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  1. Let me correct you: Barkley is f**king useless sh*t
  2. Give over, please - we got your point 20 pages back.
  3. Just saw Frank's post game talk. He says he was happy with the team dilly-dallying until half time. WTF? And then we are surprised why the players are chilled out on the verge of not giving a f**k. Killer instinct my arse.
  4. It is our long-standing mantra "It is a wake up call". Bollox to it. Our alarm clock has been silent for too many years now. And no, I do not want us to go and buy silly as a knee-jerk reaction. And I do not mind losing or drawing with youngsters, providing everybody gives their best on the pitch, and providing the manager does his work.
  5. If you watch replay you can see how Christensen slows down and gives up chasing the Arsenal player. Natural bottler.
  6. What is Lampard to do? Do subs early on - everyone in this thread saw the need, but not Frank. Maybe Frank is a nice and polite guy, but it counts for f**k all in football.
  7. What does it say about Kepa? He is the worst keeper in PL for shots/saves ratio.
  8. Emerson has no footballing brain whatsoever
  9. Sarri used to piss me off immensely - always writing some sh*t in his notebook
  10. If the team comes out in the second half and starts rolling the f**king ball sideways and backwards, I will seriously question Frank's ability to motivate the players.
  11. f**king hell, one would have thought that we lost a man. Wake up!
  12. Do you know how great football looks like? I doubt it.

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