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  1. We will be knackered from the trip back from Russia. Plus they have been in miserable form and we know we are great at handing out charity to such teams. Got banana skin written all over it.
  2. First of Mendy looks most assured and has 4 clean sheets out of 5. Would be 5 from 5 bar Emersons brainfart. Secondly the pen we scored from was never a pen for me, I would be very unhappy had that gone against us. That changed the game as they gave up at that point and allowed us to run through them. Their goal keeper was terrible. Enough said. Flattering scoreline in the end.
  3. Every dermot Gallagher on sky, who normally backs refs and VAR to the hilt, said he could not understand how VAR could see that and should need just one single replay to see it was a clear pen.
  4. Did United get one on target first? Cause ours then appears to be minute 31 for Pulisic
  5. Whatever way you look at it the team had the likes of Werner, Havertz, Pulisic and others in those games. They all massively underperformed. That is why we failed to do much offensively.
  6. The decision was reviewed, supported and backed. Meaning the call went exactly the way the people in charge wanted it to go. Therefore there was no mistake, it was exactly how they wanted it to be.
  7. What a difference it makes to the confidence having this guy in goal.
  8. Certainly dont make Silva travel for this one. Mendy James Rudiger Zouma Chilwell Kovacic Jorginho Zyiech Mount CHO Giroud Give Kia, Werner and Pulisic a breather on the bench.
  9. Yeah we should leave him at home for that one. Need him to stay fit.
  10. You dont get those when you are Chelsea at OT. Well done to the team on keeping to dangerous attacks out this week. Offensively we need some work, two games there where Kia, Pulisic, Werner etc have been toothless. Games crying out for Giroud imo.
  11. How active his thread will be again if we lose to United.
  12. Tomori needs minutes to develop too. So what is the justification for Silva starting ahead of him? Is rather simple for me and is the most difficult to understand of Frank's choices. If you want your best chance to win things you pick proven expierence in the likes of Giroud and Silva. If development for the future is the aim Tomori and Abraham should play. Giroud being frozen out is really poor from Frank imo.
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