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  1. I feel sorry for your friend but honestly i think you are being a bit over sensetive because it's recent. My father died of cancer too and i couldnt bear hearing that word for months but some years passed and i got used to it. On topic now.. I really cannot see FSW benching Torres again, i just feel sorry for Ba who gave us a great performance and now will be benched. Hope i'm wrong ofcourse.
  2. I hate FSW and i dislike Torres. My opinion, my problem.
  3. Im happy Torres found his form as a bencher and i hope he keeps it up!
  4. I can't wait for the day to come when this thread will be irrelevant or deleted.
  5. It's too much to ask for Drogba but i think, no, i am sure Kalou is a better striker.
  6. FSW has to drop Torres into a hole 500ft deep without any goal in the whole because he would MISS THE FALL. And then jump after Torres.
  7. FSW and Alice, leave my beloved club FFS. LEAVE US ALONE.
  8. I am pointing to the guys who still think Torres will deliver. I am saying this pretty much since the QPR game but almost nobody really agreed with me.
  9. Yes, he was voted player of the season. This is something to laugh AND cry about. Take off your blue tinted glasses(or blonde in this occasion)guys and admit that Torres never is/was/will be the player we paid for.
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