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  1. So we are even, since they robbed us when we horribly overspent for DD.
  2. Pretty much agree goose. I thought he looked occasionally promising but, in equal measures, too negative and didn't take players on nearly enough. I do think some of that was due to manager's orders but I can't be so generous to put it totally down to that. I do hope he signs a new deal and gets a decent amount of playing time next season but I hope there is a degree of realism and patience amongst fans. He is still a kid and nowhere near a regular high performer yet. Damn, that avatar of you is super spot on, Loz.
  3. Salah was poor, even his penalty was not really that good. Hard hit yes, but poor direction that Loris almost got to. Robertson was terrific. Wish we had him.
  4. RAndom thoughts . I still hate snot nose Fabinho. Robertson is real good.
  5. Jorginho certainly does not have the super-muscular thighs that Hazard has.
  6. Didn't Arsenal get a boat-load of money from ManU for Alexis Sanchez?
  7. Poop on you.?. Hazard is a legend.
  8. I don’t mean to be negative on such a great day, but didn’t anyone think Kepa had a stinker in the first half? A couple of tImes he could have easily caught the ball but he instead decided to Punch it Away, and a couple of times the punch was very poor to boot. Also, For three corners that I remember, he was rooted to the goal line when the ball was put into the middle of the box not more than 6 yards from goal; most other keepers would have gone for that ball I think. He had an exceptional second half though, so I think most of us have forgotten that first half display (that with the 4-1 score as well).
  9. I think the arsenal hoo-doo over us the last few seasons is gone now .
  10. I think the arsenal hoo-doo over us the last few seasons is gone now .

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