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  1. And they wonder why illegal streams and alive and kicking. In these tough times £.9.99 would be fairer will ALL of the money going to clubs until current deals expire then move to a Netflix model maybe. I suspect Amazon may get more matches next time around and could see new players Facebook/Disney/YouTube bid along event Netflix and just add to current subscription.
  2. Anyone else feels he needs to bulk up a bit, you rarely get CB with his build. If you look at Puyol and Canvaro they weren't the tallest but they were well buiit I feel he needs to bulk at big to at some strength to take him up a level
  3. He gets a pass because 1. He's English and 2. He plays for United. Any other defender gets ripped apart Rudi isn't as bad as him but gets criticised mercilessly as does Luiz and he's no where close to be as bad as him.
  4. If he carries his Athletico form over, Arsenal have a real game changer here, this guy is class in that DM position
  5. Really don't want him anywhere near the back 4 anytime soon
  6. Send Barkley on loan to help villa spank Liverpool...
  7. If Lampard doesn't take advantage of the mess at city and Liverpool then I don't know what to say..get a spine don't tinker and let's have a go....
  8. After today I would say all things remaining equal and Lampard keeps a settled team so we can build consistency we have a good a chance as city and Liverpool and if Lampard doesn't see that and take advantage of it then I don't know what to say
  9. Leeds show how to get at these lot but you must be brave and believe...
  10. Why didn't we have a go at this lot atbtg bridge Leeds showed Villa now and am sure other teams will now also
  11. Yep should have had a go even before christenen got sent off
  12. Evra is passionate : every United player needs a slap 😂😂😂
  13. £80 million of Maguire 😂😂😂 I have never seen him have a game where I can honestly say there is a class CB how the hell did Leicester get that for him
  14. Poch incoming I am sure they will pull the trigger soon
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