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  1. ive spoken to a few mates who have seen it and they all said once you get over being blown away by the visual effects you soon get bored of it as the story just sort of ambles on and is very cliched.
  2. unlucky. my mate got dragged to that stupid Mamma Mia thing months ago, apparently our local cinema has 1200 tiles on the ceiling and 75 lights.
  3. good shout, loved Napolean Dynamite. offbeat but very funny. but i can see how it can be a bit of a marmite film.
  4. exactly, even David Essex was better on the LP than Tom Cruise is in the film.
  5. i try never to watch a film of a book ive loved if it has "superstars" in it, you can guarantee it will be utter dross. see any thing cruise has been in of late, like minority report, war of the worlds etc. and i agree about the book loz, but the best version for me was the jeff wayne record i got for xmas many years ago. it was fantastic.
  6. sorry, i stand corrected. hes still a talentless turd though.
  7. i cant stand that man, he`s not funny in the slightest. and he doesnt even act, he`s just him in different f**king clothes.
  8. just to bring the conversation back down to my level, i watched Family guys 2nd star wards movie over xmas and loved every minute of it. now you can go back to your highbrow movie reviewing....
  9. i saw saw on a see-saw whilst eating seeweed. it was sh*t.
  10. i dont honestly know. hes a good actor but ive a feeling he thinks its a way to come over all dark and moody. but its just bloody annoying.
  11. finally got round to watching the latest Terminator film on friday and was pleasantly surprised. ok it wasnt the best storyline but the action sequences were excellent and the cgi was impressive. the only downside was Christian Bales growling, he did it in batman and in this and its bloody annoying and sh*t.
  12. elbow - seldom seen kid stone roses - anniversary the rakes - klang. silversun pickups - swoon them crooked vultures
  13. i hate reading these, they make me so jealous. im definately coming to the next one, no matter what it takes. the easiest way might be to join loz and get a flight from glasgow. sounds like everyone had a belting time.
  14. On your sofa, eh? I immediately envisage an Andy Capp figure with a can of beer in one hand and a fag behind his ear! And Flo having to tell him which ear his fag was hiding behind!

  15. Hi Dickywuh - your flag says you're in France today!

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