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  1. Can we bring back home Azpi, Rudiger and Kepa. The rest of this shower of sh*t can be swapped for two lorries of czech beer. Would be an amazing deal.
  2. I am not sure if he is stubborn. More plausible explanation is that he has no clue.
  3. Shoulda coulda woulda, but in reality we suck at the moment
  4. Could be a blessing in disguise and allow to promote our youth.
  5. I personally do not see any system at all. We play free for all, run and randomly kick the ball. I have a feeling we train blindfolded with a ball with bells attached.
  6. With top 4 out of sight, we should focus on Europa League and get rid of Sarri pronto if we want to have any chance.
  7. Sarri is flapping his hands in desperation and frustration. Bruce Buck is watching the game with a a face of a slapped arse.
  8. So, you joined the forum to talk about football or tell us how great you are?
  9. If in the post-game interview any of those f**kers says that this is a wake-up call, I will throw something heavy at the TV
  10. In the spirit of good sportsmanship Chelsea made a decision to self-impose a handicap and selected Zappacosta for this match
  11. One of the best matches this season. Can we play like this in all remaining games please.
  12. I am not on wind-up. I am genuinely interested to know what you see in Jorginho to vote for him.

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