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  1. Damnit! So close to a second edit 😂
  2. Account created 3/10/20. Yet another wannabe sports journalist trying to create a story. Piss off. Edit - 2 of the 4 voting no joined this month and 1 of the remaining 2 joined in August this year. Says it all.
  3. I do not want Lampard to leave but our board are very unlikely to take kindly to the state of affairs. 6 goals conceded in 2 matches against West Brom and Southampton is just pathetic. f**k me Frankie mate, it’s time to turn this sh*t show around.
  4. Would have been a penalty and possibly a red card given Kepa’s confidence so I’m glad he left it.
  5. I’m quite happy about the £15 thing personally. I’d like it to be cheaper but I’d like everything to be cheaper. Just happy that I can watch all of our matches now without relying on a terrible link that freezes every 2 seconds
  6. The reduction in league games will be counteracted by the increase in CL games.
  7. I’d love to sign Sancho. He’s a fantastic player with his best days ahead of him and clearly already has a relationship with some of the squad. I’m not so fussed about his price as some people are. If it was going to cause a FFP issue or meant missing out on plugging gaps in the squad that clearly need filling by the end of this season then I’d be against it. But if Roman and Marina were calm about it, I’d be all for it. I’d love to snatch him from under United and Liverpool’s noses.
  8. Yeah and I got totally sucked into the hype haha! Really expected to see him make the move. Certainly seems like if we ever were really interested that we no longer are.
  9. I was really impressed with Bakary Soumaré. I’d personally prefer to bring him in if he were similarly priced to Partey. Although I have some question marks over Rice, I’m a firm believer in a manager being able to bring in the players he chooses so Rice will be my first choice as long as he is Lampards.
  10. I think it’s the same guy on multiple accounts.
  11. Whatever mate, joined on 26th August. We’re aren’t all mugs. Take it somewhere else pal and get a life.
  12. This guy is literally trolling the board so that websites can start the Lampard Out narrative that literally no Chelsea fan wants.
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