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  1. VAR has taken away celebrating a goal and has lead to rules being changed to suit it. Its a farce now and still often open to human interpretation. It's uttee sh*te in its current use. It needs scaled back at worst, at best bin it off until its actually workable.
  2. Yep, gone up in my estimations after seeing that, about time someone defended our corner....
  3. Putting James at CB completely takes away his strengths and what he brings to the team. He`s best joining the attach, pushing back the opposition wingers/full back because they have to defend his runs. Azpi doesnt do any of that, which means the opposition basically get to attack down the left at will, like last night. It makes no sense at all. If he wants to play James at centre back for some reason then put an attacking Left back in too.
  4. It was odd, we had 3 or 4 players running on fumes yet he waited until 80odd minutes to sub them.
  5. Jesus that was hard work, no game management at all.
  6. Kovacic needs to sort himself out, had no idea he was behind him then.
  7. Wow, great effort at a tackle there Jorginho.....
  8. Thank god for that, oh and go f**k yourself tyler you tedious old c**t
  9. This shows how sh*t VAR is, I didnt celebrate the goal at all, even when I knew it was the spontaneous outpouring is gone, its f**king rubbish
  10. And not....useless f**ker, what was he even doing? Drag him the f**k off.
  11. How the f**k has he given that as a foul by Werner ....cheating bald c**t.
  12. No it wasn't, he was predominately a right back or midfielder in the academy, a right back or midfielder for Wigan and a right back in our 1st team he has never been a centre back. https://www.therealchelseafans.com/2020/05/reece-james-reveals-his-best-playing-position/
  13. Where was werner then when the ball came in?
  14. What the f**k is he playing at with James and Azpilicueta, it's genuinely a moronic thing to do. It totally negates James's strengths and puts Azpilicueta in a position he's struggled in all season.
  15. Surely not, it failed big time on the weekend so to do it again would be idiotic.
  16. Ah, McPirlo, quality player. Shame Tommy can't see that.
  17. No gilmour is taking the piss unless hes injured, but of course Jorginho starts.
  18. Jesus, just stop. Saying he's world class, comparing him to Pirlo, are you taking the piss? What does he do that's high quality, what one thing does he do that makes him stand out.
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