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  1. I think the deal is on and very close, the Times now confirming that there’s been a breakthrough in the talks and a deal is imminent: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/chelsea-closing-in-on-ben-chilwell-jjb93qh76
  2. Don't shoot the messenger lmao
  3. latest from Pedulla: https://twitter.com/AlfredoPedulla/status/1016414854293450752
  4. I hate myself for even looking at these twitter rumors but according to randos on twitter, jorginho is on a flight to London right now:
  5. who do you guys rate more between alisson and courtois? I personally see them as being similar quality... I'd be happy to keep thibaut if he commits long term but I also wouldn't mind selling him if he's desperate to leave and bring in alisson. I just hope we don't end up losing thibaut and not getting alisson because the other "available" goalkeepers aren't that amazing
  6. Cesc doing his part in trying to convince hazard to stay [emoji41] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-cup/2018/06/26/eden-hazard-can-best-chelsea-player-history/
  7. meh, if you consider winning in a weaker league where you're playing for the overwhelming favorite better than playing for the most successful English team in the last 15 years in a superior and much more competitive league, sure... not certain I agree though. If you mean missing out on CL, yeah that would be a temporary step back although I feel confident we'll be back-in next year if we back sarri with some quality signings. Having said all that, pjanic is a fabulous player and I'd love to have him at Chelsea
  8. Apparently, according to CalcioNews24 we're closing in Rugani signing https://www.90min.com/posts/6097004-chelsea-submit-important-offer-for-juventus-defender-as-summer-business-finally-gets-going?a_aid=41222& Also: Chelsea are ready to activate the €36m (£31.5m) release clause in the contract of Kostas Manolas, with Maurizio Sarri keen on the Roma defender (Corriere dello Sport). Apparently we're planning to sell a few of our CBs this summer, I've read that Zouma, Luiz and Cahill could all be sold... that would explain our focus on looking at CBs so f
  9. F*ck 'em all, F*ck 'em all, Man U, West Ham Liverpool !!

  10. Welcome to The Shed End CFC_montreal :)

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