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  1. Cheers Sheffield Utd. 1-0 win v the Arsenal. Just a reminder...
  2. 4th October 2014 Newcastle United fans thought of a novel way of protesting against their manager, Alan Pardew, on an away-day Premier League visit to Swansea City. They unveiled an apt banner - 'Not a Welsh town, our form in 2014' - which detailed their poor playing form in 2014, mainly Ls and Ds. It proved to be an immediate hit with the media although a few newspapers did spend far too long listing all the Welsh towns that don't have a vowel in their name! For the record it was another D that day (2-2) while Pardew stayed in the job for another 3 months before deciding that a move to Crystal Palace would benefit his career.
  3. Spain, World Cup 1982 and Brazil are just about to show Scotland how big a gulf there was between the two teams. It was 4-1, going on 7-1.
  4. Would VAR have seen this ? Oct 1977 at Anfield Wales v Scotland World World Cup Qualifier. Score was 0-0 and ref gave a penalty to Scotland... They scored and went on to win 2-0. I still reckon some Welsh supporters thought justice was done in Argentina, when Peru beat Scotland 3-1. Then Iran held them to a 1-1 draw.
  5. Yeah good shouts for both of them.
  6. Tromso away ! And a snow covered pitch !!
  7. Our home game v Brentford on Saturday, 23rd Oct 1937 at 3.15pm saw a massive crowd of 56,810 ! I wondered why ? So did a little research, okay so I looked at a couple of very good Chelsea history sites. bounder.friardale and stamfordbridge.com respectively. We were top of Division 1 on 17 points. Brentford were a single point behind on 16 points and only by goal average from Wolves ! We won 2-1 . Bambrick 7th and Argue 30th mins, our two goal scorers. We went to Bolton he following Saturday and drew 5-5 ! Brentford won their game and so went top of Division 1 on goal average from us. They stayed top until Sat 19th Feb 1938, They eventually finished 6th, six points behind Arsenal. We finished in 10th place. I had no idea that Brentford had ever been that good in the top division.
  8. I wonder, if this the most controversial single moment in a World Cup Final ? Geoff Hurst's second goal...

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