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  1. Rather sexest decision of the powers that be.
  2. Kante is the first of our players to opt out of returning to training and appears likely to sit out the rest of the season due to his choice not to risk himself. I fully support that for him and every one of our players. It is dumb imo to restart the season. However if the Government and FA make it happen, then for me it would only be fair that any player making the choice to stay away be reduced significantly in salary. Just like any other job being paid to chose to not do that job it would be unfair to all the others exposing themselves for those who stay at home to still receive 100% of their pay.
  3. So what would happen if any club had most, or possibly all, of their first team players do as Deeney and Kante have done and say "sorry family and my health comes first" PL demands the strongest squad, will they accept the Warford or Chelsea youth teams competing and still call it fair competition?
  4. Fernandes bases on a few games? Lmao. Billy Gilmour vastly more impressive in his couple of games. Why is he not in? Lol
  5. This is STILL a thing eh? All primarily about money and secondary about Liverpool winning the title, no care about the lives it impacts. All the resources it drains from the NHS The players safety The club staffs safety The fans safety, when the morons inevitably gather at stadiums (especially those with something to celebrate) All that dont matter because of money. Let the PL take a hit, they have racked in loads of the years. Not to mention the wages of many top players could be used to support them, their families and many, many other players AND clubs lower down Much a debate on the fairest way to end the season and maintain sporting integrity, but nothing the official channels put out does that. How about this? Nobody is relegated, nobody is promoted. The current top two (or three, or four if level on points etc) from Championship, league 1 and 2 promotion places receive an EQUAL share of TV (or bonus) money from the league they would have been promoted to based on their current standing. No titles handed out, cups won already I.e. league cup voided out. European places can be decided IF we can even have european games next season at a later date.
  6. The Dutch league has done the right thing. Football is unimportant with everything going on and trying to squeeze this season in messes up the next one, then the next one etc. Null and void.
  7. RIP Cat. Thank you for all you did for your club 🙂
  8. Willian is a player who, when he wants to be, a real asset. Quality free kicks, great engine and work ethic. Good link up and a good strike plus a willingness to sacrifice himself for the team. Unfortunately, imo, he will be remembered as a player who rarely wanted to be THAT player.
  9. That FA cup game will be as well. No football until at least April 3rd.
  10. With the thursday training cancelled due to coronavirus concerns I reckon tomorrow meeting could see this game postponed.
  11. I am not sure if the game will go ahead, with all the day by changes created by the virus outbreak. Assuming it does: Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea, Pedro 19 minute.
  12. It is a great sporting injustice and a blight on hiiiisssssstory! 😉
  13. Artletico are done now. broken down Diego up front and up against the "famous atmosphere" TM steering the refs in the home sides direction.

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