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  1. I think another possible contributing factor into our lack of aggression is the actual ref for this game. I would not be surprised at all if Tuchel had warned our players to be mindful and extremely careful in duels and challenges as the bold prick ref creams his pants giving our players yellow and red cards on a slightest or even made up pretext.
  2. We had 1 shot on target in the second half against theirs 10.
  3. Yep. Our passing and anticipation was abysmal today.
  4. A number of our key players have a dip in form (god knows why) and it shows. This will inevitably happen to Brentford as well.
  5. I guess this game enables Rudi to demand whatever money in a new contract.
  6. Our organisation and coordination went to sh*t. We have absolutely no threat upfront for a counter, so Brentford feel they can send the whole team into our box.
  7. I am pretty sure Werner has a sponsorship with a pharma company that makes medication for a cardio department at A&E
  8. Wait for it, wait for it... VAR should find something outside the stadium
  9. Lets agree to disagree. I thought his positioning, passing and speed were substandard.
  10. Chillie has not been in the game today. Now this.....
  11. I counted our blessings there. If Sotton player started to roll around that d**khead of a ref would have shown red to Silva.
  12. I do not remember last time CHO dribbled his way through defence. He tends to do a weird dance in front of opposition player and then either pass back or go long way round the box. No threat from him.
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