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  1. RLC was shockingly slow to release the ball and the few times he finally manage to let go of the ball he telegraphed it. We could use that 4th proper DM/CM with 60+ games in the upcomming season, Drinkwater shouldn't be close to the bench, even in preseason games. Our decision making in the final third is still horrible to watch, the only exception beeing Kai Havertz.
  2. I feel he still has alot of important work to do at Arsenal, he just needs the chance to get one good game in. After that he can teach them how to dribble backwards during counterattacks.
  3. This is the problem with alot of these big target strikers though. Haaland and Lukaku are no different from Abraham when it comes to chasing around defenders with the rest of the team. They like to conserve energy when they can, but they are just way more effective when they decide to use it. Diego Costa is one of the few that managed to do both, waving Eden Hazard and the other attackers forward to join him in a high press.
  4. We need another CM, if we continue to use 3-4-3. Kovacic is usually injured for several games each season and Kante has also had prolems with injurys in the latest seasons. With Gilmour loaned out we will struggle with 3 players covering those two CM positions.
  5. Great attacking runs from Emerson. Italy and Spain both have some horrible strikers. Immobile was a disaster against Belgium as well, hopefully Belotti gets his chance early second half.
  6. Might be possible to buy Lorenzo Insigne cheap this summer. 1 year left on contract and Napoli are struggling to give him the wages he wants because of Covid.
  7. 95% of Maquires passes goes to Shaw and back again. I saw Mount several times with lots of room in advanced midfield positions, but got to pass to Shaw I guess...
  8. I'm most impressed by Dolberg who has been superb in his hold up/linkup play against Wales and now the Czechs. Could save countless millions going for him instead of Haaland.
  9. I hope our scouts are watching the Euros, Kasper Dolberg has been great for Denmark. Superb hold up and linkup player and he knows how to score.
  10. Belgiums tactics was all over the place. The attackers and KDB would try to press high up the pitch, while their 3 slow defenders dropped low, leaving huge spaces in midfield for Witze and Tilemans to cover. Hopefully they get rid of that clown Martinez now.
  11. The best England has played so far in the tournament was in the opening 20 minutes against Croatia, Mount was very good in that game. He was the best English player by far against Scotland, who defended deep. I won't be suprised if he starts next game, when he is able to train with the team again.
  12. If there is any truth to the latest rumours we can get 100mil from selling players this summer. Tomori+Moses (30mil) Tammy A. to Aston Villa (40mil) Ziyech to Milan (30-35mil). Haaland for 100mil-120mil + bonuses shouldn't be impossible.
  13. It's not £80m, it's 80m Euros, wich is £68,4m. I think we can improve alot by adding a couple of attacking wingbacks options against all the low block teams in PL, probably just as important as a striker. The free space is usually out wide and adding 30+ goals/assists from players like Hakimi and Robin Gosens, compared to R.James (3) and Chilwells (8), would be an improvement. We already have £30m from selling Tomori and Moses. It shouldn't be that hard to sell Emerson, Alonso and Zappacosta for £25m-£30m either.
  14. Why not? He has one year left on his contract and we can get him cheap. We are going to play close to 60 games next season, might be better to have a 100% fit Chilwell play 30 of those, instead of a fatigued Chilwell struggling to play 40+ games. We might be unlucky and get an injury on Chilwell as well, who knows... While Chilwell is a good all round left back/wingback, Robin Gosens is a better attacking wingback, wich is an important option to have against low block teams. I'm certain if we were abel to add Hakmi and Gosens as our wingbacks, with 30+ goals/assists between them, that would be just as good as getting Haaland for our attack.
  15. Only good thing he did was a simple pass to Mount, who then put Shaw through with superb chip. Grealish seemed to be playing on his own, dribble until he gets fouled, or do a disoriented pass after a dribble.
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