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  1. Actually it could be the opposite. Kick them now to have them hungry to be in the next year.We all know that Jose wants players who are 100% committed. If you read what he said he was pleased with RLC on the ball it was off the ball that he wasn't showing the commitment that JM demands. As has been pointed out Joe Cole and Hazard responded to it. If JM thinks RLC will respond, well this is a test of that desire. We're Premier League Champions, either you want to be here or you can do enough to get a contact at Villa....
  2. I imagine this is a prelude to a move for him. He's got this season to prove himself and then they'll make a bid. It's frustrating as it strengthens the dippers and removes one of our more direct attackers. Jose is bringing back the days of grind.
  3. Randomly seen today: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2073746/Fernando-Torres-sale-Chelsea-20m-January-flop-striker.html I know, I know it's the Daily Hate Mail but I'm hoping it really is as much bollocks as it sounds....
  4. I know it's not a Chelsea rumour but it *is* pretty random: Arsenal have told Manchester City they can have Samir Nasri - in a swap for Carlos Tevez. From The Sun Now that's a proper laugh! :D
  5. Yep and his buyout clause is something like €42m now too.
  6. Welcome to The Shed End TheFunkeyGibbon :)

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