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  1. Bollix to the ref telling an injured player to move.
  2. Oh dear Reece again. Can't risk serious injury, he'll be coming off surely.
  3. Missed a couple of solid chances now his confidence is crashing, he knows he has had a mare and is visibly losing it.
  4. This is strolling pace now. Over-50's football.
  5. Ali's been shocking last few games for diving and gamesmanship. Doesn't get the criticism from the Commentators though.
  6. Apart from the Penalty scare and one decent cross across our Goal Forest have done very little. Looks a bit like a Training Match for us, and complacency will be the main issue in the second half. Any decent Striker would have scored at least one if not more of those quality crosses that Reece is putting in. Bats has been really poor, didn't even have the sense to get out of the way when Pedro had a shot early on. Seems to have left his brain in the Dressing Room.
  7. Looked level...but also looked a harsh penalty. Who knows these days?

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