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  1. People want the Sp*ds to win? For real? This is a nightmare scenario but the lesser of the two evils will always be the trash from Anfield winning it over the trash from the lane.
  2. Good job by Sarri to contain that. Whatever the reason we saw that ugly incident on the pitch be it nerves or a misunderstanding or player being a douche,the club will and should handle it internally and Sarri didn't give the useless media any more fodder to fuel the fire with. On to the next one. The sh*t from the lane...
  3. A performance that showed effort and determination. It's been a long time since I actually enjoyed watching us play. Everyone put in a shift and if not for that ugly incident near the end which the media will solely focus on,we look to have improved by quite a bit. Kudos to our fans today. Mammoth show of support. Now hopefully we build on the positives and keep it up. Well done Chels
  4. I'm tired of people bringing up the JT/Lamps/ DD/ Cech stronghold. They absolutely put us on the map and got players to knuckle down and play for the badge by seeing how the Chelsea Gods performed time and again on the pitch but those days are past. We now need a new system and philosophy to move forward. Having figureheads in the dressing room worked when we needed to arrive. Now that we have, we need to find a philosophy that transcends having a few players that run the dressing room. Times change. None of the dippers or Citeh or even Sp*rs have those type of leader players. They have a system that allows players to move seamlessly in and out of the team without disruption to the central ethos of the system set by the manager. We either move with the times or we will get left in the past.
  5. We've been bleeding goals at the back and been impotent up front in attack. Today's defeat was humiliating but if we can somehow pull out a cup win it would lessen the nightmares of the horror show we've been subjected to.
  6. Sarri keeps saying he doesn't know how to motivate these players. He's clearly out of his depth with this squad. He either ships out the players or it's gonna be Thank you,next .
  7. The same gutless display. What's it gonna take for Sarri to put Kante as a 6? At least we'll stop shipping in goals galore. The other worry is Hazard. He looks like he doesn't want to be here anymore. Sarri is starting to resemble Scolari. All these dinosaur tactics are outdated and been sussed out. Either we change the system or top 4 is about gone for good.
  8. Somehow we've managed to turn Kante into Ramires 2.0, a nightmare scenario Just stick Luiz in midfield. We surely can't get any worse than we are currently. Entire team was wack. Tragic stuff.
  9. Morata is wack. How he lasted the 90+ is unfathomable. Kanye offers zilch in this formation. All I see him doing is run around like a headless chicken. Willian and Pedro were piss poor. Dropped points AT HOME to a very beatable side. Another sloppy af game.
  10. That was embarrassing. Managed to salvage a point in the end. Jose is still one of the faces of this club. People need to pipe down.
  11. Alonso saving our hides there again. Well done. Luis needs a rest. Christensen in for him. 3 out of 3. Not pretty but effective af

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