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  1. Jorginho completed on average 85.0% of his 749 completed passes under Lampard, and 59 of those passes were progressive passes, which are defined as a pass that travels 10+ yards towards the opponent’s goal. Jorginho averaged 3.47 progressive passes per game. He is the master of the sideways-backward passing bollox that stops our forward momentum and makes us dull as f**k. But we agree to disagree.
  2. Apparently Solskjaer said he would rather see Leicester in top 4 than Liverpool. But Liverpool is quite capable of beating Man U, and I think they will.
  3. That is the beauty of this forum that we all have different opinions and see things differently. I honestly do not see anything positive about Jorginho's play and I would be interested if you could point out some strong traits of the player.
  4. I firmly believe that Jorginho is a liability rather than an asset. This season in 25 appearance he has 6 scored goals and 1 assist. Hardly anything special. His 89% of completed passes is simply due to his passing backwards and sideways, usually within 10 yards, and his mid-and long-range passes are awkward or inaccurate. His overall shooting accuracy is 43% and his cross accuracy is 29%. He dwells on the ball for too long, he does not see options upfront and his 50/50 battles more often lost than won. Just an average slow player with no imagination.
  5. I feel bloodthirsty, and hope Tuchel is in the same mood. A couple of players need proper bollocking.
  6. Desperate times when Zouma tries to shoot from outside the box
  7. Giroud does not give two sh*ts. Maybe his last game for the club, so why bother?
  8. I was so confident we could win this game, but now our players are losing their cool and make childish mistakes.
  9. However, when you have a dodgy keeper, that nervousness and uncertainty infects other players. However, Jorginho is just a brainless sloppy knob.
  10. We need to sub Jorginho asap - he is in his usual stupid mode. I really want him out now and forever. Please, God!
  11. ManU vs Leicester just finished. Should I expect any FA investigation into a fixed match? I have not seen for a very loooong time such a blatant fix job. f**king disgraceful!
  12. Arsenal are so mentally fragile that they will give up even before stepping onto the pitch. Typically I am overcautious, but this game outcome is dead certain even as we keep an eye on the FA Cup final.
  13. Yes, you are right. I forgot that bin-dippers had 34 games.
  14. When (not if) we beat the gooners, we will secure top 4 finish!
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