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  1. It was but was an unchallenged header. Zouma is a boss in the air he just got done on that one.
  2. Maybe take him out of the spotlight on Sunday and reward CHO for his goal with a spot on the left of Giroud and Ziyech. Timo, Tammy and maybe Pulisic are good attacking options from the bench.
  3. Had the normally reliable Zouma not lost his man all together would have got another clean sheet to cap a very good display.
  4. Time for Giroud to stake his claim. He scored a good goal at Newcastle but overall I feel Tammy was poor the last two games.
  5. Deserves more game time imo. Could be useful in roughing up Dier and Sanchez on sunday.
  6. Maybe needs a rest, cannot afford to miss chances like these against Spurs.
  7. Good, if Anthony Taylor had been involved we would have lost before kickoff.
  8. First 20 or so minutes we completely out classes them, they barley got a touch on the ball. Capped off by a lovely goal by CHO. After that they crept in to it. After half time was mostly all them as we tried to see out a 1-0. Nearly cost us until Giroud came up with another thumping header. Not the best performance in the end, Tammy was really poor for me and Werner was plain awful with Gronkjaer level control and Sutton esc finishing. Giroud deserves more game time.
  9. No rest for the wicked, Mount and Werner must be the most wicked of them all lol.
  10. Also why should we be punished for Spurs playing at home on thursday by this being a sunday game? Virtually all our players could not train with us till thursday night/friday morning ahead of going to newcastle on the saturday for a 1230 game. Is b*llsh*t when spurs will likely play B team players and dont have to travel at all that we get stuck with a sunday game and an incompetent biased ref, all the while VARchester United and LiVARpool continue to get helping hand after helping hand.
  11. Certainly does and it certainly is. If only we could block Anthony Taylor from our games.
  12. Key players to be sure. Though if Anthony Taylor is the ref he is by far their greatest assest.
  13. Not sure if those absent at Newcastle can play in this one. If so i would start Havertz and Silva and Pulisic on the bench. Mendy Azpi Zouma Silva Chilwell Kante Havertz Mount Ziyech Giroud Werner With 5 subs we can look to do the job and if we can get it done early can take off Mount, Havertz and Werner early too.
  14. You can add to that it looks like Sheff United and Fulham are doomed already and title appears in the bag for Liverpool. Was boring last season. May well be this one too
  15. Dont see there being a title race. Just a race for 2nd behind Liverpool.
  16. Not with VAR to help there favorite team. Yes Liverpool, that is you. Thst is why you made such a stick about pickford cause you are used to every single call helping you.
  17. I know the own goal yesterday for us was a big helping hand but jeez Liverpool and United get help every other game
  18. Then we may as well not show up. Does not matter how well we play that biased pr*ck always screws us. Can Leeds take advantage or will the 10 men steal it?
  19. On the subject of the blades, the last side to buy an ex chelsea youth striker from liverpool for a way over the top price got relegated, buying Brewster doomed them lol.
  20. Looks to me like Sheff United (cannot score enough), Fulham (cannot defend worth a lick) and West Brom (overall not good enough) are the ones to drop this season.
  21. Win this and we can go to Sevilla knowing avoiding defeat puts us in a great position to top the group.
  22. Job done, banana skin avoid. On another day Timo should score 3. Horrible seeing Sp*rs where they are....
  23. Early kick off after internationals makes this one extra difficult. Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea, wilson 67
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