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  1. Apart from the appointment of the club's legend as our new manager, I am genuinely happy to see all fans united again in full support of Frank. One big blue family - like a Christmas get together and all squabbles are bygones. Cant wait for the season kick-off.
  2. I am absolutely over the moon! I hope Lamps will quickly instill his character, attitude and work ethics into the team. Love it, love it, love it!
  3. At the start of season I was really impressed with Kova, but then he somehow managed to slide down to a pub level.
  4. It is like watching Benny Hill show - a comedy of mishaps and errors. Ridiculous to see such level of ineptitude from our players.
  5. I do not rate Christensen either. His decision making is awful
  6. People talking about us being in 4th place as if it has been our achievement due to fantastic playing and a clever manager. The only reason we are in 4th is because ManU and LeArse have been pants, lets not be delusional.
  7. I can not believe they took a short corner. WTF?????
  8. We tend to panic when we have to pass under pressure
  9. Yes, that team will host a game against the team that lost 2-0 to Everton
  10. Yes, that team will host a game against the team that lost 2-0 to Everton
  11. The club should have sacked the imposter / novelist-writer right after ManC drubbing. I am pretty sure we would have been comfortably in 3rd under a different manager.

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