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  1. Apparently we have never lost 3 games in a row in CL. Please keep up the tradition.
  2. Zouma is so clumsy... He has sh*t eye-foot coordination. Somebody here once said that Zouma has boxing gloves on his feet - that made me laugh.
  3. On a very positive note: Ben's corners are quality - so different to Willian's.
  4. Get Boris Johnson in! He is a likeable amusing clueless buffoon and his post-match presser will be a right laugh. Nothing else will change, but at least this will lighten up the mood a little bit.
  5. Zouma's only strength is, well, his physical strength and height. He struggles to pass the ball, he is not comfortable with the ball, he is prone to panic and he is not good with general awareness. Andreas is even worse - he mentally goes AWOL in majority of his games. However, Frank and his coaching staff have not done anything to improve these players. And yes, I agree that Frank is playing with the back four reminiscent of National Lottery lucky dip. Lucky Dip Frankie is heading for trouble, that's for sure
  6. Agreed. We are very forgiving and show no aggression whatsoever. A team of nice chaps, real gentlemen who mind their manners on the football pitch. Lost the ball? Oh, well, better luck next time. Success is 90% hard work and 10% talent.
  7. We do not train in such subtleties. We mainly train in backward and sideways passing. We also train a lot in throwing hands in the air when we mishandle the ball and give it away.
  8. Totally agree. I am tired of excuses that some wunderwaffe players are injured, otherwise we would rip everyone to pieces. We can not even do basic stuff such as accurate passing and ball anticipation. We always react, miscommunicate and misunderstand. I am under impression that we actually do not train, just get together 30 minutes before the game.
  9. Little correction - they didn't want the ball that much. We did not present any real danger, we passed the ball across and back with some occasional hopeless long balls in general forward direction. In the second half they wanted the ball and they firmly got it.
  10. Look forward to the same mantra about lesson learned, wake up call, etc., etc. Wonder how many more lessons are on the schedule. We do not have a plan, we do not hold position, we do not press, we have no f**king idea how to pass or how, God forbid, to play combination football. Here is the ball, just kick it about - that is our master plan.
  11. Some people here call it embarrassment. I disagree - it is total humiliation. Hopefully I am not going to see half of this squad in our team next season.
  12. Watched Lamp's post match press conference. It is clear that Frank identified Aubo and long balls on the right as a major threat, but our players could not address it. Is it Franks's fault for not hammering this message into peoples sculls or is it players fault for poor positioning, brain farts and poor physical form? One thing I did not like in Lamp's pressi is how Frank admitted that he was shouting at the players from the side trying to bring some urgency into their play, but it was to no avail. Frank, being the boss does not equal to being mates, as familiarity breads contempt. I
  13. I think RJ is immense and should play as often as possible. CHO will get there, I trust, with chances as a sub. I was ready to write off this season for the sake of youngsters blooding, but we did extremely well. I am well excited for the next season, really look forward to it. At least we are not boring to watch (well, boring only on a few occasions).
  14. Arsenal will get well f**ked in Europa league and it will be my pleasure to see them playing Thursday football failing there and then failing again two days later in PL. I knew Taylor would be a c**t in this game, but I clearly underestimated his sole purpose on this planet - to be a c**t of all c**ts. Anyhow, this game was a farewell for a few of our players, and there is a clearly visible new dawn, new era for our club with very exciting young players coming through and joining us. A few fixes at the back, and we will be kicking Arsenal next season in all our fixtures with thi
  15. No, we need that person to recommend Kepa to someone else
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