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  1. Ray Wilkins for England v Eire in Oct 1978.
  2. Paolo Rossi celebrates with Giancarlo Antognoni and Roberto Bettega after scoring v France in 1978 World Cup Group Match.
  3. The Hungarian goalkeeper Gyula Grosics jumps to make a save at Wembley Nov 1953.
  4. England captain Billy Wright exchanges pennants prior to kick-off with Hungarian counterpart Ferenc Puskas. Wembley Nov 1953.
  5. The great Hungary side of 1953/54.
  6. Brazil 1982 ... What a superb team. FootballRetroPlus Twitter.
  7. Stamford Bridge 1877! When home to London Athletic Club. The League Magazine on Twitter.
  8. 1909 FA Cup semi-final Bristol City v Derby County at Stamford Bridge The League Magazine on Twitter.
  9. Everton at The Bridge. Brian Labone, Peter Osgood, Gordon West, Ray Wilson, Bobby Tambling The League Magazine on Twitter.
  10. Bristol Rovers away in March 1980. Hugh Hastings photos.
  11. A pre-season friendly at Brighton on 11th August 1962. Far right, Bobby Tambling and in the centre, Barry Bridges.
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