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  1. I was one of the ones who lost faith in him in February. Had he have lost 2 finals his days were numbered. In my opinion now I believe he deserves another season to see if he can move things on.
  2. Could help with Luis’s shooting when we play uphill
  3. Actually watch it in real time and the ball is travelling in front of Piguain. Picture is deceptive.
  4. Atkinson more interested in booking players for kicking ball away than studs and elbows. THIS REF NEEDS DEMOTING
  5. How is Martin Atkinson refereeing at this level.
  6. Another rant. Do we actually practice corners? Most fans natural reaction is to raise a small cheer on winning a corner. Last night I was cursing when we were winning corners towards the end. We used to be a powerful team from those sort of set plays.
  7. I just don’t understand why we couldn’t try Giroud alongside Higuain. I know Higuain was less effective 2nd half but we were continually getting into wide positions with nobody to cross to. Is Sarri so prescriptive in his play that he can’t consider a direct approach against a direct team. On another note I’m still angry that officials effectively rewarded Burnley for time wasting by not allowing anywhere near enough time. I’d love to see how much actual playing time was achieved in those last 15 mins. It felt like very little
  8. Mid table teams proving a big problem. Yellow show defeats, red shows draws. Common theme with all those teams is that they sit back and counter.
  9. The only reason Kante has become more effective in the higher role is because we have nobody else up there. Kante is a gifted player and will get on with it but that is not the same as utilising what everyone sees as his optimum position.

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