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  1. Could have saved us alot of pressure with a bit cooler heades making the clearances, not good enough to keep hitting Brentford players when we clear. No help from the front three either towards the end there, need to run their socks off for Brentford to not have it this easy in possession deep inside our own half.
  2. It's the most effective one, but I only see Mount play those passes into him so he needs to get on early in the second half. Remove Kovacic beore he get that second yellow card by Anthony Taylor.
  3. No one is passing the ball fast into his feet, wich is where he wants it most of the time so he can roll the defender he has in his back.
  4. Don't like this lineup at all, would have gone for CHO on the wingback and Azp at RCB. Kante and RLC/Kovacic in the middle. Mount, Lukaku and Werner in attack.
  5. Very simple straight forward pass from KDB, simillar to the passes Mount and others were feeding him against Arsenal. Problem is Ziyech with his complicated "hollywood" passes have been playing and Havertz have been in poor form. We just need to play Werner and Mount next to him, they will create space with their movement and Mount can hit those passes all day.
  6. I don't think Ziyech and Lukaku will ever work, you just end up with no pressure on the oposition team until they reach our midfield. That is why I prefer Werner and Mount next to Lukaku, to make it difficult for the oposition to establish any kind of momentum in their play. I'm sure Werner and Mount will be abel to find Lukaku more frequently with some games togheter as well.
  7. Good win in the end under difficult conditions (heavy rain) and Mike Dean in the VAR room. RLC did a good game in central midfield, alot of room opened up everytime he got past his marker, wich he did quite often. I just wish he made a bit better decisions in the final third. Werner with a very good game, hopefully we will see alot more of Mount-Lukaku-Werner in the next matches.
  8. He does something good, then he makes a mindless pass to start a Southampton counter attack
  9. Var and Mike Dean is a complete joke. You can't go back so far, even for a foul, this was a soft one. Southampton even gets time to reset their defence a couple of times for crosses.
  10. I just know that I've seen 100s of goals where they haven't bothered to do this before and I can guarantee you that there will be 100s more after this.
  11. Why are we saving Mount when there is a 2 week break ? I don't really care that he is 100% fit for the National team...
  12. Kai Havertz and Ziyech completly useless, also it dosen't help that our wingbacks are doing backpasses all game either. We could do with an attacking player that can dribble, not run in a straight line like Havertz into the defender...
  13. Get Werner on for Ziyech and Chilwell on for Alonso, need some pace and movement. I don't want to see another half with Alonso backbpasses from positions where he can put the ball into the box.
  14. The team setup was very much based out of what happened in the second half against Tottenham. We went from struggling to dominating after Kante replaced Mount and Werner replaced Havertz. Against City 3-4-3 would have been a better choice, but without intensity, wich we lacked today, we would have still struggled.
  15. I've given up on him a while ago to be honest and we have plenty of choices for his position that are far better, I just hope we can recover our money that we spent on him next summer.
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