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  1. Looking forward to @just reply here lol. Om a side note any Chelsea player *cough* Kante *cough* who wins the euros becomes a double European champion 😄
  2. Offer them 200mill for him and Sancho 😉
  3. Dont look like we are interested Gol.
  4. Our name could be being used by Inter to get PSG to offer more. Funny how Inter can use 25mill to bid for Kostic but can only afford to loan Emerson lol.
  5. How it usually works it seems. We probably have things agreed with Haaland and his leech of an agent already too.
  6. Would make sense if we are going to use our war chest on Haaland and Hakimi. Ampadu gives us another sitting defensive midfield option for TT to look at. Nowhere near rice levels but can TT unlock more out of him? A cover for Jorginho. Gallagher gives us a box to box option. A cover for Kovacic. Maybe this allows Gilmour a loan season for his development? If Ampadu steps up we save a big fee on Rice. If not we go for Rice next summer when the war chest is refilled. Or maybe it all allows Jorgi to go and we still sign Rice. Certainly worth having them both around to see
  7. I would imagine that since both he and Haaland are not involved at the euros the club will be pushing on both these particular deals if we really are interested. In both clubs cases if we are super serious and slap down big money neither can afford to say no.
  8. We did well picking up a released Argie keeper from a manchester side last time. Smart move this Chelsea...
  9. Roman may well want to make a big statement to follow up on the CL win, like he did with Hazard, only go bigger. If he adds to already having Havertz, who is some player and only going to get better, by spending that on Haaland, 65mill on the inter player we are chasing and another 80mill on rice....well....message sent....
  10. Guess that depends on does he prefer us to PSG? Will PSG out bid us cause they can if they want to.
  11. Never said it was under duress, just said I find the italian clubs to be a bit cheeky in the way they handle bringing players in compared to how they handle letting them going, more specifically dealing with English teams. Just an opinion nothing more.
  12. Maybe a better club form Italy to compare is Juve. Could only loan Cuadrado before buying him, no problem finding 80mill for Ronaldo though.
  13. Huh had not seen anything about Napoli offering a transfer. Only a loan with option to buy.
  14. Italian clubs are so cheeky I dont know why we deal with them. Want our player? Full huge price or no deal. We want your player? Loan only with buy option. Want to buy said player? Give us a discount on the price. Shesh.
  15. Inter knock back our offer as well as PSGs. Do not want players, only the full payment. Given they are desperate for funds neither us nor PSG have to pay it as they would need to cave in the end, guess will see how desperate either side it https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2021/6/9/22525726/inter-milan-reject-chelsea-bid-for-achraf-hakimi-want-cash-only-report
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