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  1. 95% of the blame on Jorginho, but I don't understand why Kepa rushed so far out to the side of goal in that situation either.
  2. In the rest of the league games I expect to see Kante, Werner and Mendy playing. FA cup is not worth risk loosing a top 4 spot.
  3. That is what happens when none makes any good runs off the ball. Werner is the ones that usually does that all the time to create unbalance in the oposition defence.
  4. Yes they are, Giroud is a total waste of space. We don't need a static striker, we need an aggressive one with pace and strength.
  5. He can't, but we can start looking for a proper DM/CM for next season. Kovacic is injury prone and we can't trust Jorginho to perform even when rested.
  6. Yes, but none of our players were protesting and signaling the ref...
  7. Chillwell been bad as well, no clue under pressure and struggling to recive simple passes.
  8. Can't trust him to perform sadly, just like with WBA. This was the third sh*tty involvment from him in this game, 7 min he stopped our prolonged attack by loosing the ball out of nowhere against Partey. Then lateron against Ødegaard in a dangerous position and now this backpass.
  9. Yeah, GKs should be able to handle two games a week for a while.
  10. I would love to see us buy Haaland, Mbappe, Lewandowski or Kane. If we can't get those 4, then I wouldn't mind us going for Andrea Belotti, who only have one year left on his contract. He would be a good replacement for Giroud & Abrahams, while offering us something different with his mix of strength, aggression, pace and aerial ability.
  11. I rather we swap him for a proper DM. We have Mount, Pulisic, Havertz, Werner and CHO for our attacking positions, if we buy a new striker as well that is enough.
  12. I'm not expecting much for Batshuayi, Emerson, Zappacosta, Bakayoko and Drinkwater. All of those have contracts that expire in summer of 2022 (1 year left). Those that can make us some money are: Tammy Abraham : 40mil-50mil Tomori: 25mil Barkley: 30mil Ziyech: 40mil (I don't think he fits our attack)
  13. He improved in the second half, but for me he was to easily bullied off the ball to be playing infront of our defence. I really don't like Jorginho playing there either to be honest, with a proper DM we have the option to remove a central defender and have two spots for all our advanced midfielders (Havertz, Kante, Kovacic, Mount, Gilmour).
  14. lol, Ziyech has been absymal today. Loosing all his duels, missing that beautiful Werner assist, sh*tty passes.
  15. Can Werner earn a 9 or 10 out of 10 this game ? 😃
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