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  1. It's a terrifying vision of 3-5-2 with the players we currently have. Sure you can switch out Miazga for JT or Ivanovich, you could swap Dave to LB and play Ivanovich as a wing-back (!) and you could switch up Cuadrado for Willian but the point is, we don't have the players for that formation despite it being bandied around because Conte has used it at Juve and with Italy. I was highlighting how crazy an idea it is! [emoji57]
  2. Exactly. I was kinda suggesting how bad it could be!
  3. What we need is not another midfielder but a CB. Willian can play central if needed after all we have Cuadrado back to play wide right. A 3-5-2 would be sweet but we can't do it with the CB have. Courtois Cahill-Zouma-Miazga Dave-Kante-Kennedy Cuadrado - Hazard Batshuayi - Costa
  4. Never mind... That one has it's own thread... [emoji4]
  5. Not exactly reliable... but he might be good. http://talksport.com/football/transfer-report-barcelona-willing-sell-ps20m-rated-arsenal-and-chelsea-target-arda-turan#IvSUTLGF73oWOPw8.03
  6. Such a good season for Caen he was signed by a team widely expected to be relegated. I'm sorry but what you are doing there is trying to retro-justify the hype.
  7. *sigh* Kante has had ONE good season... [emoji849]
  8. With Conte still at the Euros we aren't doing an business to speak of and The Dippers have signed Mane, Utd are singing Mickytrarian, even Palace have put a bid in for Batshuayi. Please don't let us repeat last year where we don't sign anybody until the last minute and then sign Dillibodgey.
  9. I see Oscar has been allegedly offered to Juve for £35m... Are we going to have a squad next season? We can't sell everybody and then expect to attract top stars with no European football to play for. I'm genuinely worried we are going the way of the bin-dippers post Suarez. [emoji33]
  10. If Sterling is worth £50m the Hazard is easily worth that and then some. If Real think they are getting him for £32m either it's utter bullsh*t or there is something else on the table that the reporters know nothing of, such as a player swap. This is just wishful thinking from a single Real biased newspaper in Spain.
  11. In a bedroom somewhere Michael Oliver is jizzing in utter joy...
  12. Tales from the Borderlands was episodic and well priced. But in the past we've had vapourware like the supposed SiN episodes and Half-Life episodes, so I am wary. Hitman[emoji769] The Full Experience is on the Xbox One store for a £45 pre-order you get the game, Paris map, all future add-ons and the usual pointless crap (a suit, a gun and an explosive rubber duck [emoji849]). Seems like they aren't try to gouge the player if that's the price.
  13. Good call but hasn't he made it clear he has no intention of moving?
  14. The whole situation reminds me of Robben... So assuming Hazard is off in the summer and we do get bucks for him, who would we like to see come in?
  15. A successful loan in Chelsea's terms is that at the end of it we get offered £5m for him. [emoji57]
  16. That's not good news! Did he say how it had been downgraded?
  17. Great game, shame you have a PS4 or I'd challenge you to a game.
  18. I picked up Far Cry 4 for about £9.50 on the Gold Discount on Xbox One which is pretty good. I'm waiting for The Division. [emoji4]
  19. Does any of this matter? None of them will play for our first team.
  20. Blimey, it's like talking about going back to an abusive ex *again* [emoji849]
  21. I was quite sceptical when I first saw it. It looked a bit thuggish. But the more I understand the vision the more I like it. Particularly the brick which will let it mature and look awesome for years to come.
  22. I guess somebody can only carry the attacking threat of the team on their own for so long... something has to give. I thought Hazard looked good last night but we need others to do their share.
  23. What a tool. He wasn't saying this about Suarez. http://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/liverpool-legend-carragher-chelsea-must-consider-diego-costa-sale-4097448
  24. I haven't read the whole thread so my apologies if this had already been mentioned but I was impressed with Gary Neville again.... Gary Neville Gary Neville – Verified account ‏@GNev2 3 games for that. At worse it was two yellows = 1 game. Violent? No way.. https://mobile.twitter.com/GNev2/status/646392521753538560
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