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  1. Was ‘Brian’ (M?) the one with the pirate avatar? That goes back a long ways, about 15 years ago I think.
  2. I am watching Napoli v AC Milan right now, and it is a very entertaining match, saw a great header goal by the ageless one Zlatan. But, more importantly, Bakayoko plays for Napoli and looks really good. I am shocked, to say the least.
  3. Young Kennedy is really good. Quick reflexes and brave to boot. We could use a new keeper at DC United in 8 more years.
  4. Just my luck, he understood the word ‘imbecile’.
  5. Real Madrid fans excoriated Garett Bale.
  6. Oh come on. Val figures him out in 5 seconds and you can’t even now? First post about us signing Neymar and second post about ‘Lamps out’? Duh? I’ll spell it out for you — WUM!
  7. WTF? Can you understand his pidgin English, because I can barely understand it. Nothing racist about a poster having a poor understanding of English, and posting on an English language website. There is probably a suitable website for Talal in his native language, whatever that may be (Esperanto?, Volapuk?)
  8. God damn, Talal. Can you at least try to learn English before posting on an English language forum, you imbecile.
  9. From that pic, he looks like David Letterman’s doppelgänger. You people in Europe know who he is, right?
  10. three years according to soccernet.com, and on 100,000 pounds per week they state.
  11. Pretty much agree with your ratings, Carefree. But, a '1' for Kepa is too harsh (that's Bakayoko level!), a '3' is more like it. Also, a '7' for Reece James is a bit too high imo, a 5.5 is more like it.
  12. Looks like Crystal Palace jersey. I’ve seen worse, but I am not a fan of us wearing stripes.
  13. I am not sure that I should post this, and I do not even remotely want to accuse Kepa of this, but he would have been excellent during the infamous 1919 Black Sox baseball scandal, in which some players of the White Sox baseball team took bribes and lost World Series games, whilst trying to look like they were trying to win those games but were actually trying to lose those games. It looks like Kepa is trying, but he never seems to make the average save. Maybe he’s just the anti-de-Gea, with human-average reflexes and other problems that just make him not good as a top league keeper (the sho
  14. We have had very friendly ref decisions today, I must say.
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