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  1. This is a totally inappropriate comment in the context of a football match. You should be ashamed. Get f**king educated.
  2. We score three goals at home and are clinging on at the death. Complete farce of a defence.
  3. Looking at what we've got up front now in an attacking way any quality defender looking for a move must be seriously wanting to join us now. They'd walk straight into the team and have an immediate impact on results and performances.
  4. No Mendy or Silva. Chilwell "in the squad"? Right, it's up to you front lot to bang in 3+ goals in order to guarantee the win. Glad to see Pulisic is fit to play so should feature at some point.
  5. Some of the worst Sky commentary I've heard, imagine being a Villa fan and having to listen to that.
  6. Absofugginlutely delighted with that. That will give everyone a huge shot of confidence moving forward. Chilwell superb, Silva superb, Zouma superb. They looked a proper unit straight away. Still things to work on up front, but we can do that with a solid base now.
  7. This match really should be the introduction of Frank's first choice defence that will see us through for the rest of the season. AFAIK all the back five are fit and available so he has to choose now whether AC or Kurt will pair Silva. I imagine given recent game time that Reece is his preferred RB. I won't even speculate about GK, if it's not Mendy then Frank's headed too many balls during his playing career. He needs to stick with it as much as is reasonable so they can get some kind of form together. It's essential now that we get a 'core' to the the team. Pick a first choice defence, then
  8. Chelsea 3 - Palace 0 Werner 22 mins. This game should see the introduction of our new defence and GK for the first time, so rather optimistically I'm hoping not to jinx a clean sheet.
  9. Looked increasingly like an inevitable outcome after we wasted all that possession in the first half and did nothing with it. It was obvious spurs were going to score at some point. Any game that relies on us keeping a clean sheet atm is a non-starter. We will concede. Every. Time. The quality of passing and crossing tonight from our players was abysmal.
  10. Lol. An absolutely shambolic 3-3. Scored three goals but hardly anyone had a good game, including Frank. We need a settled 11 fast.
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