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  1. dkw

    Kai Havertz

    Pretty sure we can do both at the same time...
  2. He`s played centre back quite a few times for us i the past, and did pretty well, though I think that might have been more in a 3 than a 2.
  3. dkw

    Ben Chilwell

    So hes too short and flies into tackles, sounds a great signing.
  4. I was certain josh who be huge for us that first season he appeared after seeing him dominate the midfield in a pre season game against Rangers, they couldn't get the ball of him.
  5. He made a huge difference on sunday, he reminds me of Ballack the way he's always available for a pass, I bet the other players love playing with him as he's constantly an outlet. And there's a lot of faith in him, you can hit any ball at him and he controls it no matter the cover. I think he's definitely proven a few people wrong who were questioning his signing at the start of the season.
  6. I just think he doesnt have the intelligence to be a top class player, he just does some incredibly dumb things and makes far too many bad decisions.
  7. It looks like its made from recycled 1980`s bus seat covers...
  8. Oh you and your silly hopes and dreams....
  9. Labradorista is his position....
  10. Maybe we need to add a question mark to the title of this thread...
  11. I thought Frank handled it really well, sometimes with young players leaving them on in a bad situation can have much more of a detrimental effect than taking them out of that situation.
  12. It looked to me more about getting him minutes on the pitch, the position was probably the only one he felt comfortable subbing.
  13. What a stupid argument, being out of position doesnt excuse a poor performance with some really bad passing. It's not like he was playing a completely unknown position like centre back.
  14. Barkley is the most rocks or diamonds player I've ever seen.
  15. It's another one of these weirdly scored games in the reviews, same as death stranding. "Looks breath taking, poor game play, has some problem".....10/10.. It got hammered on metacritic by users, then metacritic banned any negative scores. Its basically Woke - the video game so everyone is terrified of upsetting the Twitter mental and being cancelled.
  16. Vermin liverpool fans embarrassing themselves as usual I see, mutants.
  17. Thats all Ive put when sent any messages by the daft dippers, its wound them right up, they are just so easy to upset 😅
  18. Ive just replied with a "*" whenever anyone sent me a message on social media or text, whatsapp etc, its winding them right up, its so f**king easy the bunch of wet wipes 😅
  19. I cant really add much to that, perfectly summed up his time with us. As you say a top class professional and I`m sure he will have benefited the young players having him here as a great role model for them.
  20. So weird eh, video games are about escapism for me, realism is way down the list of what I want from a video game.
  21. Theres always one.....bet you love this car too
  22. Always makes me laugh when gamers complain a game isnt realistic enough.
  23. I`m guessing thats why they've made the new one into a massive router looking heap, loads of cooling. MS went the conventional PC case way.
  24. Unfortunately thats entirely true, those tourists are the fans all clubs are after, not the average season ticket holder who goes to the game, watches it and spends hardly any more money. they want he corporate money, they want the tourist who rocks up to the megastore and spends a few hundred quid, then buys the programme, some beers and burgers in the ground.

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