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  1. If this is true well you cant argue with that
  2. Not one Chelsea player apart from willian the first 6 months of last season who wasn't like that i trust Conte will make this guy play football the right way
  3. Passion desire will to win will to leave it on the pitch for Chelsea FC something we lacked last season
  4. Matt Law said it wasn't going to happen he must feel silly now
  5. As long as it lasted last time no Matter the amount of mistakes this guy was Mr Chelsea he loved the fans and the club
  6. Conte will tame him from the what's coming out of Chelsea so far the toughest preseason to players adapting to Cesc wanting to stay and fight Conte will get the best out of him Jose just didn't like him
  7. I would love him back one of my favourite people mentioning the celebration against is irrelevant as i think that was more aimed at Jose than Chelsea
  8. More reports in the press i really hope this is a bad joke
  9. Meaning if you want him back give us back our £50 mill
  10. Groundhog day doing the same thing like last summer expecting different results
  11. As of now we are still no closer to getting a centre back?
  12. Its hard to not to like this guy lol lol Take a look at @ChelseaFC's Tweet: https://twitter.com/ChelseaFC/status/766624614923571200?s=09
  13. You can say these players offer very little Moses never given a chance Pedro on his day is very good Cuadrado one of Juventus best players last season Oscar is inconsistent but if Conte gets his consistent we have a fantastic player on our hands Willian is very creative i dont get this narrative against him... Cesc is our best creative player but the manager may not see him in our plans whether you agree or not support the manager. If Conte chooses to move him on I will be fine with that as i trust him granted we would lose a great player but life goes on we still have a brilliant squad wh
  14. The negative campaign has started already after one game expect it to continue as we keep winning
  15. Yep hes definitely on his way back i see teams doubling up on him again he looks up for it
  16. Cesc would of gotten over run in midfield unless you play him as number 10 Matic Kante made west ham midfield look like boys
  17. Great Article I like Conte Idea of how a striker should play in the box not on the wings get in the 6 yard box stay there
  18. I expect fire in his belly this season from Conte
  19. I would be sad if he goes really would be
  20. I am normally very positive when it comes to our transfer dealings over the all the previous seasons but I am just not confident anymore we are getting left behind especially when it comes to the backline Terry Cahill cant be our centre back paring to start the season with Iva at right back we will get skinned mercilessly. Even with Happy back we still need another CB.
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