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  1. Sing the Blues

    Chelsea v Everton (PL) Sun 11th Nov 14:15 UK

    Morata is wack. How he lasted the 90+ is unfathomable. Kanye offers zilch in this formation. All I see him doing is run around like a headless chicken. Willian and Pedro were piss poor. Dropped points AT HOME to a very beatable side. Another sloppy af game.
  2. Sing the Blues

    Chelsea V Derby (LC) Wed 31st Oct 19:45 UK

    Finally a Chelsea goal
  3. Sing the Blues

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    That was embarrassing. Managed to salvage a point in the end. Jose is still one of the faces of this club. People need to pipe down.
  4. Sing the Blues

    Newcastle V Chelsea (PL) Sun 26th Aug 16:00 UK

    Alonso saving our hides there again. Well done. Luis needs a rest. Christensen in for him. 3 out of 3. Not pretty but effective af
  5. Sing the Blues

    Newcastle V Chelsea (PL) Sun 26th Aug 16:00 UK

    That was a legit tackle. Ugly ass ref
  6. Sing the Blues

    Newcastle V Chelsea (PL) Sun 26th Aug 16:00 UK

    Aye you mofos. Take that!
  7. Sing the Blues

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Good God. Conte on a relentless bitch fest.
  8. Sing the Blues

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    That scummy club made City look like Arsenal. Perfect tactics and execution by Liverpool. They should be through baring a miracle performance by City. Next up hopefully they meet Suarez who rips them a new one.
  9. Sing the Blues

    Eden Hazard

    He's one of our best players and people are coming for him?? Hazard is in a team which plays with the tempo of a snail. He then has to resort to taking on his opponent in a physicality battle which if his trickery is sussed, he will lose. KdB looks like the GOAT at City cause of the high press and tempo at which they play. Same for Salah. Chelsea play like a one legged lumbering ox and its no wonder the likes of Hazard are struggling.
  10. We are royally screwed here. Getting pantsed by just about anybody now. Fcking nightmare!!
  11. Sing the Blues

    Riyad Mahrez

    Nah nowhere near. City are emulating what Bayern did to the Bundesliga.
  12. Sing the Blues

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Starts playing the Funeral March........again
  13. Well that was fcking atrocious. Fcking Sp*ds. People out here really coming for Hazard lmao. Put him in a team with cohesion and an actual game plan and he'd rip the opposition apart. With the workload he's being asked to shoulder he's starting to resemble Willian.