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  1. The one thing you could say about jose is that he tried everything possible sub wise to turn a game around. Unfortunately tonight I feel that conte was simply content to keep it 2-1 until the last ten minutes. Those subs should of been with half hour to go. I can accept defeat when I see players and manager giving 100% but tonight I felt it was only the players doing so and they were let down by conte
  2. Don't know about anyone else but I'm actuallt glad jose is back in the prem. Not the same without him. Going to be strange being against him but won't make me feel any less of him. Anyone that has any idea about football knew the day we sacked him was the biggest mistake romans ever made. I suspect over the next 5 years we are going to have it rubbed in our faces.
  3. If there was going to be any player at the club who you could half understand them not putting it all on the line for jose it would be remy. Costa has been a joke all season long and remy looks so much better when he is on the pitch. Did well for us last season when costa was injured yet only gets brief 10 minute cameos occasionally. Give the lad a chance ffs
  4. Not sure that picture means he was crying. Doesn't strike me as the kind of person to show emotion despite how he is feeling inside. Probably just not wanting to give the media any pictures of his face
  5. Soulless is the exact word I've been looking for. I don't feel a connection with anyone at the club apart from jt and his time is coming to an end aswell. What is our club turning in to
  6. Jose probably won't build a dynasty unless he goes back to inter. He has openly said in the past the only 3 clubs he has a special love for are chelsea, inter and porto. If he doesn't have that special connection with a club he won't want to stay longer than 3 years. Chelsea was the club to do it at but our owner blew it at the first sign of trouble. There is no chance we would of gone down with him and without him so why not just ride the season out? Bad season happens
  7. What's the evidence? He slags referees of (Fergie done the same) He slags his players of when they under perform ( Fergie done the same) With managers like jose and fergie the owner has to ride out the first bad spell they come across because it then lets the players know that it won't be the manager taking the blame it will be them. If we could of got to the end of the season and finished mid table like we will do and would of done under jose then it sends a message to players coming in and those already at the club. Jose is the boss and no one else. It squashes the player power. Tha
  8. In my 25 years of supporting chelsea I've rarely felt like this. Feel like all my passion for the club has just disappeared. Temporary i'm sure but horrible feeling none the less
  9. That celebration after the willian goal at liverpool just popped up on sky sports news. f**k I'm gonna miss this guy
  10. Can all the people saying jose never builds a dynasty realise no manager at chelsea under roman has! In his first spell here he was wrongly sacked after a bad run of results. At inter he chose to leave to go to madrid. At madrid he was in a similiar position to the one he was at here. Having a chairman who gives no f**ks about long term stability and is in the hiring and firing business. Under roman I can assure you now no manager will every build a dynasty at this club. Jose was up for it but we shut him down 6 months after winning the title
  11. It could of happened at this club if we could all of seen past one bad season! Jose and chelsea fit like fergie and united fit! He creates an us v them mentality and that is perfect for a club like us who every other set of fans detest. They detest jose and they detest chelsea. Trust me they may not say it out loud but fans of united and the other top 4 are elated by this sacking. If we stuck with him through this they would of been fearing next year like we used to fear fergie the year after united had a bad season. Instead we have to go through more managers trying to replace jose b
  12. I certainly wouldn't begrudge the bloke going to city or united now and dominating for years to come. It's what roman and after seeing most of the posts on here our fans deserve.
  13. This isn't an issue with jose! That is an issue for every single manager at this club under roman. If you try and bring in kids and lose you are out of the door. To bring through youth you need an owner who is patient and thinks long term.No youth will ever come through at chelsea whilst roman is here I can assure you of that. You think a new manager is going to come in now and start playing loftus-cheek? No chance he will pick the proven premier league players like matic and fabregas
  14. This isn't a moyes situation so please stop making it sound like one! You say jose turned a team of champions into what they are today but who turned that team into champions in the first place? Jose did! It's been a dramatic collapse season but no manager has lasted here more than 3 since roman arrived. Do you know why that is? The players know it won't be them paying the price for poor performances. The players at united under fergie knew he was the man and it would be them that payed the price for under performing not fergie. This produced results year after year
  15. Heartbroken! For the long term stability of this club jose had to stay! People will say he is a three season manager but how do we know if whenever he has a bad season he is given the boot? Jose is one of us and no manager that comes in will have that same connection. He is a victim of his own success and the expectation placed on him. We are having a shocking season but it was only six months ago we were lifting the title. I don't know about anyone else but I was more than willing to accept one mediocre season in the knowledge that we have THE best manager in the world! Whenever the
  16. Toned down his aggression? Have you seen our last few games? Just because he hasn't been swinging elbows at player it doesn't mean he's been less aggressive. That certainly isn't his problem at the minute
  17. Not an easy place or player to play against but I felt his presence and ability to use his left foot really improved us. With a few games he will certainly get better and more confident. I would hate for us to revert back to ivan at rb and azpil lb after the international break. Give this lad a run in the team
  18. Excusing the c**t bit the post does have a point. Very very strange how after the southampton loss he played baba and rlc in the villa game which we won and kept a clean sheet. Why has he then reverted back to type and we pick up another 2 losses on the trot. Jose is making some very big errors this season and seemingly not learning from them which isn't like him. It really is time to play the likes of rlc and baba to find out about them. It really can't get any worse
  19. Agree its strange how we have allowed him to get in that shape when our fitness team see him every day. Good news is against porto he looked back in shape and the 2 week gap since then I'm sure he has put in the hard yards. Remember he had hamstring injuries at the end of last season and in pre season so obviously spent more time resting than training.
  20. Have been saying he looked overweight fron the start of the season. Was very encouraged by his performance against porto and he looked like he did at the start of last season appearence wise. Let's hope he gets his head down and starts firing in the goals now.
  21. I can only guess that he's got away with because they are going to ban him for his improper conduct charge. Probably the right thing to do because anything more than 3 games would of been a tad harsh.
  22. You can show fight without throwing your hands in defenders faces and swinging arms out. If your idea of fight is risking getting sent off needlessly then I'd rather not have it thanks
  23. On a sidenote costa won't play again until the 17th of october. A good thing to shed some weight and rest his hamstring or a bad thing because he looked a bit sharper on saturday?
  24. I wonder if costa would of been charged had gabriel not of been sent off. Me thinks not. Never the less costa needs to cut this stuff out but he won't. Sure a few niggly tackles and rough defenders up but the flying arms need to stop. Can't believe he hasn't had one red card yet in his time here
  25. Surely we won't appeal? Just take the 3 game ban which is basically two because the league cup game will count as one. If we appeal then walsall won't count as one of the games and will miss 3 prem ones instead
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