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  1. Ask Kante who he wants playing alongside him & I promise you it ain’t Bakayoko!
  2. Those that thought Baka played well, tell me what he done that made you think that? I couldn’t even tell you where he was playing he was so far out of position so often. He’s not good enough, nowhere near, could easily have cost us the game, excuse the language but he’s sh*t, been sh*t all season.
  3. I have never seen a player walk around the pitch as much as Bakayoko.
  4. shedpensioner

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    On Sunday we were struggling to finish chances, how about the manager changes this at about the 60 minute mark & not wait until 80 minutes? its not even a difficult change, Moses off, Giroud on, Dave to right back shuffle to 442 and be more of a threat, give their centrebacks something different to think about. thats being a manager, not changing like for like!
  5. shedpensioner

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I get the feeling he’ll be gone once it’s mathematically impossible to qualify for the CL, probably a clause in his contract that lowers the compensation. football has moved on in this country, the Mourinho’s and Contes are relics when it comes to challenging for a title.
  6. Anyone else looking forward to seeing the sublime skills of Bakayoko again?
  7. shedpensioner

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Because no matter how good a player you are, you need confidence in the system, and no players had confidence in that system on Sunday. If you are playing deep and inviting a team on, you need an extremely hard working midfield & an out ball, the moment Kante became ill, Conte should have revised his thinking. He then compounded his errors by not reacting to the performance in front of him. We know, he knows, the players know & the board knows, he ain’t here next season, let’s move on now.
  8. shedpensioner

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Could he be sacked for gross misconduct? I know if I slagged off my company in public, I’d be out the door. I even have to watch what I put on Facebook.
  9. I’ve backed Conte, up until January, today was disgraceful from the man.
  10. We showed zero heart in that game, I’ve backed him all the way, but that was a shocking managerial performance!
  11. It’s all about net spend though, we’re not spending more than we’re making back on players.
  12. Giroud for Pedro has to be the swap
  13. On a positive note, I’ve backed city to win & I'm a truly awful gambler
  14. shedpensioner

    Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Grounds half empty now! Disgraceful
  15. shedpensioner

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    After 4-5 games this season, I said to a mate, I can’t see a player there. Sadly looks like I’m right, the bit that is really concerning is that we’re now 30 + games into the season & Conte is still holding out for a player to emerge!