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  1. Just don't get a replay for god sake. A really important game for those pushing for a starting spot.
  2. We actually dont have lots of pace in the team, Willian is slowing down, and his never that great in running into space. CHO may get faster, but the injury has done him damage. Pullisic is probably the only fast player we have, if he's playing. In fact, if we rewind recent games, we didn't have much success in counter attack because players just weren't that fast. It's highly unlikely we will get him this window, but he's good enough for the current Chelsea team, but pace will help us win games, especially when we are trying to break down teams.
  3. I'd buy him, surprised none of the big teams have tried to poach players from the Wolves, maybe they don't need to sell players. He's getting better with his final ball, there's a 80M player easily if he improves with a few more assists and goals.
  4. To be honest, Arsenal didn't look like scoring until that moment of madness and slip, if somehow we manage to forgive that slip, Kante did an 6/10 job solidifying the midfield. He plays and usually does well in so called big games like this, and the setup is to play a bit safe, until that moment we have managed the game well. He went off, we scored and couldn't even hold on for a couple of minutes, there was nobody covering the back 4. Right now, we don't have the balance in midfield, I reckon RLC will be the solution if he's fit and ready, he offers that strength, creativity and a goal or two, and you just need Kante to stay behind and does more of the unsung hero work.
  5. If only we had finished a few more chances, we'd be right behind Leicester if not ahead of them. This season turned out to be a 'transition' season for everybody expect Liverpool.
  6. I honestly thought he was going to get another yellow last night, really thought Alonso should come in to replace him, and give another option in attack. He's just not that good of a player, could have kept Zapacosta and rid of Emerson instead, and we wouldn't miss much, of course it's better to get rid of them both. I don't get it why we don't want sell if Inter was serious with a bid, right now we got 2 left backs, neither are first choice.
  7. With a week to go, it seriously looking like nothing will happen, or a panic buy on the deadline day. There's not even a remotely decent Chelsea rumor at moment, Cavani deal is possible but looks like we have offer him something special to get him. Maybe with the lose the club made last year, we didn't have much money to spend, and we are selling before buying.
  8. He's adding no value what so ever when he's been coming up lately, which means we only have 1 striker in this team. Maybe there's some rift between Giroud and Lampard, I honestly believe against teams defend deep, a big target man could do some damage, or at least create chaos in the box. Giroud has done that for years, Batshuayi hasn't. Lampard is asking for another striker, the people running the club should support him, even if Cavani is not everyone's cup of tea, and it's a short term investment
  9. Of course Cavani will cost lots of money, all good strikers too. If we are serious about the top 4 and beyond, we need to sign him. Money spend could be recovered next year when we make the CL. We do nothing this window, pretty sure we will miss out the top 4, and there's no europa league to bail us out this time. No CL money next season, we can kiss the ideas of signing Sancho etc good bye.
  10. Disaster of a performance, in the end we were lucky not to lose the game. As a keeper, Kepa is fast becoming the Claudio Bravo, every shot just run past him, and he's not as good as a passper as Bravo. To be fair, he had very little chance with the first goal, but he really didn't make himself big, and made it easy for the scorer. Second goal, if every shot like that resulted a goal, we'd have 6 or more goals every game. It's tidy work from Bellerin, but a shot of the weaker foot and Kepa watched it and didn't even move. We may have to change the GK if he has another game like this. Kante was unlucky to have the Gerrard slip, but for f* sake he should have done better. The corners in general were bad, today it topped it off. With everyone in the 6 yeard box, a looping corner couldn't even make it into the box, and a goal at the other end. The biggest insult for me was with a man down, they didn't even put on a defender, all they had to do was defend deep and compact, and we had no idea what to do. The passing was too slow, everyone just took an extra touch or two, no wonder the 10 men defence was never out of shape. Shooting is like a disease at moment, everyone managed to f* it up. Defenders didn't have much to do, but every time there was a real contest, we seemed to miss out, Christensen is not the answer, we may see who put their hands up this weekend in the FA cup.
  11. First team Lampard started a transfer rumor, so there must be some interest in Cavani. There's no reason we can't play 442, especially when chasing games.
  12. Artea seemed to be bullish ahead of this game, maybe they are attempting to do a WestHam or Newcastle on us. We should be favourite, but if we keep up the awful finishing from Saturday, could see them getting something. To be fair, both teams have been pretty ordinary this year so far, game to be finished by a defensive mistake or someone's brillance. I'd worry if James doesn't play or Emerson starts, think Pepe will carve up him.
  13. Tammy needs help, and a bit of competition will only do him some good. At Tammy's age, he could still learn from an elite striker. Cavani will cost lots in terms of salary, but he's a good option for the next 12-18 months, and it's not going to stop us sign another striker in 6-12 months time. We have seen plenty of youth this season, reckon proven skills and experience will benefit the team right now
  14. When we had Zouma playing, he's in the the 6 yard area heading out all the high balls. He's not perfect, but he's been dealing with a lot of them. With Christensen playing, we got no chance in zonal marking ( or man marking for that matter). I don't know what's going on with Zouma and Tomori, unless they are both injured, really don't get it why all the sudden Christensen is playing, after that shocker of a game against Everton where he couldn't head anything.
  15. I don't know how much truth is there about the Isco, but he will be better than Mount and Barkley right now. With all the respect and love to Mount, when did he become the undropable? He hasn't be good for weeks or month now, and again there's no disrespect on a guy in his first season with the first team. He needs competition and better players around him, upsetting him by signing a better player is the last of the concern for the manager and the club.

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