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  1. We managed to navigate a tricky fixture well. Should have scored more. A clean sheet and top of the league tho! Go Chels!
  2. Wow we somehow managed to f*ck that up massively. Had the possession and the dominance but failed to covert that into anything concrete. Normally I'd be livid losing to that lot but my reaction atm is just meh. Anyways all I want is 4th this season. Can't be bothered about any of the other crap.
  3. Hallelujah! A point rescued. Can finally breathe! Now burn that kit. We look like idiots.
  4. Sorry mate. I don't know whether I'm sitting or standing atm😂
  5. If Mount scored again Brutos would be sh*tting himself. He'd have to start his nagging from scratch next match lmao.
  6. No😂 was busy screaming at the TV forgot to comment.
  7. At this rate Frank is going to join old man Sarri in his 5 a side league game. This is disgraceful.
  8. Not surprised. These jammy bar stewards always manage to get their way. Have to beat West Brom. Anyhow.
  9. Can't even begin to be bothered about this result. We're not even top 4 in our own league(imo we're 6th at best and we punched way above our weight this season) and we're miles away from the European elite. So whatever to this Bayern result. What I hope to see next season and from thereon is Liverpool levels of improvement. Those gits finished 8th when Klopp took over, then 4th for two seasons after, followed by 2nd and winning the CL and then they won the bloody League title. So next season we need to hold on to 4th. If we climb higher that's great but under no circumstances shou
  10. What a bloody nightmare! Taylor a f**king gargoyle from hell. Ref bs aside, we were poor. Showed just how far we have yet to go. We've been punching this entire season. Need a lot of work if we're to stay at 4th or hope to climb higher in the next.
  11. This season was always about damage limitation. We had a transfer fan, lost EDEN HAZARD, had so much dead weight in the squad it was a miracle we stayed afloat, and had so many injuries hitting key players at crucial moments it felt like we were cursed. So to see us make top 4 has me very, very pleased. I thought 6th was our level. Well done to players and manger. Well chuffed.
  12. With his squad he should walk it. And cool that's he smoking away. His lungs are laughing too.
  13. Are you kidding me? That dinosaur would have us fighting a relegation battle right about now with our squad and his outdated tactics. You got jokes.
  14. Pimp this guy to Sarri at Juve and get him off our hands.
  15. Mfing clown sh*t. We were punching well above our weight at #4 and now it's unravelling but the way we're gifting points to all these less fortunate bozos in the league is mind boggling. If they were not a man down they'd have walked off with all 3 points. That's how tragic we are.
  16. Ofc he was. Aside from that, we're on some mfing clown sh*t. No way we should be losing to this pack.
  17. And who do you think was getting us those points and carving lower opposition up? We DO NOT have HAZARD anymore. Why is this going over people's heads? Without Hazard and this current team with Sarri incharge we would be a good ways off 4th and more towards the lower half of the table. This is why I feel we should have forced Sarri to see out another year. Without Haz and no transfer window he'd have shown us just how bad we actually are and we wouldn't get ridiculous posts like this anymore. ATM we're punching way above our weight.
  18. We still have Sarri fans on here ? JFC! His brand of football was so tragic it made me want to slip into a coma just so that I wouldn't be able to watch us play anymore. And this was with the great HAZARD on the pitch. Frank is going have teething problems. We're just going to have to grit this season out.
  19. Well that was a sh*t start to the new year. The f**king world can see the the opposition getting ready to score except our players on the pitch. Kante needs to drop back instead of bounding all over the pitch when the momentum starts slipping away from us especially during the last 20 mins or so. We need a new game plan. We're just gifting it away now.
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