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  1. Thought we did well second half. Really tried and were unlucky not to win really. Still a work in progress.
  2. Not a surprise. We find it hard to beat decent sides at home.
  3. Willian over pedro....deary me. Everton are perfectly set up to counter us with pace and precise passing, and clinical finishing. Zeta missing the game is a worry to. Lol Seriously though against the good or in form teams we draw at home (liverpool and united) or narrowly get a win (arsenal). I would not be surprised if Everton snatch a point or take all 3 because we will play open and not treat them as much of a threat as the big 4 sides.
  4. Rest hazard, put RLC in his place. Otherwise I like it.
  5. If hazard is rested I would rather Willian left as well. Left on the bench that is.
  6. axman2526

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Level on points with arsenal and spurs then. That lead evaporated quickly.
  7. axman2526


    Stand by what I said. Vastly overrated player, only ever useful a couple of times a season if that. Used to make up for his inferior play with good work ethic but not any more. If we turned down even half what Barca were said to offer we are idiots.
  8. axman2526

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Press encouragement this morning asking us to sack the coach who got in Jose's face. The club likely knew hiring Sarri could lead to controversy, we kinda got to ride it out. If we upset the apple cart down the table we shall go imo.
  9. One day later and this result is still as crap as it was yesterday.
  10. Kepa Azpi Rudiger Cahill Emerson Jorginho kante barkely Pedro giroud hazard Alonso is off form imo and maybe time for Gary to get a chance.
  11. Hopefully.... Willy Zappa Cahill Christensen Emerson Cesc Kova RLC Moses Morata CHO Need giroud for Burnley and pretty sure ampadu is injured for a couple of weeks.
  12. Think alonso staying down is key to Uniteds first. He is taking up the spot Luiz would be in and have a half chance to block martial or get the ball first.
  13. More than 1 mate. We have eden. We are essential a one man team. Eden plays well and we win. He does not and well see today's game.
  14. Props to both Rudiger (twice) and Ross for being in the right place at the right time. Our midfield needs an in form Barkley and his cutting edge. Sarri should consider him a starter.
  15. And on cue city and spurs are winning, spurs against the dross we could not score against and liverpool playing a poor huddersfield later. Ah well some weekends are a step forward, others are two back. Sarri is handicapped with players like Morata, Moses and Willian but he could help himself and use Odoi a bit at least.