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  1. I also remember Mike Clattenburg's confession.
  2. Norwich City 3 : 1 Man City @ 69 mins The same Norwich City we defeated in their home with all the injury issues we are having. I think we are underrating our boys. By the time we have all our players back we might just have a title fight with other big 6.
  3. One clear revelation from the use of VAR in Premier League is the deliberate decision of the referees to determine outcome of games. Unlike the excuse given by referees that ”I didn’t see it” before VAR.
  4. I love the way we are playing. In fact, I’m “squirting” right now.
  5. Correct. I was actually comparing Pedro's right wing play to that of Kennedy's in this pre-season generally.
  6. Playing Kennedy as a left back is wrong. It brings out his weaknesses. I think he is better playing from right wing. Today, I think he played better than Pedro in that position.
  7. I think this is unfair to Batsuayi. He actually had some good first touches and linkup play upfront. I will say he was decent today.
  8. I think we are destined to make top 4 now whatever the result today. Arsenal just lost 3-0 to Leicester.
  9. They are losing by 3 goals now in just 45 mins of play. Unfortunately, our Lilly livered players may bungle this opportunity again against MU.
  10. Ampadu got the ball and the SW guy kicked him at the back heel. So it was even a free kick to us.
  11. I saw this coming. Thank you Roman! You have taken our club to a greater height. Thank you for the successes. I just hope we can get a good and Chelsea FC loving buyer.
  12. Well I have different opinion to this. Showing class will not stop the politics being played in EPL because these FA officials are classless. Do you know the amount of live Chelsea games compared to the Mansh*ties and Looserpool considering we are even the defending champions? That is politics. You may even call it corruption. They don’t care. Very classless set of people. The way foreword is for Abramovich or his associates to buy up Sky or BT then slowly make former Chelsea players to dominate their Sport section. Also sponsour Chelsea supporters to be in the FA board. Sounds weired? But the truth!
  13. This has been confirmed a done deal. Move this from Rumours section.

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