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  1. That’s what came to mind also he looks like every other coach who knows what’s coming at some point. It’s sad seeing him like that it’s not nice
  2. Spurs 2 up their counter attacking is devastating looking at them they look like a well drilled team each player knowing there role
  3. Something I have notice is the way Lampard looks on the touchline he looks quite lost. Whenever the camera pans to him it’s like he is in a daze trying to work out what else he can do to fix this. He has a look on his face as I don’t know what else to do to get these players going and just hoping something sticks.
  4. Who remembers when we use to laugh at Arsenal for winning the fourth place trophy and hope they didn’t sack Wenger 😂😂
  5. When they signed wasn’t most fans raving how these players signed because of Lampard ? They spoke to him and he convinced them to come or am I remembering incorrectly?
  6. Lampard bought players it seems because they were available and not because they suited his possession based approach to football, he’s now trying to get those players to buy into his philosophy.
  7. Like I said I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already instructed his agent get him home next season if this continues same with Havertz he doesn’t look interested and looks like he has loss confidence here. We haven’t once played to his strengths not fricking once this pass pass pass cross cross doesn’t suit his game as shown at the end he needs space and it’s the managers job to create a tactics which can possibly give him space and exploit his strengths. Why buy a player that requires space and direct play then you go ahead and play possession crossing football either the manager di
  8. It will be the exact same formation, framework and approach pass pass pass pass cross cross cross rinse and repeat hoping something pays off or we have some individual brilliance.
  9. Just thank the havens it’s not Bayern we playing again
  10. Thing is you don’t go from one of the most lethal in a strong German league to just sh*t doesn’t happen. If next year this time he’s still not firing then I will change my view.
  11. That was just horrid had it not been for the red card we could have lost that it was that bad pass pass pass pass it’s not even control possession cross cross cross cross pass pass pass. Our players are like lamp poles absolutely no movement compared that to city they are like a 5 year old on a sugar high buzzing around with movement.
  12. I still have faith in Timo he’s just had his confidence completely drain by sh*t tactics
  13. I don’t think we would of won this had Fulham had 11 men I honestly don’t see how
  14. This performance gives me little confidence for the upcoming matches it’s been a struggle against 10 men who played few days ago
  15. Lampard is banking on individual brilliance rather than out coaching the opposing
  16. Everyone keep saying this is going to be hard wtf are you talking about we spent £200 million we should be putting Fulham to the sword this is really non-negotiable anything less that a comfortable 0-3 win should be unacceptable Fulham played midway also. No excuses here win put them to the sword.
  17. If that was our player we would want a yellow but as nothing is fair, red it is he shouldn’t have jumped in like that it was dumb he made the ref make the decision
  18. If we don’t score now we will regret this period
  19. Well we got a shot on target early in the 23rd minute
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