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  1. Still pinching myself. Is he REALLY back?

  2. And, while we're talking music... don't suppose anyone has a copy of The Jam's All Mod Cons complete with lyrics on the inner sleeve which they could take a quick peek at for me please?
  3. Can there be any other tune in this weather? http://youtu.be/Or68PjFUWdE
  4. He's young, the crossing can be (and doubtless IS being) worked on and other than that he's superb. I hope he's for keeps and ends up as one of our "Old Guard" as I can see him going from strength to strength.
  5. He's one to watch and one to keep too. I said it at the start of the season and I know I keep on saying it and getting on yer t!ts but he really is superb, already a favourite in this house and unless injury gets in the way is young enough to get even better as time goes by.
  6. OK, ok Bluebeard, so maybe I'm exaggerating just a teensy weensy bit you micky-taking bugger but Walker was something of a hero of mine, often to be relied upon to speed down the left wing and save our bacon when it really counted. As for the link about that match - here you go. Enjoy. http://www.cfcnet.co.uk/2007/01/chelsea-4-3-bolton-wanderers/
  7. This footage is thanks to The Shed End's own Garry Jones. I was at that match, one of the most thrilling I've been to. We were 3-0 down with 20 minutes to go, people were beginning to leave the ground... and then Clive Walker, the Zola of the 70s, came on. FOUR - THREE! There's an amusing write-up of the match on another site but I don't know if I'm allowed to link or refer to it. Perhaps someone can advise please?
  8. I was about to say "You need to ask? Drogba of course!" but then I thought of Cech...
  9. Can I just say thank you to the supporters of other teams who've offered their congratulations to Chelsea. It's great to see that just as I was delighted for Man City other fans are pleased for us... that's what football should be all about.
  10. Just one thing... all those who said at mid season that Drogs was over the hill... thank feck I was right and they were wrong! I can't see for tears!
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