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  1. We better win or I have to deal with them united supporter friends
  2. This was a difficult game. Wolves are hard to beat and they put up a decent fight. Was hoping to win, but it looked hard out there
  3. He hasn’t recovered from the spurs game. Might be his confidence. The games leading up to spurs, he looked quite promising and was dictating the midfield. Think some time needs to be given here. Also we don’t have a clinical sticker up front. Maybe with Gonzalo, we could see some more direct passes to cut the defense.
  4. Why do we need a keeper if we are going to play sarri ball?
  5. John terry just confirmed it on his Instagram
  6. To be honest letting Carlo go was a big mistake. He set the team up to demolish teams and played exciting football. Think we scored the most goals in that title winning season
  7. The lads hold up play is bad, was waiting for him to terrorize there back line, but that aggressive element is just lacking in him. Wonder who scouted him and what they saw cause his play doesn’t suit our style. I bet though if he goes to another PL club he will terrorize the bejesus out of us.
  8. Conte is not a manger to be fckdd with, all of his past teams and player mention this about him. Del piero mentioned he will come at you hard and be up you Case all the time for you to improve.
  9. Lol, costa hasn't trained in 3 days? He posted a video of the training ground being snowed out and he was entering the training building. Lol
  10. Have a lot of respect for Jose, but his behavior last season was irritating to me. His media outbursts made us a joke
  11. Hmm, terry is recovering. Conte wanted his contract extended because he knew what he means for this club.
  12. We must play him and Costa upfront against the goons. Same way Carlo used to play drogs and anelka upfront. If I am not mistaken we banged in the most goals in that season we won the league
  13. Under Carlo we played our most attacking football after the first Jose era. We even banged in the most goals in a season. Carlo wasn't shy to play two upfront with the drogs and anelka. For me his style of football was exciting. I felt that he would have been a great coach for Chelsea
  14. All his excuses where our too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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