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  1. Yeah if this is at all possible, why not? Not sure he gives Jose the work rate he is looking for, but he may just improve of finishing line enough to make it worth while in the short term.
  2. http://www.insidefutbol.com/2014/01/27/chelsea-scout-takes-in-giannelli-imbula-and-arsene-wenger-admired-florian-thauvin-performances-with-marseille-watching-trip/124143/
  3. Hazard is having a very, very good season, but not as influential as Juan was in his first two years here for me. Difference being the team was built around Juan to be the main man, Hazard has to put in a shift like everyone else in Jose's system.
  4. You do have to wonder though is Jose really going to discuss who the club want to sign with any member of the squad? It just does not seem like something he would do. Maybe he would give the players a heads up a day before that we have agreed such and such for a player before the press knows but still. May just get our hopes up for naught. If it is true I would say is most likely a deal for Kurt Zouma, with him staying in France on loan till the summer.
  5. Be about 40mill that deal right. Add that to Ozil and...would that not be trying to buy the league Arsene? You complained for years about us using our wealthy to do that, how is it different for you? cause you get the money by ripping off your own fans rather than from a wealthy owner?
  6. There will likely be more, if we are selling Mata and not signing anyone it makes no sense at all. KdB basically balanced out the Matic deal.
  7. Would be amazed but I highly doubt it. Jose said no changes up front, he also said he did not want to sell Mata. So yeah, I guess you cannot trust a word out of Jose's mouth, though I do believe he loves being at our club.
  8. Yikes if that comes off then Arsenal really broke their recent mode of not signing big players for lots of cash.
  9. Given how little he plays it would make sense if we allow him to go at the right price. Until the summer Schurrle would act as our 3rd striker. We could not argue if we managed to get a 25mill fee for KdB, but I somehow think we will end up with around 10mill. Clubs are rarely willing to pay us a fair price and we usually are not mean enough to force the issue by threatening to keep the player.
  10. ""I keep saying I know what I am building at the club. I know that next summer will be a moment for us to go to a couple of clinical buys to improve definitely our team in that direction" Jose after Southampton game today. Furthering my belief we already have something lined up for the forward position.
  11. I am more and more convinced that we have a forwarded lined up for the Summer. The fact we are not looking for one in Jan, Etoò likely off to the US and Ba likely to be sold, makes me think we have plans already afoot.
  12. http://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2013/12/31/5262024/mourinho-claims-chelsea-will-not-buy-a-striker-in-january
  13. Let the collection of attacking midfielders continue! Still at least we have also been linked with some strikers and deeper midfield players in the build up to the Jan window too.
  14. PSG do seem to be tracking Juan, they are linked with him the most. Have to question whether, in order to get his main targets, Jose has to raise funds to keep the FFP books in order. He also likes a squad to be a certain size. Given Jose has shown a preference for Hazard, Oscar and sometimes Willian/Schurrle ahead of Juan, as well as JT and Cahill before David Luiz, it would make sense that two highly valued assets like them would be linked away while others are linked to us.
  15. If we signed him now, no I would not be. If we wait a couple of years and he hits a decline ala Torres then yes I would be. The 50mill albatross has long since weighed on our necks.
  16. People say the same of Saurez but yet most on here would love us to sign him right about now... Plenty outside of us would also have called Didier that as well.
  17. Now it would be interesting to see the defensive/goals conceded version of the graph you put up.
  18. Stoke fall in to the category of creating little and converting few of the little and yet still put 3 past us. Though given the amount of late winners we have gotten against them I guess they were due a luck reversal.
  19. Hazard was outstanding today, no doubt about that. We need him to keep that up, were it not for him we would have lost today.
  20. Could be wrong but just do not see it this window.
  21. Then who would be the one to go in the one comes in one goes Jose way?
  22. Agreed ForeverCarefree, I can see them wanting Moses but that would likely only knock off 10mill from the price and we would still end up stumping up 35mill odd.
  23. You are pretty accurate with what you have predicted of late Star but this sounds more like you having a laugh rather than believing the source which you talk about. Suarez is better than what we have, but no way do I see 2 of our players going there plus cash for him.
  24. Luiz to United? lol http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/manchester-united-transfers-david-luiz-2230372
  25. Article calls Torres and "top quality replacement" for Saurez so think it may be a little off the mark there lol.
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