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  1. Brilliant defending by James. And then even better by Rudiger, outstanding.
  2. Occulus quest? My mate brought his in to work to try a few weeks ago, was pretty good, some robot fight thing but it's still pretty limited as a stand alone piece if kit.
  3. Good to hear from you, glad you've turned things around too.
  4. I've downloaded and started playing GTA v again 🙈
  5. Oh sh*t, quick someone close the curtains, knock the lights off and pretend we're not in...
  6. Yeah I dont like him, but then weve signed other players I didnt like. Its different when they are our d**khead player ha ha. In fact the only player we ever signed that I just couldnt bring myself to like was Samuel Eto`o. I dont see Mount or Gilmour being the same kind of player as Grealish, he`s got that something special to change games and plays out wide.
  7. I think we really need to be careful this summer in where we bring players from, as much as who they are. We desperately need some stability, players that can bed straight into the league rather than having to settle over 3 or 4 months. So I would go with: - Striker - Danny Ings, hes everything we need...other than his proclivity to get injured... Centre back - Ezri Konsa, has been outstanding for Villa and has the makings of a top class centre back. Would work well alongside any of our other centre backs. Midfielder(s) - I think we have choice of either bringing one player in that frees up one of our existing players or we actually need 2, one alongside Kante/Kovacic and one in front of them. So either bring in Declan Rice and move Kovacic up the pitch, though I`m still not sure that helps. Or bring in Declan Rice and, as much as i cant stand the fally over little c**t, Jack Grealish. Jorginho - Fire him into the sun. This is all based on us going away from an overly defensive 7 and getting back to an attack minded formation.
  8. Neither do the refs....or VAR....or players...or coaches....or anyone.
  9. I think we would be daft to miss out on this chance, and it would be one we would regret in years to come. He is exactly the player we need currently.
  10. Its weird isnt it, bbc radio 5 now just had Dion Dublin and some Irish f**kwit claiming we are in trouble and it will affect our players more because we need to get a result more than the other 2 teams.....erm, were 3rd and all 3 need a result you f**king bellend.
  11. I think Palace could be a good move, and a bit similar to when he came to us. Palace apparently have purposely let contracts run down while investing in their academy and are wanting to promote from within rather than go buy players.
  12. So he does, I forgot about that ha ha. So we're signing him so we can sell him to Tottenham, its a strange plan.
  13. New Timesplitters game been announced, I loved TS2 and TS Future Perfect so very happy with this news.
  14. Who`s Timmy Abraham, is he Tammy brother?
  15. VAR has taken away celebrating a goal and has lead to rules being changed to suit it. Its a farce now and still often open to human interpretation. It's uttee sh*te in its current use. It needs scaled back at worst, at best bin it off until its actually workable.
  16. Yep, gone up in my estimations after seeing that, about time someone defended our corner....
  17. Putting James at CB completely takes away his strengths and what he brings to the team. He`s best joining the attach, pushing back the opposition wingers/full back because they have to defend his runs. Azpi doesnt do any of that, which means the opposition basically get to attack down the left at will, like last night. It makes no sense at all. If he wants to play James at centre back for some reason then put an attacking Left back in too.
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