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  1. Mid table teams proving a big problem. Yellow show defeats, red shows draws. Common theme with all those teams is that they sit back and counter.
  2. The only reason Kante has become more effective in the higher role is because we have nobody else up there. Kante is a gifted player and will get on with it but that is not the same as utilising what everyone sees as his optimum position.
  3. Alonso will get a ban for eye gauging so Emerson best take his chance
  4. So basically Jorginho is a sh** version of Bakayoko and makes Obi-Mikel look like a goal scoring machine.
  5. I don’t blame the players for this. This is just down to Sarri. We regularly watch games these days where teams set up for certain games. Arseheads and Spurms have both prepared and set up to beat us recently yet we just seem to turn up to play one way. The lack of variation in our play is terrible. I’m not normally reactionary like this but I’m done with Sarri. This is Scolari and AVB all over again.
  6. To be fair if I take my son in the family section he goes for £20 and £47 for me. However sometimes if I going with another adult you get what you can. Yes it’s a lot of money for sure - but the result made it worth it.
  7. We watched the game from West Upper yesterday and though you’re a bit to far away from the action, you do read the game well. In that first 40mins it felt like we were taking on one of those chess computers. Ever move and pass was anticipated by the Clity players in a way I’d never seen before. The intensity from them was astonishing. Then amazingly we score and all of a sudden up to HT we are now playing their half. They never got back on that intensity after that and it was amazing how our confidence grew. Like others we were almost in shock after the game. £82 well spent.
  8. Don’t get me wrong I’m not revelling in the stats but the point I was making was to say we didn’t deserve a point wasn’t right either.
  9. We are all disappointed but to say we didn’t deserve to take a point is ridiculous. They had 2 shots and 2 goals.
  10. Shame that a Christiansen error lead to their 2nd goal. Carrying on where he left off last season.
  11. Not sure I agree with ‘first team faced against an aggressive press’. We coped well against Liverpool.
  12. Remember him sending off Willian at Villa Park when the Villa player dived. He is a poor ref.
  13. To be fair it was mainly the world famous Joel Ward talking complete Bolox.

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