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  1. If Derby lose to Villa makes sense. If they win who is to say Frank would even want to job. Of the top jobs only being manager of Real Madrid is worse than being Chelsea manager imo.
  2. Dont think he will be sacked. Think Juve will take him.
  3. Yeah I would not blame him either.
  4. Why could he not? If made a focal point of our side, a side expected to be one of the best in the league playing with an attacking based system that Sarri continues to implement should give him ample opportunity and Giroud is a striker who is happy to set up his team mates rather than go for his own glory. With Tammy him and CHO would probably get 8-10 league goals but Tammy could manage 18-20 with their support. If given the same chances that Higuain, Willian and Pedro have gotten of course.
  5. If given enough games with Giroud I reckon Pulisic and CHO can net 15 goals a piece. Tammy could get 20 with them imo.
  6. 3rd place and 2 runners up spots in two cup finals is good enough for a second season I agree. On Emma hayes well look at some of the stuff written about Marina. Can you imagine what would be written if Emma was failing?
  7. Agreed, but I think like Cech eden can chose his own fate
  8. Well if Sarri goes I hope is not the Watford manager that we have been linked with. We already lost 6-0 to City once thank you, do not fancy a repeat.
  9. Yeah but they are said to be "desperate" to get rid of him, if Sarri goes there maybe that changes.
  10. So what is the rumours prove to be true that Sarri goes to Juve and we accept the ban and cannot sign new players? GK: Kepa, Big Willy, Green Full backs: James, Azpi, Emerson, Alonso, Center backs: Rudiger, Christensen, Luiz, Zouma Central Midfield: Kante, Ampadu, Baka, RLC, Barkley, Mount Wide Forwards: Pulisic, CHO, Willian, Pedro, Brown Strikers: Batman, Abraham, Redan Could prove interesting. Would assume Jorginho goes with Sarri or to City.
  11. Ah man so if we are banned we can STILL sign Kova and Higuain?!!! Well if Sarri goes to Juve maybe both end up there, maybe Jorginho too, or to Pep's city, cannot see him wanting to stay here if Sarri leaves.
  12. Hmm I think Glenn Hoddle was our last manager to chose to leave us for a new gig, interesting times ahead.
  13. Lol one says he will not talk to other teams before our final, another says he is about to agree to join Milan. Milan supposedly cannot afford Baka (when they wanted him) what chance do they have of being able to afford Jorginho? lol.
  14. I believe 50/50 on Kante. Winning would be good, but this injury has seriously Handicapped us. If anything happens to Eden between now and the final we have basically very little chances.
  15. I have changed my mind, whatever happens in Baku I want him to stay. RLC injury handicapped him for the final, I do not think he can cover the big mans absence as he is irreplaceable with our current squad so is not fair to judge him on that game anymore. So lets see how he does next year, if it is bad then his contract is up and we can let him go for no compo and a contract finished, a rare thing indeed for us.

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