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  1. Oh, no. There will be Malmo's OG.
  2. Stas1

    Sarri - In or Out?

    For those who slag off Sarri, here is a little story: Two city brokers bumped into each other in a wine bar. Usual questions about jobs, families, mistresses, etc. Then one broker says he was lucky enough to buy an elephant recently, and he is absolutely ecstatic about his acquisition: the elephant plays with children, carries water in his trunk and washes the cars, keeps the trees and bushes trimmed in the garden, an absolute delight. Another broker goes: f**k me backwards! I want this elephant and I will gladly give you 1 million squid for it. Done deal. Two months later they meet at a party again. The fella who bought the elephant goes apesh*t: that f**king beast destroyed my garden, shat over the whole driveway, smashed all windows, wrecked my car and scares the sh*t out of my whole family!!! What the f**k!!!! The other bloke goes: easy, pal, easy! With such attitude you'll never be able to sell it on. My point is: if we want to get rid of Sarri.....
  3. Sorry mate, I truly believe you are flogging a dead horse.
  4. The saddest thing is that out of 26 pages of comments no one said it was unexpected. Watching Chelsea nowadays is like watching an elderly relative in the hospital ward.
  5. We do not play as a team, so Eden is taking it on himself to beat ManU. I admire his spirit.
  6. When I saw Jorginho in our pre-season games I thought he would give us lots of trouble. He is sloppy, his vision is not that good, he is weak in one-to one contacts, he is very slow and has no appetite for attack. But Sarri insists playing him, so we are stuck.
  7. Terrible is a compliment in this case.
  8. I hope you don't take offence, Yorkley, but I just imagined you as secondhand car salesman, who was pointed by a customer to missing brakes, smashed headlights and flat tyres, and at that growled back "what more do you want you spoilt f**k? "
  9. I am wondering if Abramovich is watching this shower of sh*t and thinking: money well spent. Lets be honest: we would not play any worse if we did not have a manager at all and all our training was done on PS4 playing FIFA game.
  10. Is Sarri watching this game at all? Every time the cameraman zooms in on him, he is scribbling something in his notebook. Is he really a novel writer and just moonlighting as Chelsea manager?
  11. I clearly remember Kante pushing around and robbing Pogba when we played MU- that made me laugh. Kante is my second favorite after Bison.
  12. Sounds like you are a great fan of Sun Tzu: “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.” Keep Sarri, and who knows - maybe in 2029-2030 season we will be in the top 4.
  13. I personally did not expect anything different from what we witness now. Brain-dead Barkley plus aged serial squanderer Pedro plus no-pace Alonso all seasoned with non-coherent tactics and non-existing game plan - this a recipe for disaster from classic Sarri Book of Football Sorrow.
  14. I have a simplistic view on this. If your players under perform or even worse rebel, then bench them and get the club to support you. If the club is not willing to support you, then call it quits. We can criticise both players and Sarri, but really the buck stops with the club. They need to tell us what is their plan and how they will achieve it: do we regress to a mid-table team and be content with that, or do we want to be a feeder club selling off our Academy youngsters or do we plan to sell the club to some rich guy and buy best talent off the shelf? Where we are going? How do fans measure up their expectations?
  15. I have never supported or liked the idea of showing the door to our managers, but in this case the relationship just does not work.