

    CHO we would be able to sell for 30 to 40 million but I doubt that we are looking to sell right now. Could be a possibility though if we get the right offer.

    On top of that I'm almost certain that Giroud and Abraham are on their way out and they could get us maybe 30 to 40 million pounds combined (5 for Giroud, the rest for Tammy). And I could imagine that we're looking to sell Ziyech which might bring us another 25 million. But then we'd have to either keep CHO with the squad or buy another player for depth.


    Apparently, Blackman has already been released with Van Ginkel too. I cant argue with the rest of your assumptions 😉

  10. 16 hours ago, True Blue23 said:

    This isn't FIFa, we're not going to make 235 million pounds off of sales, especially in these COVID times. Alonso and Zouma I would keep as back ups, Caballero and van Ginkel have already been released and Ampadu is probably going to be loaned out again.

    The players we can realistically sell for noteworthy sums are Abraham, Barkley, RLC, Kepa, Bakayoko, CHO (but I don't think the club is looking to sell him), Tomori and Ziyech. But due to disagreements on transfer sums, wages etc we're not going to be able to sell all of them and are going to end up loaning out quite a few of these players. I'd be happy if we made north of 100 million pounds off of player sales. 

    Drinkwater £5m, Emerson  £15m, Alonso £10m, Zouma £25m, Blackman £5m, Keppa £30m, Caballero  FREE, Ampadu £10m, Tomori £25m, Zappacosta £5m, Barkley £15m, RLC £20m, Van Ginkel FREE, Batshuayi £10m, Rahman £5m, Hudson-Odoi £40m, Bakayoko £10m.  I still think that these prices are realistic and it comes to £230m. It wont be easy, but we have Marina negotiating for us.

  11. Roman's decision not to build the stadium when he did (for his own reasons) has turned out to be the BEST financial decision he could have made. COVID, no crowds, reduced revenues etc, would have made the debt very difficult to service, if not impossible -  look at how our old mates in N17 are struggling 🤣

    Roman's financial and accounting teams will be all over the potential ROI (return on investment) like a rash and should the UK government remove their political and childish visa ban, I am sure that the Planning consent can be revived.

  12. It sounds as though Chelsea have already decided that Ziyech is surplus to requirements. One website has him "officially" on the transfer list. We knew that there would be an exodus in this window, but I thought that we would have given Ziyech longer to prove himself.

    For what its worth, the players I think are DEFINITELY on their way is as follows;

    Drinkwater, Emerson, Alonso, Zouma, Blackman, Keppa, Caballero, Ampadu, Tomori, Zappacosta, Barkley, RLC, Van Ginkel, Batshuayi, Rahman, Hudson-Odoi, Bakayoko. I reckon that this lot should bring in circa £235million, so more than enough to strengthen the squad with the 3/4 players that TT wants without parting with a single penny.

  13. I think it is a very good point that  buying Saul Niguez would likely mean that we do not pursue Declan Rice and I had thought we might go for both.   Spanish football journalist Guillem Balagué stated that Saul suits several styles of play, citing his ability to play "Simeone style" (in reference to Atlético manager) and "Barcelona style", summing up with "We have never had a midfielder like this"

    Personally, I would prefer Declan Rice as I have stated elsewhere on the forum, I can see him forming part of a "backbone" at Chelsea going forward.

  14. 2 hours ago, evissy said:

    15 goals disallowed due to offsides and other VAR decisions this season. Improve there first.

    Evissy, I am certain that these flaws surfaced because of his desperation to succeed or at least try and prove that he could. As I posted earlier, he scored 34 goals for Leipzig in his last Season and you don't do this, without having some idea of the offside rule, although admittedly we didn't have VAR then.

  15. 47 minutes ago, Dean said:


    Me too, I have seen enough already (especially when at RBL 34 Goals in all competitions) to know that last season was a blip and that Timo will come good when his confidence returns. Would love to see him playing alongside Lewandowski 💙

  16. According to TT he would be very happy with three players, not wholesale changes. So for me, the three should be Lewandowski (2 years) Declan Rice and Saul Niguez

  17. On 05/06/2021 at 14:51, timetowaste said:

    £70m is a lot of money to pay for someone just because he’s Mount’s best mate 

    He is a LOT more than MM's best mate.  He is a quality defensive midfielder, with leadership skills and real technical ability. He is only going to get better, with players like Kante and Silva to learn from, and teaming him up with MM reminds me a lot of JT and Frank. £70m will be a SNIP !!

