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  1. Should insist that either Sarri agrees to play him or he gets sacked. If CHO leaves that will forever be Sarris legacy here.
  2. Usual lineup with kova the other midfielder and willian in for Pedro. Cardiff win.
  3. Media reporting some of our season ticket holders are so fed up with sarriball they are trying to sell off their seats for the remaining home games.
  4. It would and sadly is what I expect.
  5. Depends what you are looking for. If we played Willan in the center, I.e him, kante and RLC I would go with him. In terms of where they are played i would pick Pedro as he p*sses me off less than Willian.
  6. We need to. Am far more concerned about losing him than Eden. If that means sacking Sarri and hiring someone who will play this lad, Ampadu and RLC so be it.
  7. England under 21 coach basically confirms CHO is leaving us: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11669670/callum-hudson-odoi-good-enough-to-start-anywhere-says-england-u21-boss-aidy-boothroyd
  8. His lack of attendance at our games is troubling. Maybe there is some truth in the rumours he wants to sell.
  9. Is "the mentality needs to imrpove" his version of Conte's "we must continue to work hard"?
  10. Wonder how he would do as director of football?
  11. We are stuck with him. No way we can sell him...
  12. Glad we cannot keep him. Giroud is our best front man as he brings far more players in to the game. With the right players he achieves. Like the world cup.
  13. Thank you for the amazing displays you have shown in the Chelsea shirt Eden. You have done some truly outstanding things and scored some beautiful goals, helped us win some big honours and created many wonderful memories. Good luck in Madrid and may your dream be truly fulfilled. You will always be welcomed back at the Bridge as one of our greatest ever players. Please leave in a manner befitting such a player, and not like your mate Tibo.
  14. Hey now there will always be a place at Chelsea for Gianfranco Zola.
  15. Sadly wrong on the very first of those matches... I would be more confident in predicting: Win: Brighton Draw: West ham, Burnley Lose: Cardiff, Leicester, Liverpool, United

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