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  1. Arsenal paid 70M for Pepe, so Zaha a proven player who's 3 years old ( I think) is expensive, but not outrageous. Football is about short term (1-2 years) these days, so I don't think his age should count against him. Nobody knows he'd win us a title, but he's getting a start within the current team. Even if we keep Willian, we need a sign a quality attacking player, be Zaha or Sancho, or someone that's off the radar at moment.
  2. We are just sh1t at taking the corner kicks, most corners either too close to the GK or get knocked out by the first defender. I don't think height is the major problem, On Saturday we had Giroud, yet he never got his head at the end of anything, corners or crossing. I think it's one of the area got overlooked and under estimated in training. If players from bottom half teams could good take corners, why can't our players do it?
  3. Why the hell Watford bother to sack their manager again? It's not like some big name managers are queued up for that job. At best they got a Big Sam, Moyes or Pullis, who's probably going to end up with the same fate if they can't reinforce their squad. Jose to give Ole a reality check next game? I'd contend with that.
  4. I could see your point and agree some what, because nobody tackled the attacker, he actually had a full view of the shot and could have timed and dive better. It's similar to the crossed goals he conceded, he's not a big GK and he doesn't get great extension of his arms to pull the shot out from the corners. I think deep inside he has reasons to be disappointed not to lay a hand on it. Having said that, De Gea conceded a similar goal this morning, and all the could do was watch and pray, sometime the shot was just too hot.
  5. I'm sure Lampard learnt a lot from Saturdat, rotation is fine in theory but with the team we have, extra cautions must be taken. With Abrahm the proven scorer out, we were serverly weaken going into the game, and gamble with Pedro on Willian just made the task so much more difficult. Not saying Willian would have won us the game, but he's a level above the aging Pedro, and usually in that goal situation Willian would have tracked the fullback and at least made it more difficult. The DM issue from last year resurfaced, sure we loved the energy and the few goals of Kante going forward, but we are missing that shield in front of the back four, with fullbacks pushing up so high we literally had 2 defenders in front of GK. I reckon December will be a tough month for us, still got that must win CL game, so there are games we could take easily.
  6. The worst performance of the season, never had the intensity and sharpness to trouble them, I don't recall their Gk had a real save to make all game. Maye CHO was not fit, but starting Pedro was a mistake, he barely played off the bench in the last 6-8 games, and his performance showed, should have been by half time. Giroud was decent, but clearly lacked the match sharpness, in hindsight maybe we should have started Batman, but his performance the other night proved otherwise. Pullisic missed 2-3 big chances, again, maybe he's been over achieving recently, a bad game was to be expected. The defence for their goal was poor, where was the man tracking the full back? James was in a lose-lose situation there, and no central defenders tried to cover the cut in or shot.I can't help to think Lamard's pre-game comment back fired, judging by how determined the opposition was. We all knew the history, but was it really worthwhile to stir them up?
  7. Poch is smart enough to know Arsenal it's another long rebuild job, at best in 2-3 seasons he get them back to where Spur was last season, and that's being very optimistic. He's not short on the money front, wait a bit for the Bayern, Real or even City job if Pep reaches his usual time of departure.
  8. Expect them to park the bus and waiting for a break after we over commit. James must play, probably Emerson on the other flank. We should play as many attacking minded players as possible, this game could be over before half time if we start well and convert a few chances.
  9. I don't see we could read too much into the last 2 games, what we missed were fine margins in the game of 90, and there were problems areas on the filed we won't be solving until the transfer window re-opens on us. I reckon we are caught a bit between attacking the same way like the last half a dozen games, and being pragmatic against better teams. Especially against Valencia, we were throwing numbers into attack when we had the lead, and kept getting caught. With the team we sent out that night, probably should have tried to play out same and boring like a typical European knock out game. If were to attack them, should have taken 1 of the midfielder off and playing Mount, we were caught in between and paid for it. It will take time, and in a way it's good Lampard didn't have the false flying start like OLE had, got do the hard work and keep improving. The playing out from the back has been getting messy for weeks now, we are probably over doing it, but if that's way Lampard wanted them to play, got stick with it. Most top teams are playing from the back, so I doubt we will drop it just because conceding a few goals from that. Players need to make better decisions on the field, would help if we get 1 or 2 better players, in the short term just got to work harder and improve.
  10. AFTV wins again, I reckon it's pretty cheap to sack him after an Europa league game, but he did play a strong team and being made look stupid. Got say there are few good job openings coming up for the unemployed, Arsenal , soon Everton.
  11. Let's not show them too much respect by playing 3 midfielders, they got an ordinary defence and an awful keeper, need to pick them off early. When Mount is playing, he's usually drifting into space for the deep midfielders to pass into, he turns and runs and all the sudden we kick start an attack in the opposition half. In the last 2 games, we just haven't seen much for that with the players we picked. Giroud needs to start, and he deserves to
  12. Willian wasn't that bad to be honest, expecting him to score or assist a goal every other game is asking a bit much for him. The real difference was on ineffective Batshuayi was, literally every attack we committed numbers in, he ended up losing the ball and we were immediately under pressure from the counter. Although holding up the ball wasn't his strength, you expect a striker at this level to have a bit more all round game rather than just being a pure poacher.
  13. I wouldn't drop him, even just for some short term gain. The Backup GK is like 40 years old, and the few times he played he looked pretty ordinary too, as much as he's a competent number 2. Kepa is the number one, he got to stick it out with the backing of the manager/coaches/players.
  14. Should have won that game, in the end lucky not to lose it. I reckon fatigue has kicked in, we were just not that fast and energetic like we were a month ago, despite some rotations. We didn't have the maturity to close off the game, when we were trying to close out the game we get caught time and time at counters, the players need time to learn and adapt to game situations. Kepa had a mixed game, great save but let another cross pop over his head, the least you'd expect was a finger tip over the bar. For the first goal, he got a hand on it again, but wasn't strong enough to palm it away. I reckon we got a good GK, but he needs some parts of his game sorted as early as possible. Still, if we can't beat the bottom team at home to qualify, we don't belong in the competition, so I'm still confident we will do it
  15. some of the most ridiculous defending and missed opportunities in the Arsenal game. Looks like Luiz found his natural surrounding, somehow he wasn't the worst defender on the field. I hope Arsenal stick with Emery until we play to play them,

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