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  1. That was more clear than Son't against us over Xmas, and that was given as a red
  2. Hopefully Leicester playing and losing tonight (right at the end of the game as well) will work to our advantage
  3. Honestly spurs could have 3 players sent off by now, Gazzinga, Sissoko (2 yellows), and Alli. But then how many times could we have aid that against spurs over the last few years Edit: then son kicks out....
  4. Typed this out just before we scored, guess it doesn't make sense now. 😂 I hope we don't rue not taking these chances. City seem pretty good at exploiting the space between out full-backs. Poor decision from Emerson, that is the one thing he is not as good as Alonso at, decisions in the final 3rd.
  5. Did expect to see Dave benched, but I guess he's potentially a bit tired. Lamps seems to have given up on Pedro.
  6. Going to be tricky today i think, Palace will play deep and Roy will have them well organised defensively, so this is not the best game for Jorginho to miss. We've been poor at defending set pieces and crosses, which will delight Palace. They off course didn't play midweek so have that advantage too. Lastly,Altohugh we're not their biggest rival, I think they'll be fired up, as its a London derby as well. Will be interesting to see who comes in if Mount isn't fit, at least kante should hopefully be fit hopefully we can sneak it!, and that Cahill gets a great reception, and VAR doesn'
  7. Shame, we had a really positive spell. But you can't defend how we've defended and expect to get anything from the game
  8. I was in a similar mind at the start of the season, I thought it would make things fairer and the officials would have less of an effect on the game. But now I would say the opposite has happened, it's given them more opportunity to manipulate the games. When you have a decision like the 'penalty' today compared to CHO against Burnley it just beggars believe. After last weekend we were the club most 'penalised' by VAR this season (something like minus 4 decisions against us, no decisions at all in our favour), and I have a feeling we still will be at the end of of this weekend. Reme
  9. Pedro injured? or just rested. Nice to see Emerson is fit again though.
  10. The old Chelsea persmist in me was getting anxious as the game approached and Watford still hadn't won. Seems like textbook Chelsea to go and screw up in this situation 😂. Thinking about Palace a few years ago.
  11. If I had not of seen it I wouldn't have thought Bats was capable of that. It's like Drogba possessed him for 20 seconds
  12. Giroud injured, or just left out? Edit: Don't know what I'm talking about, missed have somehow missed him being on the bench.
  13. Penalty aside, can't believe how poor our finishing is. We've made it far too easy for the keeper
  14. Sorry if already posted. Little snippet of Chelsea from an old BBC doc on iPlayer Go to 31min! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p04c0lw5/man-alive-whats-the-truth-about-hells-angels-and-skinheads
  15. I guess he does make the point that either way, whether intentionally poor or not Fabregas' terrible performances have been part of the reason that Jose lost his job. I don't think it was intentionally after all Jose kept picking him despite him not deserving to be in the team
  16. Not sure one could say it looks better than the Emirates or the Wembley, they all look the same to me
  17. Yeah must have been the closet the Cov fans would have gotten to seeing someone as good Zola actually playing for their team
  18. Sorry another thought, I wonder what this will do to the 'proper' Pubs around the bridge, could they survive a year without us? Already struggling as is.
  19. Would be a bit more difficult for me to get to on a weekend, worse for a weeknight game, but it seems like a fair compromise for a season. Can you imagine a Champions league semi-final with 80,000 people? I do wonder about the pitch though, would it stay in good enough nick to play slick football? Edit: Second thing with the pitch, the size looks alot bigger than ours, could help us stretch the play
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