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  1. Patey will get the same treatment as a few others players " what does he bring" he gets gets the ball and pass it 5 years " he's not good enough"
  2. You will lose the ball constantly period you know that I know that
  3. The point is the manager realise that couldn't continue and made a change of he didn't he would of been sacked by now
  4. Shades of Villas Boas.... Also Klopp doesn't leave massive holes in his team for counter attack..
  5. Shades of Villas Boas.... Also Klopp doesn't leave massive holes in his team for counter attack..
  6. Southampton got battered by Leicester has a worst squad but currently has better form. What changed after that embarrassing performance, they even went on to beat Leicester . The manager saw the issue are tried to fix it. So the polishing a Turd argument doesn't really stand up here with our current form and players. Last 6 games here....[emoji848]
  7. This is all am asking for reign it in a bit lets just the basics right first .....lets stop this Hollywood type of football and trying looking playing some acting schools football.
  8. To add to this, when Jose when to Anfield and beat Liverpool he basically put together a team that shouldn't have won but he when there with a plan each and every player knew their role what they needed to do what position to be in at all phases of the game and he MANAGED the situation and we ended up with the forever moment that will live in history " Slippery G" None of our players seem to know what their actual role is tactically. Frank needs to really take a step back lets start by stop conceding goals and work from there.....if we don't concede we don't lose.
  9. I love Frankie like anyone else, those perfectly timed runs from midfield were magical, you knew it was coming the opposition knew it was coming but they couldn't do much to stop it, but we need to be objective like we would with any other manager, "some" of you need to take off the blue tinted glasses. I keep hearing the excuses that "well what can he do", "hes not got any options" well if these are all true which some are, why doesn't he be a MANAGER adjust to the situation and change the approach to start getting back some confidence into the team, grind out some results, isn't that what good managers do?? This expansive way of playing will only end up one way if the team is not setup correctly and based on results IT'S obviously not setup correctly. You could play two Kantes in-front of the back 4 (not his position but some still subscribe to this) we would still be one of the most open teams on the league. Southampton got battered by Leicester and what did the manager do, continue to try and play the same way or change?? Lampard is being lauded for being intelligent and having a high IQ but his actions aren't providing any evidence of that at all Albert Einstein "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Sarri got blasted for "Sarri-Ball" and not having a Plan B, does anyone know our Plan A, serious question? I would love a Chelsea hero be our most successful manager but if he cant show signs of being a manger who knows how to adapt and change, i don't think the board will have any trouble in letting him go. Based on what we have seen so far, he maybe starting to rub them the wrong way already.
  10. So if hes redundant in a possession team them why play him?
  11. And who help us play out from the back Kante?
  12. Our midfield yesterday worked our defence was as per usual all season over the place and we didn't score. Jorginho dictated play well but what can he and Kova do if we don't put our chances away
  13. New players won't change much this is and will continue to be a coaching issue the team is setup wrong you can see it Carragher highlighted it yesterday before the match and new players won't change how we approach games what it will do is make a expensively assembled squad look like they don't know how to play football
  14. Can you point out where he was actually bullied am curious?
  15. Its almost as if its wasn't the Keeper that was the problem and the fact that our defence has more holes in it that the net. You could go out a get any keeper but we will still have the same problem if the fundamentals of defending isn't fixed.
  16. Welcome Real Madrid (the team that won three CL) in a row on Saturday afternoon lads.
  17. Even with a fully fit team that would have not made a difference, this is a tactical problem when Lampard was new he caught a few teams out but since he's been found out he has no plan B no other way of playing. When you have injuries and need to get results you take a different approach, there is nothing wrong with going to a pragmatic approach to get a result.
  18. People keep mentioning our injured players and rightly so but the manager needs to do his job and managed a situation like this, change your plan go for a plan B(what Sarri go blasted) stop playing expansive and look to be compact and try nick a goal but no we continue this expansive football that Stevie Wonder can see its not working. It's a mark of a manager that is good who shows how he can adjust his tactical philosophy to suit th situation which from what I have seen so far Lampard doesn't seem to be able to do, on trick pony? Also buying a new team will not fix tactics that are not working.
  19. I called it..........watch them now go back to being rubbish after this
  20. This could get very ugly by the time we play Bayern if we get spanked twice by them I can actually see some discontent in the stands coming

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