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  1. And dont forget the terrible pass that he made to one of our defenders in the first half. Put him on all kinds of pressure needlessly. and I have not forgotten his tantrum in the league cup final .
  2. Me too, if I was a Burnley fan, I would be pissed
  3. They looked red to me, but in any event they are real ugly
  4. I like them both. I will try to use it in a sentence this week; not sure how.
  5. His holdup play is fantastic, almost Droga-esque.
  6. That's harsh on Kepa. That would have been a difficult shot to get a paw on - maybe de Gea with his cat-like reflexes, but no one else in my opinion would have touched that shot unless they were lucky enough to have a part of their body in the way of the shot before it was struck.
  7. I can't help it, Val. What's the Dutch word for vicissitude?
  8. And who subbed in Jorginho and Lamptey and CHO? I think your posts are very shortsighted and show a total lack of understanding of football, Zayn.
  9. Yes, he is fighting an injury. Damn, too slow on the draw, as always. Sorry.
  10. Eskimo Turk? What's up with that?
  11. Oh, so he is only signed up to the 2019/2020 season. We need to sign him on a 5 year contract, and soon.
  12. Well, given that Arsenal does not have many tall players, I think Lamptey would not be picked for teams with tall persons to defend on corners and such, since he is sooooo short.
  13. Touche, Loz. I feel like Abbot setting up Costello in a comedy bit.
  14. That's weird, as I do not see a thread for Lamptey in the first two pages of the Chelsea Reserves section of this web site. I presume there is a thread for him somewhere in that section, but it must be way down the list of persons talked about there.
  15. Yes, but it will not take 50 years to rebuild your house, Loz. I hope you are not blaming your sheep for the house fire. P.S. Everytime my wife sees your avatar, she says that is the spitting image of you. I think she is right.

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