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  1. Don't think we will miss him, Sarri didn't rate him either but couldn't get rid of him, at least Lampard ( or whoever is doing the deal ) are doing something right this season.
  2. Some people just wanted Lampard anc Chelsea to fail, especially pundits at ESPN. It's the first time since 2003 we actually took a chance with an upcoming manager and a young team, why Chelsea fans couldn't get behind Lampard is beyond me. Sure, he lost big first game, and will lose a few more before the year ends, but we had plenty of downs in the last 2-3 seasons. and everyone got over it. Remember the 0:4. 0:6, 6-7 months ago?
  3. This should be a fun game. Norwich is pretty open and like to play, so there should be room and space to run through them. I could see this one being a high scoring game, considering we are pretty loose at the back too. If we get another 40 minutes of dominance on them like last week, really must put 2-3 past them. It's not impossible to maintain that kind of fast pace football over 90 minutes, like Lampard admitted we must be able to adjust, cope with the pressure and have more composure, expect to see some improvement in that regard. I reckon a 4:2 our way , although a cleansheet would be nice.
  4. I think the VAR needs to follow that of cricket where each captain could ask VAR ( say one per half). City would have asked VAR for the penalty call and got it, Spurs would have asked for VAR to check everything to get the goal cancelled , kind worked out. The referee and lines people still need to make calls, they can't ask everything to be reviewed or the game be 100 minutes, alternatively if they make an obvious mistake, it's up to the Captain of each team to make noise about it. I don't know whether the referee asked the City goal to be checked, or VAR just got involved because it's the last action of the game. For me, it's wrong if VAR got involved without the referee asking it, because the only purpose in this instance is to scrutinize it and find a way to rule it out.
  5. Just like Luiz, if he's not happy and committed, let's just sell him, pretty sure we get the money we paid him. Sunday was a shocker, usually on his bad days he at least put a shift in, so either he was completely not match fit, or he's got problems in the head.
  6. Game of 2 halves. First 45 we were great, creating chances every time we cross the half way line, should have scored a couple of more easily. We had them rattled, but just couldn't put the finishing touch in, should have been game over by half time. Second half they played a lot more direct into space and caught us napping, we were clearly looked more fatigued and fortunate to walk away with a point. I'm pretty sure I have seen games exactly like this last season. The biggest concern is still the defence, and it's the senior players that making them. I reckon another poor game by Dave, he'd probably be looking at bench time. Giroud did what we asked him, he's not about scoring lots of goals himself, but his presence got others into actions and he created at least 2-3 clear cut chances that others couldn't put away. The midfield got overran in the second half, defensively Jorginho is still a concern, and on another day the VAR could have sent him off . It's too early to read into the table, I reckon game by game we are making progress. We have played 3 good teams so far, and to be fair we were better in large parts of the games, keep working on it and we will see a good run soon.
  7. VAR will decide the title this season, only needs 2-3 games to change course to decide the title. That goal probably involved an accidental handball, but they only checked it because it's 92nd minutes of the game, even no Spurs players complained about the goal. VAR slow motioned the whole sequence from the corner kick ( surprised they didn't rewind the last 90 minutes to spot a wrong doing), so looked like the referee didn't see much wrong but was unsure if any wrong doing, but decided to run with VAR because it's the timing of the goal, I bet it wouldn't be checked if the goal was scored in the 2nd minute. The problem with slow motion is you bound to see something wrong ( just like that infamous United penalty against PSG), but football is played in real time. If VAR is to be used, it should replay at real time, not frame by frame, because doing that you already made the decision before you use it. As with the no VAR penalty call, if the referee unsure, he should have checked, but he didn't and completely contradicted to the 92nd event.
  8. The GK got off the line act just never get caught in football. I mean with a linesman at the goal line and VAR, I think it's pretty easy to detect it in real time. Giroud is the first choice, Abraham will bet plenty of chances in between. The penalty thing will be forgotten soon, all the best players have missed before, so he won't be the last.
  9. Only half a Billion to spend,Why not a Billion just to make it more interesting? I'd buy Icardi if he's still at Inter, we need a bad ass M*Fer who knows how to score goals and rile up the opposition. Why not Dybala too? If nothing else, just to annoy United and Spurs.
  10. Only second game of the season, and people already suggesting Lampard is under pressure if we fail to win this weekend. For F* sake, everyone from him to the players know the importance of 3 points this weekend, but if so called 'fans' are losing faith after 2 league games, probably should get off this bandwagon and go follow City. I reckon despite his reputation, Roman has more patience than lots of fans on this forum.
  11. Unlike the last young striker who missed the decisive penalty in the super cup for us, he won't be send out on loan by Lampard. It was a huge ask to take the last penalty, should have been some more experienced to be honest. He needs and will get better, this is part of the learning curve unfortunately.
  12. Much improved performance, especially defensively with Kante back to where he belongs. It was terribly unlucky to lose in penalty, should have won it in extra time with better finishing ( sounds like a broken record now). I know there's no consolation in losing a cup game, but we played the best team they had to offer, and we had better of the match, and the improvement is obvious. If we keep this up, there's no reason we can't beat Leicester this weekend. For once, we are actually playing good football with the kids, yet some fans still complain about it like it's end of the world.
  13. Thankfully the season didn't end last weekend, or we'd be relegated Seriously, it's too early anticipate how we will go this season. Unlike last season, we got some tough games to start the season, we could be in the bottom half by the end of September. However, there are so much football still to be played, and lots of things will happen, just like how our season fall apart last year after losing the Spurs, or that 13 games straight the year before after 2 big looses. I'm sure Lampard learnt a lot from Sunday, he's a fast learner as a player and always willing to adapt, not going to be different when he's the manager.
  14. It's not like Sarri hasn't suffered heavy losses last season. The defeat at Spurs and Arsenal were way worse performance than yesterday, we were fortunate they ddin't put on half a dozen in those games, and we created lesser chances than yesterday in those 2 games. I'm not even going to talk about the Man City game. We have a tough run at the start of the season, had we got SouthHampton or Newcastle at home yesterday and won 2:0, everybody would say Lampard done a good job.
  15. Looked pretty good, wouldn't know he's a guy making debut. He's not going to nail a starting spot over night, but he's making good progress. Jose's comments were ridiculous, I'm sure Mount be on loan for 5 years or sold for a few pound if Jose is in charge of Chelsea again. under Jose and Conte, we had youngster having good preseason, yet when the real football begins they were farmed out without a second thought, at least Lampard is taking preseason seriously.

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