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  1. erm, get a chance, at the very least?!
  2. I know, and all well and good when we're winning games and playing well but when the current players aren't performing I just think he should be given a run to prove what he can do. If it doesn't work it can't be any worse than it currently is, can it?
  3. There's a difference though, the players you mentioned were all bought for millions and had already been given a chance elsewhere. Courtois was already top 3 in the world before Mourinho dropped Cech to play him, Zouma was £12m or something and had was playing very well for Etienne, and Rahman was 20 odd million and had a great season in the Bundesliga. I don't like saying things like "Mourinho doesn't give younger players a chance" but he certainly prefers buying ready made than bringing through academy players. RLC is a great product of our own academy and considering how badly we're playing he should be given a lot more game time.
  4. It's utterly ridiculous that he isn't being given more game time. If he can't get it now under Mourinho he never will.
  5. Mourinho is never getting rid of Costa! I think he'll be first choice for a good few seasons.
  6. I'd agree he's not world class, he's the type of player who will play very well when the rest of the team is playing well and relies on decent service. I do think we need another striker of his calibre who has a different style of play to Costa.
  7. Disagree mate, we won the league fairly easily last season so I don't think he dragged us over the line. He was certainly one of the star performers though, I agree with that. My point wasn't even really a dig at Hazard, I just think Sanchez is superb. You have to take into consideration that last season was Sanchez's first season in the Premier League too, and he was still brilliant. You're absolutely right, stats don't tell the whole story, especially in a discussion regarding consistency - neither does bringing up where they played their football about 7 years ago! A player could score 10 goals in 2 games and play dreadful for the next 8 games, but his stats will still say he's scored 10 in 10. That's not consistency.
  8. Sanchez is far more consistent that Hazard is.
  9. Yeah, hopefully it's that he doesn't actually support them.
  10. If we turn Zouma into our very own Phil Jones I'm going to be pissed off. He's a CB with the potential to be one of the best around, keep him there!
  11. Well, hopefully we use this to give Remy a fair opportunity now.
  12. Not really worth the aggro that proceeds it is it? Two players banned and both clubs fined.
  13. This is the thing, half the time I can't work out whether he's the one getting wound up or doing the winding up! Either way there's a red card coming his way very soon. I can see exactly why people hate him and let's face it we'd all hate him if he played for anybody else. I love his fighting attitude and especially love it if it pisses the Goons off, but he did cross the line on Sat with hitting Koscielny and waving card signs at the ref. Can't stand either of those things.
  14. The Pedro/Willian injuries could make it happen as Ramires may well start out wide. Just can't see Mourinho putting an inexperienced young player in against someone like Arsenal.
  15. There is, that reason is Jose Mourinho.
  16. Must've missed pie and mash while he was out there.
  17. He can be hot and cold but we definitely shouldn't sell him. Players like him and Ramires are going to be virtually untouchable under Mourinho as they are his favourite kind of player.
  18. JT should have won player of the year imo. Nobody in the league has been as consistent as he has.
  19. Lebeouf Desailly Duberry Lambourde Gallas Carvalho Boularouz Bogarde Huth Luiz Alex Cahill Ivanovic Kalas Zouma Struggling to get any more!
  20. Letting Terry go at the end of this season would probably be the worst decision the club has ever made. Beyond that nobody knows what the future holds, however for someone who has never relied on pace, I think he's got years left providing injuries don't take their toll. Comfortably been head and shoulders over any other CB in the league and still one of the best in Europe. Quite warming to hear him say he wouldn't play for another club even if he was let go at the end of this season. Must be very proud to be a one club man.
  21. It was Lamps who got skinned, Azpilicueta fell over beforehand though.
  22. I think he's been pretty crap overall. Better off going with Bamford as 3rd choice next season and offering Didier some kind of coaching role if he fancies hanging up his boots. Trouble is I think Mourinho is looking for someone who is similar to Costa, i.e. a powerful forward, to be backup to him. Remy and Bamford aren't of that ilk.
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