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  1. Shouldn’t this be closed now?
  2. Rice comes across to me as a player I’d love while at Chelsea but will never be as good as I want him to be. I’d love him to come and prove me wrong though.
  3. For me Oblak is a dream. So we can discount him entirely. Worth every penny but we won’t pay that. I’d be asking why Barca are willing to let Ter Stegen go. Onana for me.
  4. I like Aarons of Norwich and if reports are to be believed, so do Bayern. Although I do accept we are pretty comfortable at right back.
  5. Any source or is this another wishlist post?
  6. Yet again made no effort to come out for that. Substitute him!
  7. Anyone else who wants to claim we’re being harsh on Kepa, please kindly see yourself out.
  8. “I’m not going if they still have that doughnut between the sticks” - Kai Havertz 22/07/20

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