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  1. A worker helps to clear the Hampden terraces of bottles and cans. If the crowd was approximately 100,000. It’s reckoned there would have been over quarter of a million empty bottles and cans to be disposed of!! Photo from early to mid 1960s.
  2. Status Quo with ‘What Your Proposing.’ Live back in July 1984.
  3. Usual apologies if this picture has already been posted on here. Hugh Hastings Picture.
  4. I remember as a youngster going to matches and being amazed at the amount of alcohol being drunk inside the grounds. It changed up in Scotland after the 1980 Scottish Cup Final and the violence on the pitch between the two sets of supporters after the Final Whistle. Alcohol inside grounds was ‘officially banned’ by the start of 1980/81. Mind you there seemed to be a large increase in the number of supporters taking hipflasks to football in August 1980!😀
  5. Karl Heinz Rummenige in action for Bayern v Villa in the 1982 European Cup Final.
  6. The morning after the night before. Empty bottles ‘on display’ left by Scotland supporters at Anfield after the Wales v Scotland World Cup Qualifying Match back in Oct 1977.
  7. Happy Birthday to Marco Tardelli. Still enjoy watching his celebration from the 1982 World Cup Final.
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