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  1. First of all, and I know it's early in the season, but I can't believe how poorly Torres has looked from a physical point of view the last two years (also goes for Terry). I mean, that must be the effin' easiest thing in the world to make sure of. How can the club let a gobby turd like FSW come in and say that he's never seen Torres weaker physically? Bloody hell.. Secondly, as the article me and DB put out, maybe Torres needed to be asked not to play as "old Torres". Neither do we play as Dippersh*t (as Zola pointed out) nor hasn't Torres got that furious acceleration and pace anymore to
  2. I thought that this article (http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/oct/28/chelsea-fernando-torres-jose-mourinho?) was a great piece of work. No cliché's about "is he back", more of an analysis of Torres' "new" role as an enforcer, a guard dog, a decoy and a creator for our "fragile little trio" behind the striker (a role that was arguably meant for Rooney). He's not the old Torres with an acceleration beyond belief on a white guy (but still quick *enough*), but his performances against Speds, (Swindon), partially Schalke and yesterday was as good and dominant as you'll get them fro
  3. It's a myth that Torres didn't miss chances at Lpool, he missed quite a lot in my opinion (at least compared to the true poachers). However, his strength, apart from being a one man attack with mind blowing pace, was that he never dwelled on missed opportunities, and that's the most positive thing (apart from the fact that he's been MOTM in his last three starts and unplayable at times) I can read out of his game today. I also liked that fact that Torres the last two games has stood up, fought for the shirt and lead the team. There was a moment where he went down to Cole on extra time givi
  4. Don't really see the point in comparing statistics. There's no denying that Torres has underperformed massively (although I don't think he's been that bad, just that mediocrity isn't what we need (and certainly not to a fantasy price)), but it's encouraging to see that his best performances towards the end of last season (Benfica when there was a trophy on the line) has been followed up and doubled by Jose. Some of his performances this season has actually been really good-good (he's still yet to do a poor start, imo), and whatever steroids Mourinho has him on must be taken. He doesn't have th
  5. The POINT is that every player screws up, no matter how good they are. Messi missed a penalty against us in the semi final last year. Ronaldo missed his penalty in RM's semi final last year. Half of the Bayern team missed their penalties in the final. If Torres was wasteful against Arsenal, what do you read out of our other players? Torres' in-efficiency can't be blamed alone without discussing the other players dis-functionality. As I said, Torres should have scored against Nordsjælland. He will be livid with himself, but even on a bad day he still created two (three if you count the PK fo
  6. Well. It could of course be that most Chelsea supporters are tired of the media (and our own supporters, by the look of this thread) slagging our players, managers, supporters and team all the time, and therefor feel a responsibility to defend ourselves (of course within rational limits...). At least that's the way I feel it.
  7. Pointed out exactly the same in the "Following our rivals"-thread. If a striker scores 2 goals from his 7 good chances, then he's being saluted. If he doesn't score 1 from his 2 chances, then he's rubbish (at best). That being said, I felt that Torres should have scored yesterday. However, it's good that he has developed his footballing brain and general skills and can contribute in other parts of the game as well. Some of his through balls are Mata-esque, and he's good and energetic in the pressure.
  8. Firstly, my hate towards Savage is mostly based on his appearances on the pitch. Where he was a c**t. A proper one as well. Secondly, how do you define wasteful? He was "only" dispossessed three times playing in a difficult role (lone man up top). Mata was dispossessed 6 times, Oscar 5 times and Ramires 4 times, all in much more critical areas on the pitch. Yes, he probably should have scored that 1 vs 1, but no strikers scores on every opportunity. He also got hindered quite strongly just before his shot (I thought it was a penalty, but we won, so yey). I saw Aguero miss two 100% chances aga
  9. One of the biggest pricks to ever enter the Premier League has something (very) smart to say. Wouldn't have thought that five years ago. Even Phil Thompson (the man who had his nose replaced by his cock, and his brain replaced by his ass) was full of praise for Torres, and I find it difficult that the anti-Chelsea pundits salutes our striker, whilst our fans thinks his performance was very inconsistent and not enough.
  10. That's your opinion. However, saying that Kosc' touch didn't hinder Torres is wrong. And that's not an opinion, that's pure fact.
  11. Well, then it's mostly down to definitions. I thought Torres was clearly hindered in the finishing moment, but I see that the decision was tough for the referee. He not only had to give the penalty, he would also have had to send Kosc off, and there isn't many refs that are that ballsy, especially only 20-25 minutes into a London Derby match. The thing about being wasteful is an argument I can see, but not really understand, given that the likes of Van Rapist and Aguero are highly regarded as a "get out of jail"-card. When Rapist scored that hat trick against Soton he had also missed a sitter
  12. The slight touch certainly explains the miss hit. If you don't understand that, then you're suggesting that Torres can defy the laws of physics. He can't. For what it's worth, Phil Thompson seemed to think it was a blatant penalty. And he hasn't been the nicest to Chelsea and our striker in the past, huh.
  13. i think it's falcao. it's coming.
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