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  1. Why didn't we have a go at this lot atbtg bridge Leeds showed Villa now and am sure other teams will now also
  2. Yep should have had a go even before christenen got sent off
  3. Evra is passionate : every United player needs a slap 😂😂😂
  4. £80 million of Maguire 😂😂😂 I have never seen him have a game where I can honestly say there is a class CB how the hell did Leicester get that for him
  5. Poch incoming I am sure they will pull the trigger soon
  6. It's the officials behind var, not the technology of var, be specific. VAR as a technology is fine but it's the incompetent refs behind it these are the same incompetent refs who were all left out of the last major international tournament
  7. Very true quality keeper makes a massive difference
  8. If they keep winning I doubt their fanbase will care Not working for Chris Wilder this season at All, pity as I like him very honest manager
  9. Signing Sancho : €120,000,000 United fans Meltdown : Priceless 😂😂😂😂
  10. I suspect this may happen United courting him all summer then we sign him next. Just for the United fans meltdown it's worth it
  11. 😳😳 why can't I impersonate a footballer to steal a living off United
  12. Yep Azpi-sliva-zouma-chilwell-kante-Jorginho can all communicate I would keep this until it doesn't work or someone needs a rest. Silva-Zouma-kante-jorginho-Kai-werner should stay for consistency then you can rotate once settled really should not change just for the sake of changing ... Keep that spine and build off that
  13. He's also quite a big lad so we gain some height and strength in defending set pieces
  14. I do hope Burnley go do bloody hate them ever since the Matic red card
  15. Now you see why playing him in a 10 is key especially in a new league
  16. This very true if he was the quality around him who are mentally on his level he wil just look and play better. With Kai and Silva they will help him and I suspect with Hakem and Timo going central he will now have the players around him to pull the strings in midfield and dominate games
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