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  1. From that pic, he looks like David Letterman’s doppelgänger. You people in Europe know who he is, right?
  2. three years according to soccernet.com, and on 100,000 pounds per week they state.
  3. Pretty much agree with your ratings, Carefree. But, a '1' for Kepa is too harsh (that's Bakayoko level!), a '3' is more like it. Also, a '7' for Reece James is a bit too high imo, a 5.5 is more like it.
  4. Looks like Crystal Palace jersey. I’ve seen worse, but I am not a fan of us wearing stripes.
  5. I am not sure that I should post this, and I do not even remotely want to accuse Kepa of this, but he would have been excellent during the infamous 1919 Black Sox baseball scandal, in which some players of the White Sox baseball team took bribes and lost World Series games, whilst trying to look like they were trying to win those games but were actually trying to lose those games. It looks like Kepa is trying, but he never seems to make the average save. Maybe he’s just the anti-de-Gea, with human-average reflexes and other problems that just make him not good as a top league keeper (the short hop before trying to save a shot, weak wrists, etc.).
  6. We have had very friendly ref decisions today, I must say.
  7. Kovacic our best player so far, by a wide margin
  8. Here is more reason to hate them. During their victory celebration, some fans through bottles at police officers trying to control the crowd, and a female officer has been seriously injured. I am praying for her.
  9. Speaking of someone who has barely played, it makes me think back to Kalas , who only played one match for us, a 10/10 virtuoso performance versus Liverpool, and who never played another match for us after that. i cannot fathom the reason why this is so; can anyone explain why this happened?
  10. Not to be picky, but notice Krul’s save of Pulisic’s shot that was hit hard, high, and central. Just like the shot kepa did not get a paw on in the Pikeys match.
  11. Spot on! Though Liam Neeson is always scowling.
  12. As he is starting to get a bit older, Lamps is looking a little like Liam Neeson to me. Anyone else feel that way?
  13. I am surprised no one has mentioned Robertson’s crazy curled header goal. I’ve seen that of course via one’s foot, but that is the first time I’ve seen someone curl a header into the corner of the goal (or anywhere else for that matter). To me, that was an incredible goal.

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