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  1. In the 8 PL games Kante didn't play we have 7 wins and one draw. We didn't play the best teams, but some of the games we have lost with Kante have also been against weaker oposition. I know he is a very good player when fit and against oposition that play a bit more open, but I wouldn't be against replacing him with a world class midfielder, if Real Madrid/PSG offered 100m+ for him in the summer.
  2. Might have worked alongside Kovacic/Kante. if we had a proper DM, instead of a deep lying playmaker like Jorginho. I rather we save our money though, for Sancho, Werner and a quality left back in the summer.
  3. I can wait until next season for a Sancho--Tammy--Werner attacking lineup. I just don't want us to buy a 40mil mediocre striker (benchwarmer for Tammy) and ruin that from happening.
  4. Timo Werner, Alex Telles and Isco would be my choice, doubt we need to go much over 100mil to get them either, if all of them wants to come.
  5. comtrend

    Timo Werner

    He is a perfect fit for us though. He offers something very different from what we get with Tammy. He has the speed and dribbling of Salah, with technical ability and clinical finishing to go with it. RB Leipzig is playing him alongside a big striker in Poulsen (simillar to Abraham), or as a wide left forward in a 3-4-3. I'm sure he can play as a lone striker as well, if Abraham is rested, his movement and speed makes up for what we loose in a target man. Jovic don't have the extreme attributes needed to be a top striker in my opinion.
  6. comtrend

    Timo Werner

    He signed a new contract in august, but there is a 30 mil release clause in his contract. For that price it should be a no brainer to try and sign him.
  7. comtrend

    Timo Werner

    I think Timo Werner is the best buy we can make for our attack atm. He can rotate with Tammy Abraham as our main striker, he can play alongside Tammy as a second striker, or play as a left forward in a forward three.
  8. We should go for Alex Telles instead. Faster, better passer, crosser and he would be far cheaper to buy.
  9. Are you happy with Azpilicueta playing LB, with Emerson and Alonso as backups ? I agree with the rest.
  10. Caballero, Rudiger and Tomori straight into the team for next match just to make an example.
  11. Everyone knew Everton would be fired up with a new manager, we only needed to hold on for the first 15 min, but Zouma, Azpilicueta and Christensen are all not good enough so they score. After that we have several chances to score, but Willian is still trying to make his mind up on these chances going into half time...
  12. We could really use a good backup for Tammy Abraham, Giroud and Batshuayi are far from good enough. With that said I want us to buy quality, wich is difficult in the january transfer window.
  13. False 9 might be a solution, can't be any worse then playing Batshuayi. Lampard in post pressconference, talking about Tammy: "I am not sure, he is in the dressing room now. A bang on the hip, it might not be as severe as we first thought."
  14. Our defence struggled, but our attack was just giving them the ball the last 20 minutes and not reliving any of the pressure. Batshuayi looks like he is giving 10% in the duels, no aggression or urgency whatsoever.
  15. I don't see many of the top half team having a big problem with this West Ham team. The one big diffrence I can see is that Tottenham is playing more direct, goalkeeper have no problems kicking it long, wich suits this Tottenham team more.

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