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  1. Everyone: So Sarri the world knows that to beat Chelsea all you need to do is shut out Jorginho, what’s your plan B Sarri: Plan..........B?
  2. Amazing mate thank you!
  3. I just get The Who screens retry page everytime. Cheers though
  4. Can get a single steam working. This is a nightmare
  5. Link if anyone wants it - http://buffstreamz.com/watch/soccer-stream.php its West Ham wolves at minute because of technical difficulties but will be back on shortly
  6. Frawdulant


    Any links?
  7. Frawdulant

    Falling behind in the Transfer Market?

    Get this thread every time the transfer window opens. In this case before the window has even opened. If you knew anything about Chelsea you'd know that our transfer dealings are kept quiet and rarely leaked. It will seem quiet until someones about to turn up for a medical. Stop reading every bit on transfer gossip and thinking that we aren't doing our bit.
  8. Frawdulant

    Leon Bailey

    Maybe he could work on his end product with a season, say in the Europa League. Developing experience with his new team mates and a new league?
  9. Frawdulant

    Chelsea Legends vs Inter Forever

    He can be our boo boy haha!
  10. I’m so excited for this game today. Nothing about scores or outcome and everything to do with seeing all the old boys back in blue. Any Chelsea fan worth his salt with a free night and a spare £20 should be at Stamford Bridge tonight, even if just to see Zola in action again. Just need to find something to kill 6 hours before the match ha-ha!
  11. Haven’t seen him play like this for a while. Sadly we all know why.
  12. Feeling slightly confident about this one. Let’s hope it’s not last nights booze talking!
  13. 3 strikers on the bench and none on the pitch. I sure hope Conte knows what he’s doing. Come on you blues!!!
  14. Obviously, but to a level. He was ahead of Pedro on a number of occasions in the first half when we weren’t even attacking. Think Conte had a word at half time because his positioning was much better.