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  1. Not to say that I do not believe you, Coco, but I typically go to Tokyo once a year for the past 8 years, and the norm would be to see about 40% of the people walking around with masks on. So now its more like 90%? Not that surprising to me.
  2. So does that mean we will see Malmoe FF v Rosenborg matches real soon?
  3. Of course if the ball is kicked into the stands, it cannot be used in play until disinfected; things like that. Sounds weird , but hey, they need to take some steps.
  4. Are any of the top tier or mid tier leagues considering some minor rules changes when play resumes months from now, to lessen the chances of germ transmission? Like not having throw-ins but instead have kick-ins, and not allowing heading of the ball and not allowing touching of the ball by a player except for the goalkeeper who must wear thick gloves?
  5. Uhh, I’ll refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may incriminate me. Two people being in the same place 24/7 can drive you a bit looney.
  6. No, let me be the first to comfort you in that you are much better off than us married people, Moi. Trust me on that.
  7. Her bipolar thing that happens in every episode and her crying just got to me after a while. I don’t hate it, and the scene when the Iranian guy kills his ex wife with a broken glass bottle was real intense for sure.
  8. Do y’all get to watch ‘curb your enthusiasm’? If so, a fun show to binge watch. My old lady like ‘Homeland’, but to me it’s real stupid and is not believable in terms of the things that happen.
  9. Yes, times log 1000 (equals three?), to me, ferreira’s time at Chelsea is way under appreciated.
  10. Maybe 5 aside? Kinda like indoor soccer or foosball?
  11. You misunderstand. He is saying there is no way Geremi, while a nice squad player for us for a couple of years, belongs on your list. Capece?
  12. Uh, I need a translation from England English to American English on what the heck you are talking about. ‘Snacks on a penguin watching New Tricks’ sounds like gibberish to this American.
  13. I love a good header goal, and boy, that sure was one by Leipzig.

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