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  1. I think it will be hilarious when it turns out "Romano" is Trevor from Croydon taking the piss.
  2. Guarantee this is just brinkmanship by Barcelona, pressure the league into something by pointing out they are losing their big money maker.
  3. He really really isnt.
  4. Yeah could tell it was my house, even made out my neighbours car, and stuff at work. It's ridiculous.
  5. I quote enjoyed Control, felt like the old half life, system shock types of games. Got a bit samey though I thought. Currently loving flying around the skies on Flight Simulator, obviously first thing I did was fly over my house, work, footie pitches etc. Its bloody ridiculous how detailed it all is, banging round New york in a Cessna last night with live weather etc was amazing.
  6. Great idea, sell the only senior striker we currently have.
  7. Be interesting to see if he can be a manager after he's been praised as a number 2. Big step up and a totally different role. Would love to see him do well though.
  8. Ha ha, sorry. He signed for Barca as Frances next great young defender but Ive no idea how he has done there. He only played 45 minutes at the Euro`s I think.
  9. No, because he sounds like he should be making world class cheese with a name like that.....
  10. dkw

    Marc Guehi

    Livramento probably saw us try and sign another one for huge money and realised his chances of game time here were done.
  11. So just how many times are you going to tell us to move on....before you finally move on?
  12. dkw

    Marc Guehi

    James had already been dropped by Tuchel several times, then put in at Centre back for some reason, its hardly a leap to see Tuchel doesnt want him as our first choice right back, the evidence is there by us trying to sign another top class one. I dont see Gilmour coming back now unfortunately, Tuchel likely wont be here by the time he returns and then he wont get a chance under the next foreign manager we get, now was his moment for us. CHO was weirdly played at right back, subbed off by Tuchel as some weird show of power then barely given a chance after that, now he will go. Great stuff. Abraham leaving is just as stupid, we currently have no strikers (Werner is not a striker). If we buy one then we need a 2nd choice, Abraham is perfect for that. But he now goes and we replace him with a middling foreign striker no doubt.
  13. dkw

    Marc Guehi

    Abraham - Going CHO - Going Gilmour - Gone Guehi - gone Reece James - tried to sign a replacement So that leaves Mason Mount as the only one sure of a start, hopefully. But we wont the champions league, and will now sign some lovely shiney new foreign players to take their place so everyone's happy, right....and round and round we go until the next manager comes in and it all starts again......yay.
  14. dkw

    Marc Guehi

    Another highly rated Academy player goes, the season with Lampard in charge seems like it was all just a silly little dream now.
  15. To be fair when I say "You" I mean the collective you as in cat owners. Cats hate you all, they look upon you with utter contempt.
  16. I expect Kova plays tennis like this, loads of small, near the body stuff with zero worthwhile ending
  17. Excellent, cant be having these young english academy graduates taking up squad places that the current shiney overpriced foreign import needs to take. So to keep count so far these have left the club/look like leaving: - Marc Guehi CHO Abraham Gilmour With an attempt to bring in a Right back to displace Reece James its all looking back to normal for Chelsea after that one wild season we had where we actually looked like we were going to use the young academy players. But we won the Champions League so its all ok, right?
  18. You understand cats hate you, right?
  19. Whos that and why has he eaten Willian?
  20. He needs to go see a psychiatrist immediately....
  21. Of all the things youve said on this forum, thats the worst by a mile.....I hate cats.
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