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  1. Rumours that Leicester are in for Boubakary Soumare. Can't say I've seen much of him this season but he was pretty decent the season before and we were linked with him. His price appears to have dropped dramatically to £21M from about £50M if I remember rightly. Obviously, they don't have to pay the Chelsea premium haha.
  2. On the contrary, I thought it looked completely natural. Ridiculous decision in my opinion.
  3. Refuses to play our top scorer and puts Kepa in goal. I genuinely dislike Tuchel’s boring football. I know we’ve only lost twice but I’ve died of boredom several times now. Rant over.
  4. From what I’ve read those four will be chosen annually, not permanent. But no one will know for sure until the details are released tonight.
  5. Agreed to an extent. You need to remember that there are 4 slots that will be afforded based on league positions to other clubs. The original 12 will be mainstays though, which I agree takes away something because we seen how all of these teams have lost their teeth at some point. Arsenal I’m looking at you! Haha
  6. I’ve had a long hard think about this and I can’t help but feel fans are overreacting. All this “it’s a slap in the face” or “I’ll support someone else” makes no sense to me and here’s why. We already have too many fixtures, we were denied additional subs and to top it of UEFA want to increase the number of fixtures in the champions league. In a bid to make more money, let’s not forget. Chelsea and the big European teams said screw that’s let’s make our own competition worth more money with less fixtures. At no point have they indicated they wish to leave their respective leagues or
  7. Jorginho starts over Kovacic. I really dislike Tuchel’s decision making
  8. Werner on the left wing is atrocious. It's like someone said he could play there and everyone just went "oh ok" and didn't bother watching.
  9. I hate how Chelsea look and play under Tuchel and after his decision today, I’m seriously struggling to get behind him. I have faith that he’ll have me eating my words but right now he can do one.
  10. Yes! Really happy for the lad! Onwards and upwards
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