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  1. Jorginho has been class as always Palace getting exactly what they deserve for being defensive. Clean sheet will be welcomed
  2. Really hope we kill this game What a turn from Jorginho this is why you need him to beat the press
  3. See bit of luck and we score now let's finish the game
  4. We will win positive thoughts let's get the three points!!!!! COME CHELSEA!!!!
  5. Balance of the team looks so good today well played Lampard.
  6. They are quite similar but Oscar was seen as not good enough also similar to Rambo again wasn’t seen as good enough but Mason absolutely it good enough 😏
  7. I think that setup is normal at a freekick that far out I think the issue the phase after where no one was within 2 metres of him following social distancing guidelines
  8. If we don’t win this group it will be criminal
  9. dafuq you don’t loan players to direct rivals
  10. And that validates your argument how that I think we only play English players because of Lamps... You digging a hole deeper ....give up.....
  11. Please point to any post where I said we only play English player's because of Frank......I will wait........ And if that's the case I would have an issue with Reece, CHO, RLC, Barkley, Tammy ( I don't think he's starter that's all), Chilwell So yeah go find those post and tag me....
  12. I hope for a win but expect a 2-2 draw. At this point I really don't care who is picked just don't put Square pegs In round holes and have a tactical plan in place that doesn't expose our defence and something other than just possession without penetration
  13. Sarri is the cause of our defensive woes, he's the reason Kepa is the way he is, Rudi has gone backwards along with Christensen. sh*t he's the reason Jorginho is here Sarri's fault we conceded more Goals away from home than any other team...🧐
  14. he puts in these performance's regularly but doesn't matter because he's "Sarri's" Jorginho. They will always find a excuse to hate on him. People thinking Rice is the solution to our problem just laughable
  15. Wtf are you talking about, if Jorginho or Emerson missed their penalty the abuse they would have received is nothing compared to what Mount is getting. It seems it's one rule for the natives and another for foreign player's which I have noticed a few year's now. You see it on social and just check Jorginho/Emerson/Alonso/Rudi/Christensen thread
  16. Name calling, what else could you ask for from a grown man, I assume you are a grown man with a family and kid's.......
  17. So who's closing down the cross why is there no one with 2 metres of the crosser are they social distancing from him?
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