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  1. Well City focused on their second leg at Dortmund and lost at home to Leeds. Mind you with a big lead at the top is easier to do lol...
  2. After WBA I refuse I predict us winning for the foreseeable future. Ergo: Palace 2-0 Chelsea, Eze 18
  3. Aye you could say him as well.
  4. I believe TT has a couple of conditions to meet to get a contract extension. One is to get Werner and Havertz going.
  5. https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2021/4/9/22375318/napoli-decide-against-keeping-chelsea-loanee-tiemoue-bakayoko-report Sounds like Napoli have decided they dont want to keep him, even at a reduced 18mill euros price. 1 year left on his deal, will he go down the road of having to sign 1 year extensions to get a loan or will we cut or losses and let him go for 5mill and let his contract simply run down?
  6. His agent might be spouting BS but if he does want to go home then I say let him if we get an acceptable offer. Not sure any of those sides in Italy can afford him though as even Milan are struggling to pay half that for Tomori.
  7. Given the turn around seems likely a heavily rotated side that most wont feature from the start vs Porto.
  8. Aye sounds like it. He has missed a lot of game time but has still be more useful to us in that time than Werner...lol
  9. Agreed. The disconnect with the team is another one I find interesting. As to the same extent Silva was out injured and Christensen was playing well yet Silva walked back in to the team on Saturday. Am sure others have been injured and brought back in as well. Seems TT has an issue with Tammy or could be because he is not signing a new contract TT sees it as a lack of commitment? Who knows.
  10. Giroud does not even get in the team often to be scoring "scoring for fun" of late. TT likes to use false 9 strikers like Havertz or Mount. Sometimes he prefers us to play handicapped so he picks Werner there.
  11. Sounds likes Tammy is to TT what Alonso was to Lamps.
  12. A magnificent servant to the club and rightly will go down as one of our finest fullbacks of all time. However his levels are really dropping. He never had amazing pace but he is getting slower and slower and making poor mistakes that could have really cost us these last 2 CL games. I think Frank recognized this that players like him and Alonso their better days are behind them and he tried to get the likes of James and Chilwell to bed in and accepted they would have growing pains. TT is looking more short term towards extending his contract imo. A good run in the CL and getting
  13. Thinking on the turnaround between this game and the second Porto one I believe TT will rest as many of his preferred starting 11 for the latter as much as possible. My only question is whether he wants Chilwell or Alonso for Porto. For Porto I expect us to add a couple who help us defend set pieces better, so possibly alonso in to: Mendy Azpi Silva Rudiger James Kante Kovacic Chilwell/Alonso Mount Giroud Werner So for Palace we could see something like Mendy
  14. Not that is happens as often as we would like but Jorgis through ball for Mounts goal was superb. Had that gone to Werner he would have either missed the ball or knocked it out for a goal kick.
  15. The pace of Gronkjaer, the heading ability of Christensen, the first touch of Lukaku and the finishing of Sutton. Lol
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