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  1. Every now and then we're going to get games like this. Frank and the lads have been brilliant so far this season, let's not forget that. We started the season with not too much expectation and to be honest, so far I think we've exceeded anything we may have realistically hoped for in August, so stay calm, expect a few bumps in the road and give Frank and his young team the realistic amount of time they need. KTBFFH.
  2. When Frank came back to the Bridge as Derby manager for the cup game last season, the emotion was raw and heartfelt. A lot of emotion here from both sides. Can't wait for the Leicester game, it feels that we, the fans, have got our club back again.
  3. Mourinho wasn't the reason those players left, it was our beloved board. Managers at Chelsea have very little say on the comings and goings of players.
  4. I don't know why some of my previous post is shaded. Not particularly bothered just curious!
  5. At the risk of repeating myself, I stated on here after the Bournemouth debacle that the real reason we find ourselves in the state we are in at the moment is purely down to the board. For several seasons now we have failed to invest adequately in the squad, bringing in players who are up for grabs because they are unwanted by their previous clubs and are going relatively cheap. When Mourinho won the title in 2014/15 he pleaded with the board for several top quality players to be signed with the view of strengthening the squad for the upcoming ECL involvement the following season. The only decent signing we made was Pedro from Barcelona, while the rest consisted of players brought back from loan spells and some outstanding bargain buys like, Michael Hector (Centre Back) from Reading, Matt Miazga (Centre-Back) from N.Y Red Bulls, Nathan (Winger) from Athletico-PR and Danilo Pantic (Midfield) from Partizan. These are just a few of the 39 players that the board, "NOT MOURINHO", bought in that summer. We all know what happened the following season? History repeated itself the summer after Conte won the title. Again he pleaded with the board for 6 top notch signings to strengthen, bearing in mind we had by now lost Lampard & Terry and what did he get? Morata, Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Rudiger, Zappacosta and several other "average" players most of whom are no longer at the club. Need I say more? The person who deals with the transfers in and out of the club is Marina Granovskaia, She has worked closely with Mr Abramovich as a senior adviser over the last 18 years, looking after his various assets and interests and has famously been at odds with various managers about transfer dealings during that time. All of this will still be continuing at the club regardless of who the next manager will be. If Sarri gets the bullet tomorrow or at the end of the season we'll still have the same issues with whoever comes in until the club hand over a greater amount of control to the manager and allow him to choose who he wants in or out during the transfer windows. Remember also, they appointed a Manager who has been in charge of no less than 18 clubs prior to Chelsea, and never won anything!!!! The players are in a comfort zone, they know there is no genuine competition for their places in the first team so they lack motivation as well as having a manager who simply can't adapt to any other style of play other than the one he loves, he simply doesn't have a plan "B". I believe these are just some of the issues going on at the moment and I can't see a quick fix coming anytime soon. Hang on to your seats guys, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!
  6. I was too busy typing my rant about the board to notice we actually ended up losing 4-0. Why am I not shocked???
  7. The club has become a total joke and the blame lies firmly in the boardroom. Here we have a bunch of non-football, businessmen making all the decisions regarding players, managers etc. Good youngsters being sold or put out on loan to clubs who are reaping the benefit big time while we continue with substandard and ageing players who, in all truth would have a job holding down a regular place in teams like Southampton, Watford, Palace and the like. We have over the past few years lost high-quality managers who were forced to play players, quite frankly, not fit to wear the shirt because the board wouldn't back them in the transfer market while the likes of Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham and others have streaked ahead of us with rebuilding their squads, FFS we still have half the players who won the league with Mourinho!! Sarri was hired by the board as were most of the players who couldn't even get into the first team of their previous clubs. This is just beyond a joke. Just to finish, here's a quick resume of our wonderful BOD. read through this and see the accumalated wealth of footballng knowledge we have here. All profiles courtesy of Wikipedia. Eugene Tenenbaum: holds a bachelors degree in commerce and finance and a degree in economics from University of Toronto, from where he graduated in 1987 with distinction. He qualified as a Canadian Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse in Toronto where he worked in the audit department from 1987 until 1989. From 1994 until 1998, he worked at Salomon Brothers, and was a director in the corporate finance unit of the investment bank. Prior to that, he spent five years in corporate finance with KPMG in Toronto, Moscow and London, including three years (1990-1993) as National Director of KPMG International in Moscow. From 1998 until 2001, he was the head of corporate finance for Sibneft (Siberian Oil Company) in Moscow, then co-owned by Abramovich. Guy Laurence He joined Vodafone in 2000. In Europe, Vodafone Germany and Vodafone Italy are larger than Vodafone UK. Vodafone UK is the third-largest mobile operator in the UK. From 2002 to 2005 he was Chief Executive of Vizavvi (Vodafone live!). In 2006 he became Chief Executive of Vodafone Netherlands. He became Chief Executive of Vodafone UK in 2009. Vodafone UK in 2010–11 had £5.2bn in turnover. Vodafone UK is known as Vodafone Limited. Marina Granovskaia Granovskaia started working as Roman Abramovich's PA at his oil company and later became involved in transfers and contractual dealings for Chelsea FC. Her task of managing transfers sometimes put her at odds with managers who had their own ideas of who to sell or buy during the transfer window.[5] Granovskaia was promoted to chief executive of Chelsea FC in 2014. According to The Times, her promotion made her the "most powerful woman in football." Bruce Buck American lawyer and founding managing partner of the London office of law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. His practice areas are European mergers and acquisitions, project finance and capital markets. Buck’s involvement with Chelsea began through his position as European head of the American law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. Skadden Arps specialises in mergers, acquisitions and capital market transactions, and Buck had personally done legal work on a number of acquisitions for the Russian company Siberian Oil (Sibneft), through which he came to advise Russian-Israeli billionaire Roman Abramovich, formerly the majority shareholder in Sibneft.
  8. It's always difficult to accept a defeat to the Spuds, but as a life-long supporter (65 next September. And I started at the age of 10) and a current season ticket holder, I find the attitude of certain players totally unacceptable. It seems they turn up when they can outplay the opposition but don't want to know when they're faced with any type of quality. They appear to be comfortable in thinking that, "They haven't got anyone better to replace me". And for this, I totally put the blame at the feet of the boardroom. For ex-amount of years, we have hired and fired some of the best managers in the game, Ranieri, Mourinho (twice), Avram Grant, Ancelotti, Di Matteo, Conte. They all won titles including the Champions league but when they asked the board for backing to strengthen the squad they were all refused and given second rate players who quite frankly were not up to the required standard. Somehow the incoming manager got these players to surpass themselves and built yet another trophy-winning side against all expectations. But when they couldn't do it for a second successive year they were out!! We now have a quality manager (again) with a second-rate squad, and he's expected to perform miracles with a squad who, in truth, has only about 4 world class players. It simply isn't good enough. We need to either, bring the kids though or spend some serious money. It has to be one or the other!!
  9. Sorry for the bad grammar, that should have read "Don't". Too much fluid intake I suppose!!
  10. The general media have ALWAYS hated us since RA took over, but do we give a sh*te? ..... I for one doesn't!
  11. While he deserves a good send off, a large number of those Gooner hypocrites singing his name are the same ones who marched from Highbury to the Emirates with banners saying "WENGER OUT!" and boycotting home games where there were stacks of empty seats around the stadium. I as a Chelsea fan won't miss him for a minute, but I can appreciate what he's done in football, maybe not too much recently, but overall. P.S. Thought it was a nice touch that the first thing he spoke about was wishing Fergie well.
  12. An absolute credit to our club throughout his whole life.

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