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  1. Well even by Chelsea's standards that was one of the weirder seasons I can remember.
  2. Sarri - In or Out? Sarri; "I'm voting Out...."
  3. "I do not have a choice", really chomping at the bit to get back here and fight for a starting place isn't he? Asked by L'Equipe if he will return to Chelsea for the new season, Bakayoko replied: 'Yes, I have three years left on my contract. I do not have a choice. 'What will happen next, I'm not sure, but I have to go back to Chelsea, that's the only thing we know.' 'For sure, one day I would like to play in Paris,' he explained. 'I cannot lie about it. It's big for me and my loved ones. We are real Parisians.'
  4. I couldn't see a previous post confirming CAS's court time this summer was now fully booked - but I may have missed it?
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7133731/Chelsea-definitely-serve-transfer-ban-summer.html Chelsea's transfer ban appeal WILL NOT be heard until after the window closes... as Blues appear set to accept they can't sign players this summer CAS have published a list of cases that will be heard over the rest of summer, with Chelsea not appearing among them. The list of 18 cases starts today - June 12 - and takes the court up until August 14, well after the English transfer window shuts ahead of the new season.
  6. I love the implication that he's just walking into the First Team to play in the Champions League 🤦‍♂️
  7. "His agent, Federico Pastorello, confirmed he was returning to the Bridge to pursue Champions League football". https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9250185/bakayoko-will-stay-at-chelsea-confirms-agent-after-flop-midfielder-fails-to-land-ac-milan-transfer/
  8. Glad this one is being introduced; "A player who is being substituted must leave the pitch by the nearest point on the touchline or byeline"
  9. It doesn't take much to find the narrative journalists are taking; ‘Chelsea boss Sarri led the club to third in the table and also the Europa League but the fans have never taken to him and he could be keen on a return to Italy’. John Cross, Daily Mirror. ‘But his reign has been marred with fan unrest over the football on show and treatment of supporter-favourite Callum Hudson-Odoi'. Jamie Gordon,The Sun
  10. I suspect Sarri feels he will only get two seasons maximum out of Chelsea whatever happens, so he might as well go out on the high of the Europa League Final. It's pretty clear hardly anyone sees him as a long-term option now even with Wednesday's victory. "He has earned another Season" seems to be the general mood on here which is hardly a ringing endorsement. It's probably a shrewd move from him, a move to a big club back home and out of the Chelsea nut-house.
  11. Yes we've been dogsh*t for a lot of games this season. But this is a one-off match in which the players should want revenge; the memory alone of losing in the 2017 Final should be motivating enough, I doubt any of them will want to repeat that experience. If we do lose I hope it's because our players just aren't good enough not because they're not motivated enough.
  12. We'll be motivated after losing to them in the 2017 Final. Don't think Arsenal will have dibs on motivation.
  13. There really isn't a viable site close to Stamford Bridge where buying up a huge plot of land would be a 'cheaper' option, even with the sale of Stamford Bridge to offset the costs. Certainly not to the tune of £500 mil. Earls Court, Sands End Gas Works etc will all be more lucrative to developers as residential schemes so why would they sell? All the old industrial Brownfield sites along the river have been snapped up. Plus the days of dropping a large stadium into tight residential streets are long gone, the opposition would be enormous. If we want to stay in Fulham it HAS to be Stamford Bridge, I think we'll see a resubmitted application 'no-frills' stadium.
  14. The tone of the article suggests a cheaper version ('value engineered') of the scheme that currently has planning permission. So it would still be on the Stamford Bridge site but a budget reduction of "£500 million" would mean a serious scaling down of ambition.

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