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  1. Thank God. Top 4 at last. Phew. Now let’s go for the FA cup.
  2. Excellent first half. We are almost there. Up Blues!
  3. Providence on our side. Please Chelsea don't f...ck up. 🤞
  4. Agent Solanke just helped us out. We still have top 4 in our hands.
  5. I also remember Mike Clattenburg's confession.
  6. Norwich City 3 : 1 Man City @ 69 mins The same Norwich City we defeated in their home with all the injury issues we are having. I think we are underrating our boys. By the time we have all our players back we might just have a title fight with other big 6.
  7. One clear revelation from the use of VAR in Premier League is the deliberate decision of the referees to determine outcome of games. Unlike the excuse given by referees that ”I didn’t see it” before VAR.
  8. I love the way we are playing. In fact, I’m “squirting” right now.
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