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  1. I'm sure he will come back stronger, but he could use some extra hours building up his muscle mass and strength going forward.
  2. It won't make any sense for Bayer Leverkusen to keep him either, if he dosen't sign a new contract that is. Next year he only has one year left on his contract and a "rival" like Bayern can come in and pay far less then now.
  3. I just got to say that we would be absolute fools to buy Chillwell judging by recent and performances after christmas. Today Willian went past him like he was not even there, his crosses was weak and I laughed when he fumbled the ball across the line after a good pass by Tilemanns. Imagine spending 80 mil+ on this guy. I'm even more against it this time, then when we bought Drinkwater.
  4. Kovacic was for me the biggest difference in midfield when he came on, his press and aggresive play was something was lacking in the first half. Barkley and Azpilicueta also improved on this when they came on. Pulisic still the MoM for me, positive, very direct and a superb close control at a high pace. I was a bit annoyed at Barkley at the end, even after scoring that great goal, because he killed 2-3 of our counterattacks with his passing. I think someone like Havertz would give us something extra in our counter attacks, if we manage to land him. I've been critical of Christensen after the restart, but I was missing him today. His passing compared to Rudiger and Zouma would have made a big difference in the first half today.
  5. This defence and midfield is not a good fit at all, atleast not trying to play out from the back. Leicester have an easy job pressing and forcing mistakes out of a defence that are struggling to play simple passes. Our midfield have also been very sloppy and they are loosing the duels since they lack the physical strength. Another thing I just don't understand is why are pressing Leicester in their own half with just 3-4 players, while the rest are just hanging back. Leicester is allowed to have all the room they want to cut through us by doing that.
  6. Two great goals as well. He is very good at tricking the offside line and timing his runs.
  7. I watched that Aston Villa goal highlight several times now and I suggest you do the same: 1. The wall, Kepa and Azpi had nothing to do with that goal. Aston Villa passed the ball from the free kick out wide to Grealish, two Chelsea defenders closed him down and he made a pass bakwards before it was crossed into the box. 2. Kepa had no chance to get to that cross, it was too far away from him and it came in fast. 3. Rudiger was on a line with the rest of our defenders for that cross. 4. Christensen is ball watching and way to slow to react on that second ball, could have made an interception. 5. Rudiger is desperatly trying to get to the ball and almost makes a save on the goal line, despite beeing in a worse position to prevent the goal comapred to Christensen. -------- 67:25 Christensen is again in no mans lands after a free kick, giving Aston Villas attacker a free header just above our goal -------- 86:40 Christensen with a huge miss inside our box, Aston Villa attacker puts his shot just wide of our goal. I don't really rate Christensen or Rudigers passing today, there was almost no pressure on them and I know Rudiger still had a couple of bad misses that led to no danger. The only real danger was when we gave away those cheap freekicks close to our goal. We might as well have put out a cone instead of Christensen on those.
  8. Very happy with 3 points, but can we please try to find a replacement for Christensen in defence? He has to be one of the most average defenders I've seen.
  9. We are great until we are close to any of the goals, none of our players are taking a chance or anticipating any of the second balls.
  10. --------------New-------------- James---Rudiger--New----New ----Havertz--Kante--Kovacic---- Ziyech------Abraham------Werner I wouldn't mind seeing this next season, but we need some good defenders that can find a pass under pressure and a goalkeeper.
  11. I can see us going for Werner & Havertz, instead of paying the sum Dortmund want for Sancho. It opens up alot of new options/formations for our attack atleast. AMR/FWR: Ziyech/CHO AMC: Havertz/RLC/Mount/Pulisic AML/FWL: Werner/Pulisic FC/Striker: Werner/Abraham/Havertz
  12. I would go for Telles for half the price instead. We still need a quality central defender that is comfortable moving the ball out of our defence under pressure.
  13. Hopefully the Ban against City will stand, they are over the hill anyways.
  14. Not a big suprise for me. We are long overdue a transfer window where we spend money on quality players and get rid players that offer us nothing.
  15. In the 8 PL games Kante didn't play we have 7 wins and one draw. We didn't play the best teams, but some of the games we have lost with Kante have also been against weaker oposition. I know he is a very good player when fit and against oposition that play a bit more open, but I wouldn't be against replacing him with a world class midfielder, if Real Madrid/PSG offered 100m+ for him in the summer.

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