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  1. grew up in Montreal, Canada where football isn't as popular but I fell in love with Chelsea in 2007 (when I was 18yo) after watching them a few times when our legendary spine was in the beginning stages of its prime. Very hard to pick but I would say: #1: Drogba #2: Frank #3: JT #4: Hazard I respect Ossie, Zola and all the other earlier chelsea greats, they were just before my time and didn't have a chance to appreciate them during their playing careers
  2. https://twitter.com/Matt_Law_DT/status/1027294657720602624 would prefer not to give them zouma but if we can get martial in exchange this would be worth it imo
  3. I heard that we were never really in for higuain at all and that it was all italian paper talk, probably leaked by juve to pressure milan into doing the deal quicker... In any case, another summer wasted. Sarri and jorginho was a great start but if we do nothing else it will still be a disappointing transfer window once more... haven't even shipped out any deadwood like drinkwater yet ffs
  4. nah they sold caldara too, rumors were that they wanted to keep one of rugani/caldara so don't see this happening... we basically spent over a month of this summer chasing this guy and in the end all for nothing, same as with rooney, sandro, modric, cavani in past summers, so frustrating. We need to get better at sensing which deals are feasible and which aren't so we don't keep wasting all the transfer window on trying to buy unattainable targets, leaving with us with little time at the end to try to rescue it with panic buys
  5. disagree that any chelsea player can ever "deserve" a move to direct rivals but that's my opinion... As to Mata and Matic, they both undoubtedly strengthened MU who've finished above us last year... they were desperately in need of a DM last summer and we gave him to them on a plate. Regarding sturridge we just got "lucky" that injuries destroyed his career or else it would've been a disaster for us. I agree that the impact these players have had wasn't anything to write home about but that's more due to jose becoming yesterday's man and not being able to get the best out of them + luck with injuries. Still wouldn't want us doing any of the top 6 any favors at all in terms of selling them players
  6. we're the suckers like usual, sell them a title winning DM in his prime in Matic and then they don't reciprocate when they have the opportunity... we should stop with these sweetheart deals to rivals, matic to MU, cech to arsenal, no one does us any favors so why should we
  7. still no news today, wonder what the hold up is for his medical and unveiling...
  8. I can honestly say I think jorginho will be significantly better than fernandinho
  9. you just described kante, no one knew him at all when he signed for leicester and then a season or two later and everyone recognizes him as WC
  10. so no news on his medical yet... wonder if it'll happen today
  11. would the club wait until tomorrow to announce given England are playing in less than two hours in a WC semi? starting to lean towards this...
  12. as you stated? this is what you stated on page 125, a mere four hours ago lmao: "We have seen all these stories before I guarantee we will still have Conte come next month and come pre-season"
  13. and he’s always answered like that, in a very nuanced way yet the papers make out it out that he’s desperate to leave... not worried about eden leaving this summer to be honest, think he’ll stay at least a year more and then hopefully sarri ball and a few decent signings can convince him to resign
  14. Don't shoot the messenger lmao

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