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  1. It’s a tree house near my home, about 6 km away,
  2. Hey, no one has commented on the cute vultures that are on the nest cam I posted? that post reminds me of the chat room.
  3. In the the US, all giant panda births are due to artificial insemination.
  4. They look like big chickens. the vultures , that is.
  5. https://video.nest.com/live/8q3vhK6G7H they are sleeping now in the tree house, but you can see them
  6. I am watching a baby vulture nest cam, two of them were born not far from my house. They are actually cute at a young age, white fluffy things,
  7. We really appreciate your candor, StredfordEnd. We are lucky to have such nice opposition fans on this forum, like you and Spudulike (does he still post on this forum?).
  8. I just now saw his attempted clearance off the line. That was incredibly awkward on his part. I think even I could have saved that ball from crossing the line.
  9. Seeing that pic of Mount, it reminds me of Ethan Ampadu. Is he ever coming back to Chelsea, or will he stay out on loan for forever?
  10. He was a God scoring goals for DC united back in the day. Those were the years, when they were a force in the league. Marco Etcheverry, Jaime Moreno, Eddie Pope, Jeff Agoos, the list goes on.
  11. I don’t think 3 operates in the US, right?
  12. Let me start off by saying that Willian is playing great, But....... I’ve seen this movie before and I know how it ends. When a player is in the last year of his contract, you generally see that person play better since they are highly motivated to get a big contract. You see this in baseball (as an Orioles fan, we are stuck in a horrible contract given to Chris Davis) and the NBA. As to Willian, if we are dumb enough to sign him for three years, I think we will fall in that trap and he will revert back to the mean for those three years, And probably sink below the mean for the last year or so. So, in my view, let’s thank him for his time here, and not consider signing him to either a two year or a three year contract.
  13. For a change, VAR was our friend. About time!

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