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  1. Gut feeling says the stadium work is a dead duck.
  2. Lot of pressure on City, and I think they will respond to it. Though with their defense and ours it looks a high scoring game I will guess at a narrow, nervy win for them. City 2-1 Chelsea, Aguero 10
  3. Spurs seem like a example of not holding on to unhappy talents too long. Rose, Alderweild, Vartongan, Erikson all leaving it seems in a year or 2. Seems to have upset the applecart.
  4. The people running VAR will never improve when idiots like Dermot Gallagher not only back the farcical none hand ball call and "offside" calls for liverpool and again sheff United but also applauded them. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/11859349/ref-watch-var-correct-to-stick-with-on-field-decision-for-trent-alexander-arnold-handball-says-dermot-gallagher Moron.
  5. Much as we may wish it, we are not at Liverpools level yet, nor do we have lady luck or the refs pushing us on either. The title is a pipe dream. With that said# our recent form and our rivals struggles (bar Leicester) I feel we are under far less pressure here.
  6. Worth pointing out that after 12 league games we have a 9 point gap over Arsenal, 10 over United and 12 over Spurs. That is quite a handsome lead. If we maintain it puts all the pressure on them when we play them.
  7. Been in beast mode recently with those brilliant tackles.
  8. I think Frank will bring back Jorginho for Pulisic, and dave for James. Kepa Azpi Zouma Tomori Emerson Kovacic Jorginho Kante Willian Mount Abraham
  9. Have a word to yourselves, all those having regular pops at Tammy. Do it constructively sure, his first touch still needs work, his link up play and headers are not where they should be. This is his first full season in the PL with a team that believes in him for crying out loud of course he is raw. He has 10 goals on 11 league starts though, that is brilliant, WTF more does he have to do, support our players! The youngsters need it more than others. On the game we dominated, complete control. Beautiful first goal, love Pulisic's determination to get the second. James had Zaha in his pocket. We are a better team with Jorginho playing imo. Good job lads.
  10. VAR is a joke every single weekend. 3 minutes and 40 seconds to make the wrong call to disallow sheff United a fair goal at spurs. The premier league officials just cannot use the system properly it is ruining our game. Leave it in Europe where they use it right and leave us with just goal line tech.
  11. Their 30 year wait continues. But it looks like the newly rebranded LiVARpool will win the league title on their first try. That is quite and achievement.
  12. Hopefully Bravo plays against us. You knew he would be useless today.
  13. The unofficial part left off is "as this would have hamper LiVARpool it did not meet the criteria of deliberate handball".

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