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  1. Sorry if already posted. Little snippet of Chelsea from an old BBC doc on iPlayer Go to 31min! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p04c0lw5/man-alive-whats-the-truth-about-hells-angels-and-skinheads
  2. I guess he does make the point that either way, whether intentionally poor or not Fabregas' terrible performances have been part of the reason that Jose lost his job. I don't think it was intentionally after all Jose kept picking him despite him not deserving to be in the team
  3. Not sure one could say it looks better than the Emirates or the Wembley, they all look the same to me
  4. "Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel is delighted that he has finally been issued a British passport, after applying for the document months ago. The Nigeria international became eligible for citizenship, having spent more than eight years in England following his transfer to Chelsea from Lyn Oslo of Norway in 2006. Since late last year, Mikel had been patiently waiting for positive feedback from the authorities, and he ultimately got cheering news last week. ''Mikel was issued a British passport last week, and he is very happy to be in the possession of the passport,'' a representative of the Super Eagles star told SL10.ng. ''That's very good news because he will no longer be counted as a foreign player in the Chelsea squad. ''All the obstacles that would have prevented him playing in Europe have been eliminated, especially in Italy. ''Mikel is not leaving Chelsea in the January transfer window. He will only think about his future at the end of this season.''" http://www.sl10.ng/news/articles/categories/nigeria-players-abroad/chelsea-midfielder-obi-mikel-delighted-to-be-issued-british-passport/198254
  5. Yeah must have been the closet the Cov fans would have gotten to seeing someone as good Zola actually playing for their team
  6. Sorry another thought, I wonder what this will do to the 'proper' Pubs around the bridge, could they survive a year without us? Already struggling as is.
  7. Would be a bit more difficult for me to get to on a weekend, worse for a weeknight game, but it seems like a fair compromise for a season. Can you imagine a Champions league semi-final with 80,000 people? I do wonder about the pitch though, would it stay in good enough nick to play slick football? Edit: Second thing with the pitch, the size looks alot bigger than ours, could help us stretch the play
  8. Saw this whilst walking past one of the Art Dealer's near St James' Square. Maybe I should sent it to the club and suggest they buy it and put it on display! Card read: Lawrence Toynee (British, 1922-2002) "Mid-week Practice at Stamford Bridge". Signed with initials and dated 53. Oil on Canvas.
  9. "Stamford the Lion chats with a young Chelsea mascot whilst Tottenham’s Chirpy Cockerel (or should that be Menacing Cockerel) keeps an eye out Photograph: Andrew Cowie/Colorsport" More of other teams here: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/gallery/2014/sep/03/memory-lane-football-mascots-in-pictures
  10. Hmm, well really this would have to be wrapped up today, otherwise it probably won;t happen as it won't give us time to get a decent replacement. If he goes we won't have a single striker from last season, Etoo, Ba, Torres, Lukaku (although he was on loan anyway). Maybe a little short sighted of the club to get rid of Etoo, Ba and Lukaku so soon
  11. I think people are being harsh on him really. Bear in mind if he stays with us this year, he'll have Jose to mange him with Wilian and Schurrle to train with. This could get him to the level of decent squad player.
  12. Caveat to my earlier post, I've just watched all his goals on youtube from when was a Galatasray player, and a lot of them a defensive howlers. He probably won't be so lucky in the PL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytw76fjr3YU Warning sh*t music alert

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