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  1. That’s a scary Bayern team. All the more bragging rights though. Come on the Chels!!!!
  2. If that substitution isn’t a message to the board, I don’t know what is
  3. Abraham’s feet seem to have an epileptic fit every time the ball is passed to him
  4. Dunno why people are focusing on Willy being out of position because he was set and back in position when the shot came in. Where were out defence is the proper question.
  5. I’m not one of these guys that seems to take great pleasure in slagging off Mount rather than accepting he is still developing. However, he has been infuriating in this match. Hudson-Odoi doesn’t seem to know where a ball is, if it’s anywhere above his head. Abraham may as well be a corner flag and Jorginho is just not making us tick today. That all being said, I still feel quietly confident about the match today. Come on you blues!!!
  6. Someone had to say it.
  7. Would be my dream signing, but sadly a dream is all that transfer will ever be.
  8. Don’t confuse his ability with the ineptness of our attackers.
  9. Once again, every attacker scared to shoot. FML
  10. We have a shocking lack of attackers on the bench. Willian is the only one.
  11. Reckon that would have been a goal if Kepa was in.
  12. Please don’t share things from the Sun it’s a stain on our forum.
  13. A season is more than a day. Can you genuinely say that Kepa hasn’t made an inordinate amount of errors for a top six keeper this season?

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