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  1. Ref the c**t allows those w**kers to kick the sh*t out of Mason
  2. Come on VAR, surely you must find something now!
  3. Maybe somebody just needs to explain to him the concept of offside? Looks like he doesn't know it.
  4. However, whilst we bemoan our lost chances, I am actually very optimistic - we just need a few quality additions upfront and in the middle, and we will be flying!
  5. He is very young and not strong, but he will come good.
  6. Poor Timo. I can not take the piss out of him anymore - it is as unethical as mocking a disabled.
  7. I am not a conspiracy theory fan, but VAR is something else.
  8. And again, bindippers got their corner kick after stoppage time. The ref kept playing until they scored. In reverse, WestBrom attacked after re-start and the ball went out for corner against liverpool, but the ref blew his whistle and stopped the game. So, it was OK to play for liverpool, not OK for westbrom. This really pisses me off, and refs in their desperate effort to help liverpool are happy to cheat openly infront of everyone to see. f**king c**ts.
  9. VAR has become a convenient tool to affect match results to fit whatever agenda. WestBrom just scored against bin-dippers and it was ruled out by VAR and I have no idea why. Looks like they just made up some sh*t excuse that they pulled out of their arse. Disgraceful.
  10. I personally think that the hand ball that led to their goal is a more legit issue for us to raise.
  11. I agree with you wholeheartedly. With all this nonsense I would not be surprised if we soon experience VAR decision appeals in court and some snooty rah-rahs deciding football results.
  12. Ok. However, the statement that offside wasn't correct is just your opinion and a wishful thinking, not a fact. We were not convincing and a fluke goal decided the encounter, simple as. I hope Tuchel does not overthink on Tuesday and leaves Timo, Jorgi and Zyiech on the bench.
  13. Brighton has just scored! Come on you blues!
  14. So, if you get caught by a speed camera - does it become camera's fault for you getting a fine and getting points on the license? And nothing to do with your driving?
  15. There will be none as this would be self-incriminating.
  16. I disagree. VAR is just a convenient excuse for our poor line up, late subs and general sh*t performance. Honestly, do you have any expectations with Timo upfront? Or with disinterested Ziyech? Or with ageing knackered Dave and Marcos?
  17. We lost because we were sh*t. Nothing to do with VAR
  18. I know you can not win them all, but it was winnable - TT fluffed his starting line, but in his defense he gives a chance (in false hope) to players who are just not good enough and will never be.
  19. I would be more agreeable with VAR if they showed us the whole event in progression, stopped at the kick (not when the ball has left the foot) and drew lines in real time for everyone to see how they arrived to the final still and decision. When they show just a snap with their final verdict - well, it leaves a lot of room for manipulation to fit an agenda.
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