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  1. Anyone know whether a stream will be available for this one or if it'll be the standard 3rd round blackout?
  2. I genuinely rate McGinn. I wouldn’t complain at all if he was brought in.
  3. Very happy with this signing. €4M is a very very reasonable gamble.
  4. Sign Messi on a one year deal using the Lukaku money and use the change for Haaland next year. Simples.
  5. A million ads but working http://firstrowsports.be/soccer/chelsea-tottenham-krk84429a?l=1454930482
  6. It was but then again their build up to it was offside so all's fair. I watched the first half on ATV and they were going wild about how poor the ref had been. Watched the second and listened to Nevin's take about the Arsenal players tactic of running across players and falling down and the referee having none of it. Interesting how there were two different takes. I know who I side with though haha.
  7. You sir are a hero among men. And it's not ATV!!!
  8. don't suppose anyone has a stream that isn't buffering every 3 seconds do they?
  9. Havertz didn’t even move for that. You’ve gotta be anticipating a rebound
  10. Both penalties according to arsenal tv hahahaha
  11. This is kinda where I’m at. £15 for both, coz if I pay for one then I have to pay for the other. On the plus side it is for charity and an extremely worthy cause.
  12. Literally checked everyone’s boots immediately after
  13. Broja and Ugbo staking their claims. Broja is really impressive.
  14. If I see someone come out in the 25 I’ll lose my mind hahaha!
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