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  1. 2 hours ago, Brutos said:

    Building a team around mount 😳

    Our most successful era was built around another Chelsea boy who survived multiple managers.

    Captain. Leader. Legend.

  2. 17 hours ago, JM7 said:

    Interesting comments from Ralph Hasenhuttl who has worked with Timo.


    Most of the time when I have seen this is because of the reason that the game doesn't fit to him . The team didn't play in the way he can bring his best on the pitch, I think.

    He is definitely a player where you have to adapt your game on him. If you do this, he will give you everything you need from a striker.

    'But therefore, he has some qualities you really have to focus on. The good thing for him, I think at Leipzig when I was there, is we concentrated completely on his qualities.

    'With our quick transitions after winning the ball, it was perfect for our game. Also when he was with Julian [Nagelsmann], he was also scoring a lot of goals”


    In some ways, a top leve team and striker should be well balanced and play a number of ways. Also, It’s always been the way that we will have a lot of the ball which probably doesn’t suit his game. 

    Dont see us building a team around him so either he adapts or he moves on.

    Or we hire the Saints gaffa as our new manager lol.

  3. On top of the question whether Lamps will give CHO a deserved start today is the other one, will he take it and run with it?

    CHO has often looked good in  cameos but when given a chance to start, especially against good teams he has not delivered.

    We now need to see him do so, score, make goals, work his butt off both offensively and defensively. Make himself unstoppable because neither Pulisic nor Ziyech are pulling up trees so when CHO gets a chance he needs to make it impossible for Frank to drop him.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Osgoodwasgood said:

    All a bit negative Argo, we're 7th in the league 5 points behind City and Liverpool, but hey lets sack the manager after half a season with the players he's brought in. The fact is that there isn't really anyone suitable around, not anyone that is going to obviously make us champions and win the champions league and FA cup which is obviously what you're looking for.

    Not aimed data anyone in particular, however a fair few on here have already decided Frank is not the right man for the job and think he should  be replaced. I believe, if fans were allowed, those at the Bridge and our away fans would be a lot different.

  5. 38 minutes ago, Slojo said:

    Is there any history of strikers having terrible seasons then afterwards they're scoring for fun? 

    I'm trying to be hopeful. I think it's so silly to write him off considering his age, first season, etc. But when you look at the chances he's missing, and then on top of that the history we have with forwards who lose their confidence? I can't help but be concerned. 

    I think all of us here can agree with this, when you saw Werner through on goal against Fulham you knew he wasn't scoring that. That's exactly what happened with Morata and Torres, I don't even have faith in him to score chances like that. f**k me... 

    Aye I smiled, only question was does it go wide? At the keeper? Off the post?

    But in the back of the net? Nah, not our Timo the Entertainer. What way can he mess up this chance is the question lol. 

    The Fulham keeper could have been lying back on a deck chair, off to the side sipping a pina colada and better chance Timo kocks the drink out of his hand than finds the empty net lol.

    We need the comic relief though I mean it has been pretty miserable of late on here.

  6. 1 hour ago, The Brit said:

    Sky have just replayed highlights of league cup final loss to Man City two years ago. I forgot how well we played that day, helped by Hazard being the star of the show and Kante still with lots of energy.
    Not doing a sarri v Lampard comparison as the former played a lot of dull football and relied on hazard a lot. But watching these extensive highlights hammered it home again to me: what progress have we made in two years? Still Nowhere near title challengers and scrapping for cl qualification. 
    I’m not laying the blame all at Lampard’s door, though I’m increasingly disappointed in the job he’s doing this season having stuck by him since day one. Just feels as a club we can’t get our mojo back to being a genuinely top side and I do wonder when we will be again.

    Teams who win big trophies these days need a lot of the right ingredients. A big one is a top class goalkeeper. The competition is too fierce to lack here.

    Go through title winners of late and, to a degree, CL winners and they have that. Liverpool did not win major honors under Klopp till they got Allison for example. 

    We dont have that block to build on. Mendy is good, but not title winning good in my opinion.

    Until we get one we wont be winning the title of CL again imo. 

    That is just the start however, you do need more.

  7. 1 hour ago, Scott Harris said:

    If you want to understand why we struggle so much, just watch this game now. Liverpool are constantly moving, when they don't see space to play through, they don't turn around and play it back to defense, their players will run at the opposition and wait for a gap to appear. Their full backs and wingers are constantly running at players when they have the ball or they are moving all over and waiting for the midfielders to play the pass.

    Liverpool don't let up, whereas we just play way too slow and way too safe. We'll never start competing again until this mindset changes.

    Are you saying you dont enjoy seeing Silva, Zouma, Rudiger or Christensen passing the ball to each other a 1000 times entertaining Scott?

  8. 1 hour ago, axman2526 said:

    Given Frank said he had Leicester is mind when he picked yesterday's side I am expecting some changes.

    James for Dave

    Zouma for Rudiger

    Kante for Jorginho 

    CHO for Ziyech

    Abraham for Giroud


    Am expecting the usual system with
















    Though I would rather see a 4-2-3-1

















  9. He is the comic relief in our team at the moment. A first touch that would make Lukaku blush, and you can be pretty sure if he takes a shot on it will miss the target. 

    It is clear his confidence is gone. Yes we are not playing to the strengths of his game, does not help, but that makes little difference when he gets clear chances and cannot even work the keeper.

    Our attack was so impressive, now it is impotent 

  10. 8 hours ago, Osgoodwasgood said:

    It's funny how people see the game differently Axeman,although i fully respect your opinion i thought Kovacic was poor, and has been all season, a shadow of the player we saw last term. He frustrates me as he gets in some threatening positions but often his end product lets him down.

    I'd like to see Mason and Billy given a chance as the pivotal midfield, not much height agreed but both reasonably quick on the ball and plenty of energy. 

    Our build up play is far to ponderous of late, we need to move it quicker with less passing in my opinion

    He was rubbish before Jorginho was subbed Ossie, and has been most of the season I agree. I just thought he played pretty darn good after Tammy came on. 

  11. Frank needed the win, in the end that is the most important thing. 

    A lot of understandable unhappiness on here from the game. One positive I noticed though was how much better Kovacic was as part of a midfield 2.

    He seemed to get extra drive from having the responsibility and I noticed him in more offensive and defensive areas doing a better job.

    Mason put in a shift. Unlucky to hit the bar, deserved his goal.

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