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  1. Eh @Munkworth would probably say the locals there are not the sorts to mix with...
  2. Why not Moscow? Give us a shot to put the demons to rest.
  3. Ah that is his job is it? I thought all match days were @coco domain and anyone else that starts one gets assimilated.
  4. Got banana skin written all over it. Sky high confidence after beating City, need to keep our feet on the ground and do the things we have been doing great and not let the sloppiness in like we did WBA. Because if we do: Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal, Martinelli 62
  5. Ah fair enough, @just will be particularly devastated by that...
  6. For @Bob stark now the best XI thing is coming out in the media: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11945/12301443/champions-league-final-chelsea-yet-to-face-manchester-citys-strongest-xi-says-richard-dunne
  7. Lol well that post came mainly form a place of anger at the time after Frank's sacking. Anger at the players letting him down, for downing their tools and playing well below the levels we expect and at gloating from other fans that had been saying Frank was not good enough, that he had enough time and should be out the door. From Chelsea people becoming almost insulting to a club legend. I felt our players were (with a few exceptions) nowhere near as good as many believed and that TT would find it hard to get enough out of them. On that last part I can admit I was clearly wrong and w
  8. As I mentioned above imo the only league game so far we have lost under TT is again by far the cr@pest side we have faced, WBA. Did we lose to them because they are good side? Nope, we lost because our attitude on the day sucked. Arsenal are slightly better than them, if our attitude sucks again we lose again. Since WBA and before our attitude has been superb so as long as we keep that up our quality should shine through. We go with the same attitude as against WBA aye I agree. Arsenal have nothing left to play for and embarrassed themselves against Villareal. This is he on
  9. There was a very real chance west ham could have been level with us. Now they are left hoping Leicester and liverpool blow up as their chances to catch us are slim to none. As was said earlier thank you don carlo.
  10. Big if but IF Everton win today then it would make it hard for anyone bar Leicester and liverpool to pass us
  11. Does Richarlison have the tools to be an assest in a TT team?
  12. If Everton want any hope of the european places they must win today.
  13. Given they won today our Hope's of catching them are slim to none so I hope United win the next two as it would be a big help to us.
  14. That only happens if United beat Leicster and Liverpool as they play both before city play again.
  15. How would you feel about United losing today, then tuesday, then thursday combined with us winning on wednesday to draw level with them 😉
  16. Could ask Pulisic to play the role and bring CHO in on the left. Will maintain a good level of pace that way. Not the same as Werner bit we wont be slow up top.
  17. Christensen picking up that injury is my main concern yes. He started his 6th game in a row yesterday. TT admitted it was a 50/50 call whether to start him or Zouma and in the end it was a mistake to start him. Dave is an iron man sure enough and Silva had one game off yesterday. Now we are down a defender from the pack. TT has done a really great job protecting our players but in order for us to be successful he needs the right people to make his system work. I think we can see of late he would prefer to have his back 3 be Christensen, Silva and Rudiger. Now he has lost one but for
  18. No I doubt it will happen. However the latter did make the bench yesterday and given TT has trusted Gilmour in the last 2 PL games maybe he has seen something in one of those 2 defenders that would allow Dave a rest. As we saw with Christensen yesterday we have to manage our players carefully with 2 big cup finals coming up and a long, hard season built up already.
  19. Not that he would ever consider doing so here but we showed Pep on two occasions making 8, and then 9, changes to his best 11 and playing a B team against us does not work. We have yet to see how we manage and follow TT directions against Cities best side. That side is the best in our league and will be really interesting to see how well we implement TT plans and tactics against such a team.
  20. Whatever happened to that PL rule that you need to field your strongest team for the competitions integrity? I remember years back Everton bringing that up and threatening to sue us if we rested players for a home game against Bolton ahead of the fa cup final when a Bolton win would relegate them. I imagine West ham, liverpool, Leicester etc are pretty unhappy City rested 9 players and started 9 deemed not good enough to face PSG.
  21. His decline was greatly exaggerated lol. I would guess he played at 50% today and still was the best midfielder on the park.
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