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  1. I honestly believe had RLC been fit this whole campaign not only would we be second now and not struggling to break bog standard teams down, but Hazards abscense would be far less noticeable too.
  2. Cannot be over-estimated how goo and important a player he is for us. This team needs a real rebuild. RLC forms part of the new spine along with Reece James. rest of the places are up for grabs imo.
  3. Amen to that. We need a nasty side to our game.
  4. A better buy than Zaha? A step up or an expensive mistake?
  5. Inter are short on cash. Is why Moses was a loan and Giroud has not gone through yet. We could likely sign any of their players for the right price.
  6. You know it would be good to see what Cummings is like. Mayne we have someone who can replace Kepa on our squad already. I also read Alonso is still injured so hopefully it is Maatsen in at LB.
  7. Should have done this time. Christensen missed a sitter. Real donkey he is at attacking set plays.
  8. That Cavani would still be playing for PSG
  9. Emerson should have fouled him and been sent off. Would have done us 2 favours in one move lol.
  10. Batman plus cash for Ings Emerson plus cash for Martin Dubravka
  11. As an upgrade to Kepa think this guy could help us. Big Fella too and not rooted to his goal line. Any thoughts or suggestions of realistic targets we could get now for Goal?
  12. Southampton look to be safe now. Should we make a move for him? Or anyone else from them. We have seen VVD and Mane go from there to become key players for Liverpool. Anyone else we could poach? After all they have proved they are a selling club if the price is right.

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