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  1. If he puts his strongest side out Jose we will struggle and most likely lose
  2. Outside of the goal I don’t see what he did that warrant all that praise apart of being Lampards boy so he he guaranteed a starting place every match. Square pegs round holds comes to mind. I see him benching Kai, kante Kova or Hakem to fit mount in on wings on centrally
  3. Where was he for the first goal he let them run straight through our midfield- not good enough be provides no cover for our defence
  4. Was at fault for the goals against WBA he wasn’t sitting in his correct seat in the stands shocking
  5. I was just about the post these shots saying something similar about Alonso even with the 3rd goal James anticipation and awareness to push up with the rest of the team is also in question, not removing the blame from Alonso but James defending mistakes keeps getting pushed under the carpet he played the scorer on side and no one is mentioning that.
  6. Yep and Recce let Mane get a free header Lamptey is still performing better this season
  7. This blind defense of the Academy youngsters is mind boggling they are never at fault.
  8. I actually don't blame him for the goal we had defenders behind the ball yet WBA still scored which shows a bigger issue
  9. Lamptey is out shining him at the moment. He was as at fault for the first goal
  10. Out smarting himself rather than the opposition managers.
  11. Wow putting the blame solely on the players no admission from him about his mistakes Alonso, Sliva no mentioned of Reece James errors
  12. Anyone who is happy with a point against what will most likely be a relegation battler really need to up their expectations
  13. Shouldn't have been three down to begin with and look forward to hear lampard typical press conference miss chances blah blah blah
  14. If I hear anything about Lampard being a genius with a high IQ again I will early my f**king hat
  15. This just reinforces my opinion on Frank and Tactics
  16. Formation change blunted our edge why change ffs
  17. Someone mentioned we could challenge for the league lol lol we will be very much battling for 4th/5th
  18. How many times have we tested their keeper?
  19. In this instance am now glad have wasn't taken off lol lol Great Strike
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