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  1. This just reminds me of the Pulisic situation people just couldn't be patient, this guy is absolute class lay off him and give him time.
  2. "Waste of Money" "No doing enough" "just like when Pulisic started last year get rid" 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
  3. We didn't lose or concede that's positive, and he abandons his suicidal double-decker gaps between midfield and defence that was the most significant change in the last two matches, I would be keen to see what happens as soon as he goes back to that approach if we get picked off.
  4. Props to Lampard set is up not to lose and we didn't so props there. Attack was toothless though think when we setup for defense we can't see to attack it appears we have no middle ground it's either full blown attack or defence.
  5. Like for like change doesn't actually change much
  6. Suspect Lampard playing for a draw here and a clean sheet
  7. I keep saying the refs behind var should never ref in a international tournament again they shouldn't even ref championship
  8. Looking good for the first 15 lamps got it right so far
  9. I don't want to be taking any sh*t from United fans today not today must win
  10. i feel sorry for Eden only here i hope they get Villaed by Shakter
  11. They will score depends on if we can outscored them.
  12. Villa are second in the table I wouldn't begrudge Everton or Villa top 4
  13. I think I overestimated their none bottling capabilities it's deeply ingrained
  14. Scrap what I just said they still bottlers 😂😂
  15. If he gets spurs believing In his way and his style I do fear they might not "bottle" it anymore. Say what you want about his attitude but the man only aim is to win
  16. Spurs CB aren't better than ours they are just setup better
  17. Is Jose playing Kane in midfield as a 10....🤔
  18. One thing you know about Jose every player at spurs know there role on the pitch tactically.
  19. I don't see the hype in Rice here he's been caught out of position several times if he's the final piece to our puzzle we are looking at the wrong puzzle
  20. He's fast becoming a player I want to watch so much just sliky smooth
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