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  1. icecoolguy22

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    If the ban doesn't get over turned, we'd probably see 4-5 of those 42 come back and get their Chelsea career kick started, wouldn't be a terrible thing should that happen.
  2. icecoolguy22

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Sarri was right as in we struggled to hold on the ball in the first half an hour, had the same problem or worse when Jorginho was playing in the past few months. Kovacic actually done a pretty good job in carrying the ball out as the game went on. Without Jorginho being the centre of everything, we actually looked more direct in attack, and got the reward in the second half as the pressing became weaker.
  3. icecoolguy22

    Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

    Don't think he could do any worse than Alonso. Whoever City plays on right wing on Sunday will have a field day against Alonso. If form and attitude means anything to this manager, Emerson in and Alonso out.
  4. icecoolguy22

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    To think we will get banned for signing players we never intended to keep is just ludicrous and stupid. I'm sure the club will fight with everything at disposal to postpone or reduce the ban, so in reality it won't be as awful as it sounds.
  5. icecoolguy22

    Sarri - In or Out?

    WTH with all the Conte beat up here? Yes, he was awful last season and towards the end of the season we were terrible, lost the last game 3:0 to Newcastle. However, he was able to get everyone onboard for the FA cup final, setup the team to maximize the chances of winning, and won it deservedly against the odds. And wait, he was up against Jose, the guy who'd do anything to win a cup , and got a pretty track record once he's in the final. It was no fluke, Conte delivered it when it counted, even just for one big final. Over 2 years, his performance as a manager is good, he was let go because he acted like a p1ssed off kid not getting his lunch box packed every press conference, there's only that much sh1t people could handle.
  6. icecoolguy22

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    It was Costa's fault when he got kicked out by Conte. Costa isn't bigger than the team. If we had supported Conte then, we would no longer have any players underperforming so as to get the manager sacked! It was like 50-50, knowing the type of character Costa was, Conte should have been more diligent rather than poke the bear. He's probably trying to force a move for his favorite striker, unfortunately it didn't happen and he lost the striker he couldn't afford to live without.
  7. icecoolguy22

    Chelsea V Malmo (EL) Thurs 21st Feb 20:00 UK

    Think it will be an underwhelming 1:1 with the cup final only 3 days away. Just get through this game, I'd take that 1:0 or 1:1
  8. icecoolguy22

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Higuain was signed because he's supposed to make immediate impact, he's the chosen one and knew it all about how Sarri ball works. He hasn't been terrible, but certainly underwhelming. It's the kind of short term signing Chelsea not keen, but did it anyway to help Sarri out. Sarri got more support from the board than Conte. Conte had Morata under performing for a season, of course it's his own fault to kick out Costa and started off the whole thing, bet he won't be fast on keypad in his next job.
  9. icecoolguy22

    Zinedine Zidane

    Can't see he fancies us, or any club for that matter, when your first job is Madrid with an unprecedented 3 CL , where you go from there? I'm willing to believe Roman would put his money where it counts to back a man of such statue. No players would dare to f* around with Zidane in charge.
  10. If he's picking the same 11, we may as well call the game off and concede 2:0, at least it gives us a 7 day break until the next league game. Seriously, if Sarri wants to win this game, spend the week doing defensive training and watching some Jose park the bus games, we need every player to run their feet off covering the space , frustrate them, get them to throw 10 players around our penalty box, and hope the counter attack click for once, or twice. Forget about playing stylish football, this is the game only a win matters.
  11. icecoolguy22

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    what's so special about this kid? When he plays, he showed he could cross, dribble and shot, something completely missing from everyone apart from Hazard. He actually puts in a good shift when he plays, unlike some who's just going through the motion every week. He's not going to be a Messi, but how many Messi are there in the world? You do with what you got, and he's a better option we got at moment.
  12. icecoolguy22

    Sarri - In or Out?

    Just because we sacked managers for less and harshly in the past, it doesn't give Sarri a free pass to do whatever he likes. We still got Liverpool, United away and Spurs at home, there are some big thrashings to come if the man can't manage to 'motivate his players and get his ideas across. Sunday is the one, swallow the pride, park the bus, frustrate the opposition edge out a win, and he earns the right to stay until the end of the season. It's always in Chelsea's DNA to defend and fight, and completely gone under his management. Of course it would be a dream to win playing his style of football, but that's not going to happen unless Pep is throwing the game.
  13. icecoolguy22

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Never seen a Chelsea manager so incapable or reluctant to make changes to adapt. Sure, he will walk away with his principle in tact and loads of money to buy smoke, but he f* it up on and off the pitch, it's simple as that. Yes, the board probably made a mistake to hire him, but they expected a Napoli managers knows how to pick a team, have a plan B, able to come up with a decent tactical plan once in a while, and not throwing all the players under the bus when things aren't going well
  14. icecoolguy22

    Krzysztof Piatek (Genoa)

    Just like last season, Chelsea got into a 3 way deal and came out the worst, again! I woudn't be surprised if we sign Callum Wilson for 60M in July, then he get injured for 6 months. The curse of the striker at Chelsea.
  15. icecoolguy22

    Sarri - In or Out?

    There are still lots to be salvaged from the rest of the season, the top 4 fight and Europa league, not withstanding the cup final this weekend. There's no way we are going to get into the top 4 or win Europa leauge with Sarri in charge. He won't change, players aren't trying for him, and as he said he couldn't motivate them. Do it now, rather than April when everything is done and dusted. I thought we should have sacked Conte earlier last season, the patience was paid off with the FA cup. Someone like Jose or Conte always get that one big game left him them even when things are sh1t, I dare to say Sarri doesn't have it. He will just play the same game and hope for the better, it's been like that for a few months, how much more do we need? Give Zola the temp job, the least I expect is Kante plays his usual role, players get back to basics and do what they know best, and no more of this throw everyone under the bus press talk.