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  1. Here is the solution as long as we don't have Pulisic and Ziyech playing : -----Kante------Kovacic-------Mount------- ---------------Havertz---------------------- ------Giroud-----------Werner-------------- Play direct and target Giroud and Havertz.
  2. This United team will struggle whenever they can't sit back and do counterattacks. Their central defence and defensive midfield is so slow.
  3. Central, or right side. I have never seen Havertz track back as much as he did against Brighton. He should be used more like KDB and not have to worry to much about following Brighton players deep into his own half all the time.
  4. I blame Lampard for playing him out wide, it's almost as bad as if you put Pogba out wide and make him do lots of long return runs.
  5. Really stupid setup in our pressing. Either devote enough players to press them high, forcing them to play long, or stay compact and hit them on the counterattack. We are sending two, three players to press five Brighton players.
  6. I'm looking forward to our counterattacks with the speed of Pulisic, Werner and Havertz.
  7. Defenders will have to work hard to keep track of Werner. I was watching Switzerland-Germany yesteday and Werner would dart behind that Swiss defence every chance he got. To bad the German team didn't play more direct, also Draxler and Sane are very frustrating to have around you when you are expecting a pass.
  8. Great against Sweden today and I also though he was very good in our pre season game against Brighton.
  9. I'm hoping he becomes a cross between KDB and Gudjohnsen for us.
  10. We are missing Pulisic and Havertz in attack, those two and Werner will give us plenty of speed on counter attacks. RLC is playing without any confidence and making all the wrong decisions atm.
  11. Havertz is desperatly needed, RLC doing almost everything wrong in our attack. I'm also a bit worried about Ziyech drifting all over the place at times, leaving Reece James exposed on counterattacks.
  12. I just saw an add on Amazon primevideo of a new reality/documentary starting august 31, All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspurs. I believe this will be even funnier then watching Arsenal fan tv after a loss, hopefully they show Dele Alli and others raging out after one of their losses to Chelsea.
  13. Anyone know how much wages he will get? I see rumours of 190k a week, but that sounds way to high. Lets hope he suprises us, he wouldn't have been my pick.
  14. I heard he can be a bit lazy, also he is not premier league proven.
  15. My guess is that he goes to City or PSG.
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