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  1. All the results in the last 48 hours meant nothing until we win this game. For the first time in a while, I reckon we will get the top 4 if we win the remaining 4 games. United should be out of it after the City game, we just need to finish them off next Sunday ( big ask but no better time than now). Spurs and Arsenal got priorities in Europe, expect 1 of them if not both to drop 3 points somewhere. let's hope Sarri get it right, and players step up, we can't possibly keeping f* this top 4 thing up, can we?
  2. This year's CL could turn out to be a nightmare for us, imagine pool Vs Spurs for the final, if only both teams could lose. VAR or not, Pep and his City just has a funny way of choking it. I always feel in this kind of game, Pep doesn't know what's his best team. He could get away with it on most weekends with a rotated squad, and probably never need to figure out what's his best team. Speaking of VAR, if they did look at that 'handball' from every angle, there's no way that goal should be allowed. The offside call should be handled by the linesmen, you can't have the linesmen not using his flag, let the play go on and wait for the TV camera to decide. The VAR is a great way for people not on the field to decide a game.
  3. Just don't think he's that good, even his best ability passing is a level below the top passers in this league. As many pointed out, the Italian league just isn't that good, our worst midfielder is playing a like a world beater at Milan, one of the best midfielder over there clearly struggles in our team. Sure, he's going to be better for a better team, I argue most midfielders would look good with City or Barcalona.
  4. Just got laugh at the optimism by Ole and his fellow United Pundits. Ole reckon he did it in 98 and his team could do it again. Scholes reckon this Barcelona team is worse than PSG, he forgot they don't choke like PSG. Ferdinand said Smalling dominated Messi last week, quickly back tracked last night. It was men against boys out there, Barcalona pretty much stopped playing after 2 goals in 20 minutes. Ajax was amazing, lets hope we get a piece of their fire sale in the summer, as long as we don't buy their Bakayoko.
  5. Play our best team, get the early 2:0 and start resting players. We can't afford to f* up in this, and I'm sure Sarri knows it.
  6. Just not a natural player going forward, it's like try making Mess into a deep player maker, he'd do it and be bloody good at it, but never going to be great. For his goal and assist return, I don't see his change of role has been a successful one. Sure, it may take time, but why changing something that's working while we had real problems to solve elsewhere? Flexibility and adaptability , Kante showed he got them, can't say the same about the manager.
  7. Top 4 is out of reach, we aren't going to beat United at OT, and Leicester is not an easy game either, lose anyone and we are definitely out. We will try, but I reckon we left it too late, should have never been in this position after a great start up to October. Europa league looked a lot more promising, we looked a lot more comfortable when having that extra bit of time with or without the ball, of course we haven't played a good enough team yet. Come Final time ( granted we don't f* up), we should match up player to player against anyone left in the competition, do we have the smartness, will and mental strength to win it? Honestly can't tell based on our erratic season so far.
  8. You need to give your best player the best chance to shine in a big game, playing him out of position did exactly the opposite. Even Sarri has no faith in strikers ( especially the one he signed), he should pick someone else ( anyone else) to play as a striker instead of Hazard. He took our best player out of the game with that decision, and there was now way back. It's not like this hasn't happened before, I just don't understand why it took so long for him to realise it, or has he? Surprisingly after 2 goals down, he put Higuain in, when everyone knew he'd contribute nothing at all. If the play against Liverpool was to defend and play counter, Jorginho shouldn't have played, or at least move Kante back to play the double pivot. Ok, I'm going too far here, Sarri probably never played with another system apart from the one he knows.
  9. We didn't do well, played out nicely from the back while offered no threat to their goal was not an achievement at all. How some could takk consolation from putting in a string passes together, while we lost the ability to defend and grind it out in tough situations. It's not like we haven't seen a Chelsea team put 10 passes together before Sarri took over.
  10. The alarming fact is under this manager, we lost every away games against teams in the top 6, and we were not even close in any of those games, I think it was like 1 : 13. I struggle to remember another season we lost so many away games, and heavy beat ups. We had poorer team in the past 10 years, but no team was as soft as this one, the least we'd expect from Chelsea was pack the double deck bus and grind out a 0:0. Conte's team was poor last season, but he won the FA cup against a better team, ugly or not. Under Sarri, we just so focused on playing that pretty football, and lost the toughness that was embedded in us for the last decade. Again, it's not all Sarri's fault, someone knew all about his strength and weakness and still went for him. I don't feel confident we could win the Europa league, suppose we get through this week, comes Semi or Final we will meet a team matching out status, and I just don't fancy us winning a tough game against a good/determined opponent.
  11. Devastated by the result, we all knew it's going to be a tough match, but the very least I expected the team to cause them problems at some stage in the match, and to be honest they were never in danger. The effort was there, but that's about it. For a big match like this, we need to get most of our best players, and playing Hazard in the middle was clearly NOT. He's getting bullied all game by big defenders, unable to get the pass in space, and basically wasted again. How many times a manager need to play Hazard there just to prove he's not that effective playing there? If we are going to play a compact defensive game, play Kante close to the back 4 to cover it, it's not rocket science, again. I don't buy this whole we played well for parts of the game sh1t. We lost, and to conceded 2 goals 5 minutes after the HT was unforgivable, and we have been doing that quite a lot this season. I don't know what Sarri said during HT, whatever it was it had no positive effect on the players, they came out and looked lost, just remember the Bourmouth, Wolves, Everton game, Under this manager, we lose all away games against other big 6 teams, and none of the games were remotely close. We just lost the ability to win tough games, if tomorrow we play Europa league final against Arsenal, I don't reckon we will beat them. We lack a winning manager, a leader on the field, and a half decent striker who could score a goal. I have no idea how much shooting training they do, everytime there's a decent chance, players hitting the post if not a yard wide, it's not Unlucky, it's incompetence.
  12. Yes, Sarri in for the next 12 months if he manages to pull off a W today. This is the game to decide the title, we beat the, all the sudden their remaining features will look tricky, we lose, they will walk to the title as other teams don't have much to play for against them.
  13. f* liverpool, I'd sacrifice the 4th spot at the end of the season if it means we beat them and end their title hope.
  14. Could be a 4:0 thrashing if we don't make the necessary adjustment to our style like we did against City months ago, but I have the feeling Sarri knows how to handle a game like this by now. I don't think they have been as good as the media made out to be lately, Spurs should have got a point at least 2 weeks ago, and they were fortunate last week as well. We need to play like that cup final, defend compact and not leaving space behind to allow their fast players in. I reckon we could will something out of this game.
  15. Poor performance, but a great result at the end. I couldn't fault Sarri for picking the team, it's the right decision with the next game less than 72 hours away. I reckon we lost about 90% of all the 50-50 balls, they just too strong for us physically, and we were way off with passing and movement, not sure if that pitch had anything to do with it. The positives were we managed to keep them out, Kepa made some good saves, Willian/Alonso had a good game for once. Disappointed with Kovacic, Barkley, Pedro, didn't step up at all and I guess we will back to that team against West Ham, with Giroud for Higuain of course.

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