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  1. A injury to Son or Kane and Tottenham will struggle, they score most of their goals.
  2. I don't understand why we drop the tempo so much towards the end of the half. Why does Mendy have to pass longballs up to midfield, when there is 2-3 Newcastle players pressing our defence? We should be abel to play out from the back all the time against this Newcastle team sitting deep, more movement and tempo from our defence next half.
  3. I hate internationals. It serves as a reminder that we need to get some better backup options for Chilwell, Silva and Mendy.
  4. He also got a yellow card for winning the ball somehow. Good thing is that it causes him to miss the next international game and gets much needed rest 🙂
  5. Chelsea will most likely loan him out in hope to make a good sale the next two years. I don't see him or Barkley returning, because of Havertz, Mount, Kante, Kovacic.
  6. Agent Barkley doing good work today. He is easily worth 50mil, if he keeps this up through the season.
  7. I think he will be loaned out in the summer, if he dosen't manage to convince Lampard that he offers something useful to our squad. He is among the few players we have that has the attributes to dribble past several players, by using his speed, strength and technical ability, but after his injury I don't really see it happening often enough. We might start looking for someone like that next summer, if Pulisic keeps getting injured and CHO can't convince Lampard this season.
  8. I just wish Lampard would stop filling our own box with Chelsea players each time there is a corner or freekick. It makes no sense whatsoever to not leave Werner and another player further up the pitch. It would force Sheffield United to put 2-3 players on them and they won't get that free second chance to come at us again when we clear it.
  9. Abraham has been invicible in the entire first half, needs to do much more to keep his place once Pulisic and Havertz are back.
  10. I wonder why we don't put a quick attacker like Werner on the halfway line whenever the oposition has a corner? I remember Robben was used there to great effect, but Lampard seems to prefer to have every Chelsea player back in their own box..
  11. Not that suprised United is beeing pressured and have no control in this game with Pogba and Fernandes playing. I can't wait for our next game against them at home.
  12. I had big hopes for Kovacic and Jorginho after watching them play togheter last season, but there was a huge difference after Mount and Kante replaced them and we went 4-3-3. We went from struggling to control the game and get past midfield, to dominating and launching attack after attack. Havertz also came alive at this point, outrunning Krasnodar players over half the field with the ball. I'm hoping Lampard noticed this as well and we get this team against Burnley: Mendy James - Silva - Zouma - Chilwell Kanté - Havertz - Mount Ziyech - Werner - Pulisic
  13. He was good against Southampton and CP and could have done more against Sevilla like rest of the team. I don't judge any of our attackers for their performance against United, since Lampard went there with the intention not to loose, in a 5-2-3 formation. I would like to see some games in 4-2-3-1 formation, where we don't play Kante alongside Jorginho in central midfield, in an attempt for more control over the games.
  14. I don't believe there is a need for our team to start in a 5-2-3 formation to be solid defensivly. Mendy, James/Azp, Silva, Zouma and Chilwell kept a clean sheet against CP and Sevilla. We would have never turned over our lead against Southampton twice with that defence. The only things we really need to improve is to find a better pairing in midfield (Kovacic+Jorginho, Kovacic+Kante, Mount+Kante or Kovacic+Mount) and not create huge spaces between our lines when pressing.
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