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  1. Willian is passing like Cesc.
  2. Good rugby tackle for that red
  3. CHO has been underwhelming this second half.
  4. He has the weakest chin of any human being I have seen.
  5. Yeah you are right, I said we would have a chance , not that we would win
  6. I suppose if Citeh gets a red card early in the mstch in Sunday we might have a chance. Otherwise it will be a bloodbath.
  7. Nice free kick by Willian there.
  8. Christiansen looking like Smalling there.
  9. Barkley needs to come off at halftime due to his yellow card as well as his horrid play .
  10. This is a tough one ; who is better looking, CHO or Giroud? Both handsome men.
  11. I just saw the highlights on youtube -- My God, if that is not a second yellow on Matic's foul on Kante, then nothing is. Kevin Friend really bottled it on that non-call.
  12. I don’t think the keeper touched it.