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  1. Selfish pr*icks Yet footballers will return to training soon and focus on playing? Does our medical systems need to waste resources in case a player breaks his or her leg?
  2. Not often I agree with her but Karen Brady is right for me. If you cannot complete the competition it should be null and void. It will likely be not possible to protect the integrity of the competition any other way.
  3. As fair as it is to relegate the current bottom 3, costing them a fortune.
  4. If the season is cancelled then for me Only Citys league cup win should stand from England, along with Liverpool's supercup and world club cup wins as they have actually WON these trophies. Not about to, not almost there, actually won. No one has been mathematically relegated or promoted either. So if you have not reached that point yet then it does not happen. Simply have no euopean games next season so no argument as to who should qualify or not. No one finished top 4 or whatever cause no one reached the needed number of points.
  5. What is the betting the 2 clubs with an appetite to cancel the season are those in mid table with no chance to go down or to take european slots. The PL are being foolish if this is true. Postpone games now but we can play when the virus hits its peak? Desperate media ploy to make sure their beloved liverpool dont miss out on the title.
  6. I would guess back to square one. I doubt it. Some will probably fall. Unless players defer wages of accept going on the doll lol
  7. Agreed. Really is up in the air.
  8. UEFA will decide on tuesday if the CL and EL will be cancelled and EURO2020 postponed. Rumours are if cancelled it will cause knock on affect to cancelling the reward places for european qualification as the results from this season would be null and void. UEFA would basically restart both competitions next season with the same teams from this season in both.
  9. That FA cup game will be as well. No football until at least April 3rd.
  10. Call the season off. Seriously people need to take care of their health.
  11. With the thursday training cancelled due to coronavirus concerns I reckon tomorrow meeting could see this game postponed.
  12. Yeah this meeting tomorrow I feel will go towards liverpool winning the title before anything major happens. I am assuming Arsenals game will be postponed and all games will be behind closed doors. If Mendy of City also tests positive then cities postponed too.
  13. That seems fair. Teams in the European spots should go in to europe next season IF there is European competitions next season. Hope our league does this and acts fast.
  14. The NHL has followed the NBAs lead and postponed the season.
  15. Fine with me, rather than that than any of our players, staff or fans die because we acted too late, same goes for the rest of the teams and people alike. Club rivalry set aside, we need to take this seriously. Sport is not important in this situation.

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