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  1. Pure Drogba, all 3 goals. Superb.
  2. Another goal. Another impressive display.
  3. Ah ffs what the heck City? How can you lose at Norwich who have no defenders. Only thing that made Pool winning the Champions league even a tiny bit tolerable was them missing out on the title. Steven's slip must remain defining!
  4. Not going to go in to any negatives this time. Wolves are a very good side imo so to go to their place and score 5 was really enjoyable. All 3 of the tammy hat-trick we have seen Drogba score like that. Was beautiful. Mason deserved his goal. Worked his socks off. Worldie from Tomori, no blame on their keeper for me that was just a sweet hit. Well done lads!
  5. Wonder if, like Mutu, we have grounds to terminate his deal with no compensation yet.
  6. Wonder strike to beat them at that too. Could be a season where all 3 promoted teams stay up. They each have something about them.
  7. Time will tell who finishes bottom, I.e. worse team in the league. It wont be Sheffield United though imo.
  8. Not even close to best Left back in our squad. Dave would play a lot better on that side imo, always preferred him as a left back to right back, just like Gallas. Respectfully disagree on best player part, he has been bang average every game imo. He is not one of our biggest problems though I agree there.
  9. No fresh rumours around him either leaving tomorrow or signing a new deal. I reckon he will hold out for a free transfer to Bayern now.
  10. Yup could well be. Think we are starting to see Emerson is bang average both defensively and offensively too.
  11. Pulisic is 20 years old first season in the prem. He needs time to and is being asked to carry the team with Pedro, CHO and RLC injured and Willian being willian I.e. cr*p.
  12. Banned from signing new players, giving our youth a chance, lost our best player of the last 7 years, has arguably 5 first 11 players injured at the start of the campaign. Do we expect him to win the league or finish top 4? I do not, he is learning just as our players are. Now is not our time to be amongst the best.
  13. Good question. Kovacic from a defensive standpoint was solid, from an offensive one (where for me he was given more freedom than Jorginho to do so) he was appalling imo. One run that surprise surprise goes wide of the target, almost every pass missed the mark in the final third, especially the second half. He and Jorginho should switch when teamed together. Kova deeper Jorginho more forward as he can pass and he can score the odd goal. As for Barkley he linked up play the best of our midfield for me. He created the situation for goal one. Pulisic and mount were not threats, Ross was and linked well with Tammy. Mount and Pulisic should have gone off for Willian and Gilmour. Just how I saw it.
  14. Kepa James christensen Rudiger Alonso Jorginho Kante Pedro Mount CHO Abraham

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