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  1. Ampadu got the ball and the SW guy kicked him at the back heel. So it was even a free kick to us.
  2. I saw this coming. Thank you Roman! You have taken our club to a greater height. Thank you for the successes. I just hope we can get a good and Chelsea FC loving buyer.
  3. ba Zola!!! Welcome back to Chelsea!!!
  4. Talking about signing a quick creative attacker, this guy, Adama Traore, comes to mind. He has improved on his weaknesses a lot for Middlesbrough. With a good coach we can get a world class player in him. He is frighteningly quick.
  5. I don’t understand you. Trying to create chances has now become a flaw?
  6. At times, back flicks from our players are meaningless.
  7. I think I will just stop watching English football. The referees are just sh*t

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