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  1. The most crucial part in my opinion is to find smarter people to run this club. Whoever thought it was a good idea to fill our squad with mediocre players like Drinkwater, Zappacosta etc, instead of adding 1-2 quality signing each year, should be fired. Just to top it all of they manage to get us banned from strengthening when our best player is sold, our best talents/players are injured and CL would have made us have a much easier time to attract the better players.
  2. I don't think there is any hope of lifting the ban for good, but we should do everything we can to freeze it this summer. It looks like our best player is leaving and there are several other problem areas in our team. With CL it's easier to afford and attract better players this summer.
  3. I kinda want to see Sarri gone, because I want to see us drop the deep laying playmaker role and Jorginho. I rather change Kantes position and have him help out more with recovering the ball and defending. Add a couple of midfielder with goals in them next to him. I also don't want Higuain and Kovacic back for next season, wich has a good chance to happen with Sarri in charge.
  4. Now we only need to postpone the transfer ban for the summer and go out and buy big.
  5. We need new pacy full backs that can help our attack more then the ones we currently have. Jorginho and the deep laying playmaker role needs to go, put Kante in that position to disrupt the oposition instead. Bring in atleast one creative box to box midfielder that can help our attack. With Hazard leaving we need to rebuild our front three as well, keep Pedro, Giroud and CHO.
  6. In every simillar case to ours other clubs have been allowed to suspend the transfer ban, while the club is appealing the descision. I wonder why the corrupt FIFA have singled us out for a harsher treatment?
  7. It's exactly like Van Gaal had United playing, keeping the ball just for the sake of it without any penetration.
  8. This is the main reason he is leaving, It's very poor man managment by Sarri. It could have easily been avoided by giving CHO more chances and not put him out of our team and bench for the majority of our games. It's not like he is a regular youth player either, it was easy to see he has the attributes to be great during pre season and the few times he got to play. Instead we have been giving all the minutes to a couple of aging wingers, who I doubt will offer us anything beyond this season and one of the worst strikers I've seen in PL.
  9. It's not just his performance, but his awful attitude, just look at how interessted he was in our game : Then add this: "‘We watched Alvaro Morata warming up at half-time. I say warming up… it was one of the most disinterested warm-ups I’ve ever seen,’" said Sky Sports’ co-commentator Andy Hinchcliffe. "‘He had his hands in his pockets for most of it.’" I don't really care if he gets a goal or two, if he gets another chance. I just want him gone, because you can't trust this guy not to crumble as he has done for a long time and with the attitude he is showing I doubt he will snap out of it.
  10. Not suprising, the sky reporter said he had one of the most uninspired warm ups he had seen, hands in his pockets warm up.
  11. Kante was very good today, only one that made those diagonal run behind their defence, those that gives you plenty of goals if you can be bothered to make them. He also won us the ball high up the pitch with CP defence unbalanced, but problem was that none of our attackers could be bothered to make a simillar diagonal run into the box when he did.
  12. Just looking at that lineup I know this will be a hard game for us, hoping for some Hazard magic..
  13. Makes no sense at all to sell him. We need more wingers/forwards with pace, that can go past players on their own and create unbalance. Odoi has all the attributes to become a great player. From what I have seen he also knows how to find his teammates in the final third, unlike Willian and Pedro.
  14. We need alot more attacking options and I'm not just talking about a new striker. Attacking left and right back with pace. Swap Pedro and Willian for some intelligent attacking midfielders and a striker with some killer instinct. We probably have to find a great box to box midfielder as well when Kovacic goes back to Real Madrid.
  15. Lets continue to play with a false 9, no more Morata and Giroud in games that matter.

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