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  1. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and there's no issues with infection etc. I wonder when we'll find out about Cup games? Presumably they'll be playing pretty much two matches a week in order to catch up. Hope the players are fit enough, there were quite a few players cramping up first week back of the Bundesliga.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-8365777/Premier-League-clubs-agree-June-20-restart-season-football-FINALLY-set-return.html?__twitter_impression=true&__twitter_impression=true
  3. I hope the woman is OK and recovers quickly. CHO is innocent until proven guilty, but if he is charged with attempted rape then he can't play for Chelsea until proven innocent in a Court of Law which could take a very long time.
  4. So many questions. What happens if a player tests positive during the week before a match. Does the whole squad have to be quarantined and the Club play the second eleven? Or the match abandoned? What happens if a player breaks the 'No Spitting' Rule? Is there a punishment for it? One of the (Leipzig I think can't remember was channel hopping) Bundesliga players at the weekend stuck his thumb in his mouth as a goal celebration. Then carried on with the game. Should he have been taken off? Or is that an overreaction? If the FA adopts certain recommended changes such as an increase in the number of substitutes can we still say this Season is the same as the Pre-COVID season if different Rules are being applied? Can you have a competition where rules are applied differently at different times? It's a mind-f**k.
  5. Yeah our City game would have been postponed anyway because of the FA Cup, so as it stands we're not as bad off as some teams. If games do resume in April we'll only have missed one scheduled Premier League match.
  6. This being Chelsea as soon as you start thinking "this one's in the bag", the wheels come off again. An early goal like with Everton would work wonders though.
  7. Worth noting as well that we had those youngsters on the pitch with no Transfer Ban excuse either. Hopefully holding fire in January pays off, it already has as far as Billy Gilmour's concerned.
  8. Fantastic evey one of them. A match to remember (apart from our new dodgy corner routines).
  9. Wow this is a remarkable line-up now on the pitch. Broja. Anjorin, Gilmour, James.
  10. Berkeley had two he could have crossed to there.
  11. They're queueing up. Fill your boots lads!

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