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  1. Nothing says equality like forced conformity....
  2. I know its sh*t that we lose Silva, but I love the fact the dippers lose a few players but Everton dont, just because Brazil have decided they are mates with Everton 😂. Its like they are trying to wind up the dippers....
  3. Arsenal are embarrassing, 10% possession and just sitting in to accept a 4-0 win. I'd be f**king furious if we ever did that.
  4. Get physconauts 2, its bloody brilliant.
  5. Just noticed Burnley are 1-11, it looks bloody great.
  6. So he's moved on from whining about Chelsea to now whining about the FA. It's sad to see what he has become.
  7. I was wondering if it's something to do with FFP and contract amortisation, loaning them for a fee could have an impact on our overall ffp rating maybe?
  8. Bethesda and rockstar are competing for dragging out the longest selling game with gta5.
  9. Had a go last night, its pretty addictive so my half hour turned into about 2 hours ha ha. Only weapon I havent unlocked yet is the spear, but the bow was rubbish and I couldnt get to grips with the shield so gone back to the sword.
  10. It shows sometimes hard work and being in the right place at the right time can often be whats needed to get your opportunity.
  11. CHO has always been known for his dribbling ability, his direct running and taking on defenders, exactly the same as Hazard was. He has never been known for his crossing only, though it is a good part of his game. If anything Pulisic is the one who`s most different to the other two, as he more often gets into the box on the end of crosses or moves, more like a 10 than an out and out winger.
  12. I`ve got that to try this weekend, looks like just the kind of game to frustrate the hell out of me ha ha...
  13. Go on fat arse....Jimmy, not you, obviously.
  14. In what way is he different?
  15. Been watching clips of him, he really was special. Watching him call a load of kids crap actors on the big fat quiz was a spectacular highlight 😄
  16. Gutted by this news, a fantastically funny man, easily one of the best in the past 20 years, and a Chelsea fan too. RIP
  17. Well it played enough to his so called strengths to have created a sh*t load of chances, that he just simply didnt take.
  18. But he was in the right set up last season, he had loads of excellent chances that he completely ballsed up. I hate using stats, but according to this site he missed 18 big chances (whatever they are). If we take that with a pinch of salt and just go on memory of the games then its still a hell of a lot of very good chances he blew. https://www.premierleague.com/players/23599/Timo-Werner/stats https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9520239/Chelsea-53-man-Timo-Werner-missed-staggering-TWENTY-THREE-big-chances-season.html
  19. Brilliant seeing Canners back at the club and involved after his recent health scare. He`s great to listen to, heard him in a few interviews over the past month or so. Would be amazing to spend time with him at a match.
  20. Amazing that running away from the ball is now classed as a positive attribute...
  21. If you have money you want to just throw away then give it to a charity, or me rather than make that bet.
  22. And for my next trick....
  23. @ChelseaFC: Welcome home, @RomeluLukaku9. 💙 #LukWhosBack https://twitter.com/ChelseaFC/status/1425864662881558531/video/1
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