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  1. I can only speak for my area but thats what has happened, our local Tory MP (Ex UKIP, ex BNP) gets hammered for all the things he says, and hopefully has absolutely no chance of getting back in the next election. He got in on the back of Brexit and, like all the Torys played on the mess that has been left for poor bastards in sh*tty towns who are unable to get work and are shown images of immigrants living it up etc.
  2. They are in a minority, a very thick and vocal minority but a minority none the less. I think people really need to be careful with some of these sweeping statements throwing in right minded people who are condemning this abuse in with these neanderthals, just because we happen to have been born in the same country. I`m seeing some frankly disgusting things being said about us English at the moment, we aren`t these vermin.
  3. That clueless coach has taken us from being beaten by Iceland to 4th place, 3rd place then losing a final. Thats progression. He ballsed up the final but he has done very well with a national team that has been failing for nigh on 50 years now. Some of the stick he is getting is ridiculous. I suppose he only did well because we played rubbish teams, got lucky etc....
  4. But he`s a complete f**king moron.
  5. But she`s a complete f**king moron.
  6. Southgate played Mount as an addition to the sitting 2 of Rice/Phillips, just ahead but almost as defensive. He basically played him as a defensive winger to cover in, which completely negated any of his positive play and made him look surplus to requirements. He should have been used more as an attacker in the final, or not played at all but he brings a huge amount of energy and effort into any midfield so I can see why Southgate was loathe to take him off, but he did him no favours playing him like that.
  7. Why are people bothered about booing an anthem, like its a new thing. Its been going on for decades, all round the world. So much weird hand wringing about it everywhere. Even saw some say we should be more like the Italian fans who are really respectful....I mean f**king hell, they cant have seen any football involving them before.
  8. Exactly, Its why I was wary when some were saying we should sign that Danish striker as he had played well in this tournament.
  9. Oh well thats thats conclusive.
  10. Best player on the pitch yesterday, showed exactly why we should make him a priority signing.
  11. And if England win then Mason Mount can make the same claim, so you also think he should be in with a shout for it?
  12. Bunch of hypocrites, also hilarious seeing Italians complain about diving after that cretin lying on the floor suddenly came back to life after they scored.
  13. Strange how thats been glossed over. Also Italians taking the moral high ground after that striker`s lazarus moment last week 😂
  14. What a massive load of sh*t this is. There is no entitlement from the fans at all, 99.9% of English fans are pessimistic and dont expect anything from our national team, theres definitely no entitlement. As for talking up a player, yeah were definitely the only ones that ever do this arent we... Anyone else claims their team is great, can win etc are great, oh isnt it good that they have confidence, look at them supporting their national team, its so lovely to see....England fans say we think we have a good squad and a decent chance of getting to the semi finals = OH MY GOD ENGLISH FANS ARE SO ARROGANT AND ENTITLED!!!!! I`m sick of people claiming stuff like this so they can slag us off while completely ignoring all the negatives of other nations, their fans and their media. I mean, look at this sh*t
  15. Yeah, fully agree with that. Spain took advantage of the fat there was a big space behind the midfield if Italy attacked as the defence sat deep to accommodate the centre backs and no one covering it. One thing it highlights is that we can also use that space if we get to the final, we have clever players and ones with pace that could shred that defensive organistion.
  16. On your first point, I fully agree with that ha ha... But with Italy having two old slow CB`s I would have thought the midfields role was to cover any space in ahead of them, especially as Spain didnt play with a conventional striker so the CB`s had no reference, you really wouldnt want 2 older CB`s like that chasing up the pitch in any situation and its what Spain tried to take advantage of. At least on Italian midfield should have been taking that space between the lines away from Spain the instant the forward came back out, any other Italian players tracking Spanish players into that space also otherwise you end up with one CB covering a flood of attackers. I know football has evolved but I`m fairly sure the old rules for an ageing/low defence will be the same, they will always hold a fairly deep line, should never come out chasing attackers away from their line etc.
  17. I was always told to never go out with a forward if you are in a 2, never leave your partner in a single against an attack as all you do is leave a huge gap for other players to run into, thats often the reason a forward comes deep, to drag a centre back with them. Looking at that still (and you should never ever base anything on one photo) I would say Bonucci is well out of position, though at least Jorginho is looking to cover in behind. Like I said though, that photo show nothing, theirs as much chance the ball is being passed forward to one of the Italian players as it is a Spanish one.
  18. I didnt mention Jorginho you f**king nutjob. If Laporte was part of a central 2 and was chasing him then he shouldnt have, its a fundamental you are taught at a very early age as a centre back.
  19. Thats not their job, the last thing you want is a centre back chasing a player out of defence leaving a huge hole for another player to break past them into. Thats the midfielders job to set back and pick him up.
  20. We should be all over that, even if its just to see some of our more erm....emotional fans reaction when we sign an Englishman and not the latest shiney spanish/italian/german striker they love.
  21. Absolutely ridiculous we are loaning him out, and to a team that will definitely be fighting relegation the entire season. I look forward to around Christmas when we are decrying the lack of attacking impetus from midfield and wishing we had someone we could bring into the team, maybe a young player who has shown he can handle this level and has an impact at both ends of the pitch. Rather we sent them the pointy sideways passer....
  22. Was outstanding when he moved into midfield, nullified the Welsh attack through Ramsey completely.
  23. You missed an "h" out mate....
  24. IF he still has the chronic problems that need managed then theres every chance he himself will hold back, you can see he rarely now gets into full stride, it could very easily be a mental thing. Its a massive shame as I still think he had the potential to be an incredible player for us, and he is exactly the type of player we desperately needed at times last season.
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