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  1. Not celebrating myself. However Liverpool wasted many chances and is up to us to perform. Not looking for charity. Looking for us to earn it with quality.
  2. Dont expect them to be, is up to us to play well. If we do, we beat them. Simple.
  3. Heard talk of fairytales in the Lampard thread. For me it would be a real fairytale if RLC could finally stay healthy and live up to the promise he has and come back and lead our side. Cause for me he has all the tools to be a really superb attacking midfielder.
  4. Whether it is Jorginho, Gilmour or the famous tea lady we need our midfielders, especially the deepest one delivering much fast, accurate passes to the forwards and wide men. Less time for the opposition to adjust, much less.
  5. Ah ok then lol, could still be Troll posters then. Got it...lol
  6. On this Gol you are bang on. Get your heads up Lads we dont win style points by always looking for Silva and Rudiger...
  7. Are we sure everyone posting in this thread are actually Chelsea fans or do we have some that are Liverpool or Arsenal trolls as some of the absolute b*llocks being said in here is the sort of tripe they would come out with.
  8. We can win all of those. The biggest Banana skin is us being charitable to Sheff United.
  9. Lampard or no Lampard no way we get passed Atletico. The great Klopp and his Championship team last year could not get past them and now they have Chewy up front. Doubt we even score, regardless of manager
  10. You know I really enjoy the different views and I respect those who think Frank is not the right man for the job anymore and a change would improve us. Putting forward ideas as to who could take over and changes they could see made. While I want Frank to have more time I respect the right to those views that he should not get it What I dont respect is those taking enjoyment from point scoring on Frank, like they are enjoying him being in this position . Frank deserves respect, he is a man who is always involved in discussions as our best ever player, who bleeds blue, who loves the c
  11. And some wonder why several other fans refer to us as "plastics". Lol
  12. Not true. CHO can rotate with either wingback and Pulisic as a second striker, Ziyech with Havertz. Frank has to adapt. Like Conte did. If he did not he would have been sacked and not won what he did. If Frank is going to have a decent shot at staying beyond his contract he needs to adapt to situation imo.
  13. Good suggestion Coco, though I wonder if a 3-4-1-2 would work better. Mendy Zouma Silva Azpi James Kante Mount Chilwell Havertz Giroud Werner Also sky have taken their turn to twist the knife... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/12193837/frank-lampard-chelsea-managers-job-under-threat-unless-he-reverses-poor-run-of-form
  14. Only one way to find out for sure 🙂
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