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  1. Excellent video. My only quibble, and it is a small one, is that Feroze should have shown the CL goal starting from the kick from Mendy, to the one-time pass by Chilwell, to Mount, ..., instead of just showing it starting with Mount's pass.
  2. He looks to be two-footed, so that's a plus. Tall and fast, what more can you ask for?
  3. Gosh, even in that picture, it looks like someone thankfully cropped out the top where Tammy is likely transfixed looking at himself with his cell phone. Or is that CHO? I think the latter.
  4. A bit tacky, that one. Especially the part about putting KdB in a hearse.
  5. To Coco or whomever has the power: I think this thread can be unpinned now.
  6. With KdB not knocked out, it could have been a much different match. Poor guy really got it bad, and when I saw it in real time, it did not look that bad, but clearly it was.
  7. Timo really did not have any super easy chances. That one with the ball beneath him was a difficult one, more than a half chance, but not a clear cut 'must score' chance.
  8. We get to play Villareal again for the Super Cup. Didn't Giroud score for us in those two matches in the group stage? If so, we need to keep him and offer him a one year contract
  9. Darn Corinthians did us in in 2013. I still recall Moses shot on goal that was saved miraculously by their goalkeeper.
  10. I think one great defensive act was when Dave somehow scooped the ball from 3 yards in front of goal to over the bar, when Foden was ready to pounce for a super-easy tap-in goal. How he did that I don't know.
  11. I see some people mentioned Jane, whom I and my wife met about 15 years ago in a pub near Stamford Bridge before a match, during a piss-up. She was an incredible person, and my wife really got to know her in those few hours, and misses her to this day. Also met G4, Loz, Bluebeard, Goose, Liam, so it was an extraordinary night. Like tonight! Oops, we met Val there as well!
  12. Your lucky paste worked, Coco! Thanks a bunch!
  13. And I love the incredibly fair Spanish referee. He did not do a thing wrong all match, and that is not from a biased point of view. Heck, he could have given Gundugan a second yellow if you want to be ultra-biased, but that would have been harsh in my view.
  14. I love everyone, including Mod, Loz, Val, Goose, Liam, Bluebeard (wherever he may be), Moi, Ploks, G4, Monkworth, Gol14, Coco, Ballack & Blue, and others who don't post here anymore like Gem and Brian M.
  15. OK, it has been a few days, and I have thought things over. I still don't hate Tottenham any more, but I certainly do not like them. Kind of like how I feel about Aston Villa or Everton or WBA. I suppose the next time we play them, and that cnut Dele Ali kicks out at one of our players, my thinking will change again, but that's for another day.
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