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  1. Based on preseason so far: If Kante is not fit: Kepa Azpi christensen Luiz emerson Kovacic Jorginho Pedro Barkley Pulisic Giroud If Kante is fit: Kepa Azpi christensen Luiz emerson Kovacic Kante Pedro Jorginho Pulisic Giroud
  2. Break the curse Tammy, break the curse.
  3. I will wait till it is on our website to celebrate. Quality of the media that they are they may have their wires crossed and is actually Bayern he agreed the deal with...
  4. ---Kante--- --Jorginho Pulisic------RLC-----CHO ------Abraham
  5. Without knowing who Lamps will prefer is hard to guess. Eden did make it easy. I will go with Abraham.
  6. First RLC, now Mason. Leaves James, Abraham and the less likely CHO to go.
  7. Too much smoke on this fire. No new deal signed.
  8. What do we think, Lamps to keep these 7 as his centeral midfield options? Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic, RLC, Mount, Barkely, Drinkwater?
  9. I know right, drawing with some Irish part time mob who quite possibly were a bit sloshed. Lol
  10. Many thought Lampard looked average. Never know when a lump of Coal could become a diamond. Logic is just cause he appears average now he still deserves a chance. Especially given the rank we have given many chances to.
  11. Why not when players like Jokanovic and Morata have done
  12. Him and one of Christensen or Tomori start at OT. Keep luiz far away from the back 4.
  13. Failure on Englands part. Neville should be sacked imo.

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