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  1. Basically we have one decent defender on our books at the moment and he is injured. Plus we have one promising right-back still learning his trade. That's it. There is no solution to our current defensive shambles that doesn't involve buying new players.
  2. I think he'll learn like Hazard did to 'draw the foul' and if a player is persistently fouling him like Sidibe was today get him a yellow as early as possible to get them to back off. It will come with experience.
  3. Zouma and Christesen are as good as they're ever going to be. And that's bang average. Both need to be sold to Arsenal ASAP.
  4. All three Everton goals have been apalling mistakes by us.
  5. Zouma and Christesen should not be paired together again. Useless.
  6. We are only playing well in patches and are not sustained enough. Everton are poor and there to be beat but I'm not sure we are up to the job at the moment.

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