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  1. You can criticize a player without hating them.
  2. There has to be significant improvement in our defending. Both in terms of personel and the coaching. If we dont do both it will fall flat there again and breaking defensive records for this reason is embarrassing and unacceptable moving forward.
  3. Best of luck to you Willian, thanks for some really great performances and goals. Regret for me is that he never lived up to his true potential imo.
  4. A wasted opportunity for me. We went with out strongest side looking to salvage some pride. It did not work. Should have played the kids, would have bee good lessons to learn against a class side.
  5. So much talent but if he cannot keep his body healthy it will be wasted. A great shame so far.
  6. Best of luck to him. Seems a genuinely nice bloke. Hopefully he finds a good new challange. Is clear Juve want the CL. After so many years of league titles it appears to be their focus. They are becoming more like PSG.
  7. Good question. Maybe he dod not shown the potential he has grown at west ham? After our signings from Bayer and Sevilla(Real) are done he should be our next priority imo.
  8. Surely worst striker in that time has to be Chris Sutton. Anyone got a worse one?
  9. Half price whoppers for staff 👍
  10. Yeah ouch for them. Hopefully we pay their price and get him on board. We are crying out for leaders. Mason is one imo, rice would be another. Got to love the clear pride and love for the shirt.
  11. Exactly why keeping Kai for the EL is important to them imo. He could be the difference in them winning and not winning it and getting the CL Pot.
  12. Well to be fair he did not say cross it well, just that it would in fact go in to the box lol.
  13. Tastey game that, Inter vs Bayer.
  14. To be fair we need numbers and quite a few are not available.

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