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  1. Some reading online has put forward Pulisic injury has not fully healed and proved worse than first expected, we did seem to be too optimistic on his return given he came back on cruches. Also James is certainly out till after after international break at the earliest. Silva and Jorgi are carrying knocks and won't be 100%, Kante is not over the sickness he had and still does not "feel right". Mount not expected back for this one. Assuming that is correct guess that leaves us with something like: Mendy Chalobah Christensen Rudiger Dave Kova RLC Chilwell Havertz Lukaku CHO
  2. Bayerns was the complete performance. Like I have said before too many are ready to have that City display a 10+ out of 10, but for me it was an 8.5, still excellent but not as magnificent as Bayern were that day. The Germans attacking play and finishing was a cut above Cities and did not require a lucky goal to win the game. Don't get me wrong City made us look like ameturers and deserved to win, however they lacked in attack and a better Chelsea or Liverpool on Saturday will punish them if they play like that.
  3. Aside from facing United I would imagine this is the game Rom is very motivated for a good showing in.
  4. Great why are we always to blame lol. Really impressive runs, if that is what it will take I honestly don't feel we are at that standard yet. @Gol15 you got some serious competition buddy 😅
  5. It is also annoying that so much is being made about City and that their performance was "magnificent". It was not, if Jorgi gets a firmer deflection or none at all on that shot the game ends 0-0 because they wasted chance after chance against a side who produced a team display that Norwich would have been embarrassed by. What is the narrative then? So much of what City did was highly impressive, ball retention, first touch, creativity etc but it was so because we, bar Mendy, Silva ane Rudi, were complete and utter sh*t. Or to put it another way, if they miss chances like that when they go to Liverpool they are getting beat, cause Salah and Co won't be as whimpy in offence as we were.
  6. Still have some seriously good defenders they do, legendary ones like Chelleini and Bonucci, plus De ligt, there left back is supposedly pretty good too, what's his name?.... Adam Santos? Allan Sandros? Alec Santa?
  7. It is but just last season City bulldozed their way to 45 points out of 45, 15 wins on the Trott. If our aim is the title, we need to be able to put on long winning runs.
  8. Exactly. It may well be decisive that, against the elite of the PL who we have 4 games against, we only have 1 point from 6 so far. However we can certainly be in the race and keep ourselves close to the top by improving against the other 17 sides where we dropped far too many points against. We know City and pool are capable of mass winning runs burying the rest of the league sides, as title winners/contenders have to do. We will see how much we have progress, or not, in these 6 games.
  9. World has reached rocket in space about Spurs latest Spursy moment:
  10. That is part of the joy of being a Chelsea fan gol 🙂
  11. Would like to know how Jorgi and Kante are doing as both were not at it yesterday. Assuming Reece is out then I would look at this side, with replacements in brackets if said players are not 100% Mendy Chalobah Silva Rudiger Dave Jorgi (Christensen, Trev and him swap) Kante (Kova) Chilwell RLC Lukaku Pulisic (CHO) See how RLC does with a start in an attacking position.
  12. The result makes too much sense to me as it leaves both in strong positions. I agree though that we should be going all out for a win. If we can beat them then win the Malmo double header we give ourselves a chance to go to Russia in the last game with a B team and rest players who need it.
  13. When the fixtures came out a few said it was our hardest start to the league in a long time, possibly ever. While it is disappointing that run of 6 ended in a loss, how many of us would have been happy before a ball was kicked with 13 points out of 18, level with United and City, 1 point off table topping Liverpool? Hand on heart I would have been. So 2 title contenders, 3 London Derbies and a home game against the only side to beat us under TT away all in the book. Who's is next in the league? Saints (H) Brentford (A) Norwich (H) Newcastle (A) Burnley (H) Leicester (A) If we are serious about the title then that is a run of 6 games where, IF we turn up with the right attitude and desire to win the title, we really do need to claim all 18 points from. Hard working sides, some good individual quality in them too. No excuses though. If we want the title badly enough, if the players really want it, they will find a way to win these games as that is what Champions do. And we are champions of Europe, one bad game does not change that. Next game after that is United at home, let's take some momentum in to it, hope Taylor is not the ref and smash them. Come on Chelsea!
  14. Win 3 0-1 loose 3 3-0, it fits lol. We needed a laugh after yesterdays. Martinez and Fernandes stated it, Spurs have completed it.
  15. Saints can hold united and City but lose to Wolves. What's the betting they turn up full spoiler at our place next weekend too?
  16. He is walking that dangerous line between overly concerned and being a troll. @coco is likely keeping a close eye, ban hammer at the ready. Lol
  17. Aye fair enough, hopefully @LongtimerLurker is right:
  18. Rudi saying all the right things and showing to be a leader in the group: https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2021/9/26/22694006/rudiger-questions-chelseas-personality-physicality-warns-no-one-is-irreplaceable Shame we are likely losing his personality more than anything else at the end of the season. He seems to have become quite a leader.
  19. Ah that is a problem for next year, first off we need to see how we respond to this. That is what have been asking in other threads. Our team has form in turning on a manager and half a$$ing performances and going on bad runs, especially between October and January.
  20. I don't expect his finger to be near the trigger @Dean , like you put forward though Roman is a clever a savvy individual. It won't be lost on his that it began with just one bad performance under those previous managers that spiraled in to weeks and months of it. The players have form in this, deciding they have had enough of a particular manager, losing motivation and confidence, and then half a$$ing performances. I am hoping they don't do this with TT but honestly don't trust it not to happen again as it has so many times it is almost in the teams culture.
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