  18. On 05/06/2021 at 16:16, doctorblue said:

    I suppose you can add to that list Loftus Cheek, Gallagher, Ampadu, Brown, Kenedy, Baker, Zappacosta, Miazaga, van Ginkel, Moses...

    So you are thinking - keep Drinkwater ? 😉

  19. I would be happy with two really good seasons from Lewandowski, he is a country mile better than Lukaku and probably Kane. I ignore Haaland as I believe he has already said he would not come to Chelsea.

  20. I have a Brentford supporting client who is astonished that the Premier League Clubs have not shown more interest in Ivan Toney. he is convinced he is a 20+ goal a season striker at any level. I guess that Clubs are waiting to see if Brentford get promoted via the play offs. I don't think that we can take (another) risk. If we are selling Tammy and Giroud, we have to be certain of goals from whoever we do sign. I would still prefer we go all out for Kane, but currently think that Lukaku is the best that we can realistically sign.

  21. 17 hours ago, The Don Antonio said:

               We have struggled against low blocks. Thankfully it is City and i expect a high line which will make Werner a crucial player for us. Hopefully Tuchel has the balls to bench Azpi.


              Christensen      Silva           Rudiger

    James      Kante        Jorginho             Chilwell


               Havertz                Werner

    Captain America as the super sub to come on and win the game

    This team but with Kovacic instead of Jorginho and Werner playing in the hole behind Havertz.

  22. 4 hours ago, ForeverCarefree said:

    What you've got to remember is that we dropped somewhere in the region of £170m on Werner, Havertz and Ziyech last summer to add to the recently purchased Pulisic and CHO who not long ago was handed a bumber 5 year deal making him one of our best paid players. Throw in that Frank's promotion of Abraham to the 1st team squad had him as our top scorer last season and Mason Mount was looking better with each passing week. 

    So Frank comes into this season with an absolutely stacked attack, arguably one player too many. So without much in the way of a pre-season he's trying to get these new signings bedded in and firing whilst trying to get a goalie bought once the season had already started into the team plus a new left-back and central defender. 

    The attackers don't really get going through injuries, poor form etc. But despte that we do score quite a lot of goals in the first half of the season (3 against Brighton, 6 against Barnsley, 3 against WBA, 3 against Burnley, 4 against Kranodar, 3 against Southampton, 4 against Palace, 4 against Sheffield United, 3 against Rennes, 3 against West Ham, 3 against Leeds, 4 against Sevilla). The problem is, we let quite a few in too and we were quite Jekyll and Hyde in that we either looked great or we looked sh*t. 

    In comes Tuchel in January and he builds the team on a defensive foundation. Depth of attacking players be damned. Defence comes first. So 5 defenders on the pitch plus 2 midfielders who contribute almost nothing in the final third. 

    The goals dry up but the clean sheets start rolling in. Doesn't matter that we can barely score 2 goals in a game because we're letting in so few goals.... But then comes May. We conceed goals in 5 consecuative games, conceeding first in 4 of those. The foundation of Tuchel's team has crumbled away and a team that's only scored more than twice under his watch on one occassion has suddenly looked extremely vulnerable. 

    FC, I was not complaining about either Frank or TT. I was a staunch keep Frank fan, but now think I recognise where he went wrong. Incorporating all of the "strikers" and wingers was always going to make us unbalanced, but I don't think Frank spotted this until it was too late.

    I agree entirely with your post, especially "we let quite a few in too and we were quite Jekyll and Hyde in that we either looked great or we looked sh*t. " My point is that several months on, this is still the case !!  We mostly look incapable of scoring but have now started to ship goals too.  If TT is as good as we think he is, he will get this sorted out with a couple of decent additions and a full pre-season and make us a threat in all competitions as soon as the season starts.

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