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  1. Worse thing at the end was listening to Aladyce gloating at the end of the game. Really laying it on with a trowel saying Silva should have seen red for his first challenge and that 10 men had no baring on the game.
  2. Worse still, going down to 10 men we only have 4 non defensive players on the pitch.
  3. Obviously being selected for a World Cup winning France suggests otherwise.
  4. Why would he join us having seen what we’ve done to Havertz and Werner
  5. Sadly Tammy is looking like a Championship player. He can trap the ball further than I can kick it
  6. Yea but it’s hard to take comfort in your optimism when we are seriously going backwards
  7. On a positive note, Morecambe might not be able to field a full strength team due to COVID. Lol
  8. Smashed them really? Last season we also dominated the stats to similar effect. Oh well.
  9. Yes I know personally that it has lasting effects. So why are we starting him?
  10. Because the pattern was similar. They set up to defend and we struggled to break them down. I remember it was an equally frustrating physical game.
  11. I’m worried tbh. Having started off so well, Werner seems to be mirroring Morata’s time at Chelsea. I know he was out of position tonight but his performances of late are of concern. He’s playing in winning team so not sure why his confidence has nosedived. Also, playing him out wide doesn’t mean we are playing him as a winger - strikers such as Thierry Henry for example. Hazard in my opinion wasn’t a winger, he just used wide positions as his starting point. Yes tonight was one of those nights but what disappoints me is that it was near identical to last season’s performance there. Surel
  12. Worst one was Luis review for a red card on Giroud wasn’t even given as a foul.
  13. Apologies if this has already been mentioned. Ian Wright was a BBC pundit yesterday who was apparently shouting stuff across the pitch like “man on” “look behind you” and “man unmarked”. After the game an Arsenal player said he could hear all his instructions. WTF he’s being paid by a public service to comment on the game. Can that be right?
  14. It’s not a case of blaming him but statistically he saves very little and saves nothing he shouldn’t. Only one I recall is his last minute save at Watford. I think quite a few keepers save that second. Ultimately we have a small goalkeeper in an era where presence is everything
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