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Being born at the arse end of the 50’s, my Mother died 3 weeks after my birth due to complications of her labour. That left my Father with the responsibility of bringing up my 2 sisters, my one brother and me. Knowing he’d not be able to cope he handed me over to the state where I was taken into care but never adopted so my childhood was brief to say the least. The one thing I did know at the time was that I loved football and to this day I don’t know what drew me to Chelsea but something did. Come Saturdays if we were playing at the Bridge I’d run away from the care home and make my way to the ground sneaking onto public transport and dodging ticket inspectors, I started doing this when I was 7yrs old. I’d eventually get back to the care home where I’d be roundly beaten with a strap or anything else that came to hand. My ‘carers’ had the bright idea of locking me in a room once Saturday morning breakfast was done with. To combat this I’d just disappear Friday afternoon ending up breaking into the ground staffs hut of the local park and spending the night there. And in the middle of January it was no f**king picnic I can tell ya!! Eventually they gave up trying to stop me and just let me get on with it.

What made me do this, a sense of belonging, the magical feeling of match day, being with my Chelsea ‘family’, who f**king knows I just knew I was happiest when I was there. Most of the time I was able to sneak into the ground usually just after kickoff as most people’s eyes were focused on the pitch. Mind you the older I got the harder it became but even if I didn’t get in I’d stand outside listening to the crowd cheering and signing along with the oo’s and arr’s of the near misses. I always knew when we had scored as the roar from the Shed End would leave you in no doubt. Anyway, that's just a small insight into my devotion of Chelsea Football Club.

Once I started to earn a few bob I started to go to away matches. I got caught up in all the violence that was back then through missed guided loyalties to the club and my fellow supporters. Not my finest hour I’ll freely admit but even today if someone wants to give me a slap for wearing the blue of Chelsea then I’m more than happy to entertain them!! You might think that’s just macho bollox on my part but quite frankly you can think what you like on that score.

All I ask from you lot is for some respect whether you agree with what I have to say or not. And never ever question my allegiance to my club, my family that is Chelsea FC, my religion that is Chelsea FC and my church that is Stamford Bridge!!!

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