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  1. Possible groin injury for rudiger. I am worried .
  2. Not a shocking finish, actually a good shot, just very good save by their keeper
  3. I don’t Iike this kit, makes us look like Citeh.
  4. Did you see that ? Great pass by Jorginho to Willian , Willian mishandles the pass and instead of giving a thumbs up to Jorginho, he gives a sour face to him. Bugger!
  5. William, from an excellent free kick to a horrible one. Sorry, he does not get a pass.
  6. Giroud is really skillful
  7. I disagree to an extent. If you look at that shot that Fabianski saved, Morata just happens to be the unluckiest person in the world, whereby the great goals that he scores are incorrectly ruled offsides (ManU last season, PAOK a few days ago), and the save by Fabianski was off his FACE, and Morata was so unlucky to hit the shot in the only place where he could not score, since he lifted the ball nicely and all he had to do was to miss Fabianski's face and hit the ball anywhere else, and he would have scored. I am not sure what to make of this match, since with Yarmalenko's horrid miss, and with Kepa's good foot save in the first half, we could have easily lost this match 2-0, even though we had tonnes of possession.
  8. Phillip

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Yeah, what has DD done to deserve that insult? Whenever he gets a chance to play, he puts in a good shift. Nothing spectacular, but he is always hustling out there.
  9. Phillip

    Alvaro Morata

    Whatever anyone thinks about Morata, he must be the unluckiest person in the world, since he scored a nice goal yesterday incorrectly ruled offsides, and also I recall the ManU match last season he scored a nice goal that was also ruled offsides. Yes, he misses loads of chances, but the linemen and the referees in our matches really treat him terribly.
  10. Geez, looks like both knees made contact with Pedro’s head. Bad luck .
  11. I even spelled your name Dutch like.
  12. I did not see him holding his shoulder after the knock, he just seemed wacked out due to heavy collision with keepers knee. Let’s hope he’s ok.