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  1. Was outstanding when he moved into midfield, nullified the Welsh attack through Ramsey completely.
  2. You missed an "h" out mate....
  3. IF he still has the chronic problems that need managed then theres every chance he himself will hold back, you can see he rarely now gets into full stride, it could very easily be a mental thing. Its a massive shame as I still think he had the potential to be an incredible player for us, and he is exactly the type of player we desperately needed at times last season.
  4. If we have a player like Hakimi who is an out and out attacking Right wing back then any RCB wont be expected to leave their position and join in the attack I wouldnt have thought, one of their primary roles is to cover the Wing backs attacking.
  5. Just because he can play CB doesn't mean he should, its a waste of his attributes in attack.
  6. Complete and utter waste of James`s talents having him as a CB.
  7. None of them All of them.
  8. For anyone who claims these twitter ITK'S are great, this is what they are, absolute scammers..
  9. Lanegan is a better writer, singer and person than that smackhead c**t.
  10. He even managed to miss the badge...
  12. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
  13. Ok, I don't mind him now..... Probably earned a contract extension now....maybe. Scratch that, seeing him with his 2 girls has broken me, awesome to see.
  14. Jane will be celebrating this as hard as any of us where she is.....
  15. He was superb, took a lead in the game too which we've never seen, really went up a level, as did most of them.
  16. Absolutely love Azpilicueta, what a legend....
  17. Kante triplets man of the match....he's immense.
  19. Brilliant Christensen....f**king Brilliant. sh*t I thought that was in....ahhhhh
  20. Just get on with the f**king game Jorginho..
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