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  1. Shocking and on so many levels. Pass, pass, pass, sideways, sideways then back, then forward, lose the ball and ouch. Sorry (Sarri) football, it's lost on me or am I missing something. Dull to watch even when we win which doesn't look likely most of the time I'm afraid to say.
  2. New one year contract...... not before time!!
  3. And talking of Brighton away.... Kerry's first Kerry's second Just the odd Chelsea here 'n' there !
  4. My memory isn't that great these days so I'm struggling, but the picture shows the away end packed and our coach of 40 something couldn't have been the only ones in the seats. Only reason I say that is because we were vocal before and all through the game and there was no trouble so with that logic there had to be more than just us 40 odd. I wouldn't be surprised if there were 11,000+ as our away support that year was awesome. I'm sure it's been mentioned in this thread, our second league game of that season down at Brighton, f**king thousands of us packed into that sh*t hole of a ground. I remember a guy telling me that his feet barely touched the floor for most of the second half being that we were packed in so tight. Still.... there's nothing quite like a day at the seaside
  5. Couldn't agree more, they sure were happy days! There was 40 or so of us in the seats giving it large vocals that day and when I looked to my right that picture was what I saw, f**king excellent.
  6. This the one you're on about I guess CB. For some reason the quality has taken a nose dive, don't ever remember us playing on a black pitch!! If you'd like a better version drop me your email and I'll send over the actual jpeg.
  7. I haven't checked but I'm 99% sure I'll have the programme in my collection and I have a scanner to boot. So........ leave it with me and I'll see what I can sort out if ya like !
  8. Had trouble sleeping last night and as a result I found myself standing in front of my DVD collection at 03:30hrs. Being unsure of what I wanted to watch I closed my eyes, reached out and took the first one that came to hand. I wasn’t disappointed with my choice as I had picked out Fargo. Been a few years since I had seen it but nervertheless thoroughly enjoyed it all over again.
  9. Don’t judge the quality of your life by the content of your wallet.

  10. Don’t judge the quality of your life by the content of your wallet.

  11. Torres is back!! Sorry... I mean Torres should be left back in the changing room, permanently.
  12. The time to worry about Suarez signing for us is when: 1) He's consistently playing sh*t 2) He's lost what pace he had 3) His second touch is a tackle That’s when Roman will get his wallet out.
  13. Was standing in the Shed that day in the middle, right at the back. When we scored our first goal the place went crazy of course and we all spilled over backwards on the walkway jumping up and down like loonies. A young female copper who was on her own (which was odd) got caught up in the madness and I remember this one guy grabbing hold of her and giving her a great big kiss. When he released his grip on her he shouted out ‘sorry but we’ve just scored against Liverpool’. Luckily for him she took it all in good spirit, smiling and straightening her hat. Remember it like it was yesterday, strange what sticks in the old grey matter sometimes hey!

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