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    mez reacted to Bluesince66 in Chelsea v Wolves (PL) Wed 27th Jan 2021 18:00 GMT   
    Well after a hectic upsetting day or so hopefully we can get of with a winning start under Tuchel, KTBFFH.

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    mez reacted to Ballack & Blu in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    On an über positive note, cant wait for the match thread tomorrow, it'll be like a creche on Calpol, till the 10th minute, lol
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    mez reacted to coco in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    this was the other option, but i calmed down.

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    mez reacted to coco in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    its called transition, what you expect me to unfollow the club and moan about the manager, no mate, thats what makes me loyal.
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    mez reacted to coco in Official Thomas Tuchel   
    ? why ? i follow the club, back the managers, whats hard to understand ?
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    mez reacted to JM7 in Chelsea v Wolves (PL) Wed 27th Jan 2021 18:00 GMT   
    Sounds bad but I’m actually looking forward to this game now as the team might have some fight. I’m hoping there’s a new manager bounce. 
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    mez reacted to Valhalla in Super Frank Lampard   
    Long time lurker and sorry for jumping on when a manager has just been sacked. 
    There's a lot of bad comparisons and assumptions being made that I just have to give my thoughts.
    We shouldn't want a long term manager just for the sake of having one. It should be the right person who has proven himself. Lampard has no past experience to back him up and his football was unremarkable even when we went through winning spells playing against teams that should be a division below us. 
    Conte f**ked up for various reasons, Sarri wanted to leave. Now whether you want to take the risk and see if Lampard can get out of this mess is up to you. I would have liked to see him finish the season but it could also mean missing out on top 4. I don't blame the board for sacking him but for hiring him if they had doubts since the beginning. 
    Comparing him to Ole and Klopp is ridiculous when they have past experience to back them up. Lampard probably wouldn't have got the job if it wasnt for the transfer ban so it may have been a short term investment since the beginning in the board's eyes. 
    There is no right or wrong in this situation. 
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    mez reacted to Osgoodwasgood in Super Frank Lampard   
    Yes with a squad that could field two sides that would finish in the top five in the premier league, in a league where you get a handful of tricky games all season, Nothing like the premiership.
    I could have won a trophy at Madrid with the resources he has at his disposure.
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    mez reacted to cfcforeverfan in Super Frank Lampard   
    i would be the first to sing his name as loud as i could if he is back
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    mez reacted to Scott Harris in Super Frank Lampard   
    I couldn't look past what could have been when Lampard was hired. The dream of him lifting trophies as our manager was outweighing any thoughts of him being a failure. Now that things have gone down hill, it really f**king sucks. This situation feels so bad that I kind of never want to see a club legend take on the job again. Seeing Lampard sacked really could drain away the rest of my passion for game, even if that decision turns out to be the best move for the club. 
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    mez reacted to TomCFC85 in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    There is no cohesion, no understanding or awareness.
    This may sound like excuses but how do you utilise a player like Werner if no one passed to him when he's making runs?
    We have neutered some of Europe's most promising and successful attacking talents.
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    mez reacted to Munkworth in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    Football wise or eye candy wise?
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    mez reacted to Zeta in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    So sick and tired of how easy it is to attack against us. There is never any midfield protection, it';s a simple ball between our midfielders and all of a sudden they have acres of space running at our back 4. Tactically woeful.
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    mez reacted to loz in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    Maybe for the best all round to be honest. Both for him and the club. He needs to drop back down a league or two to try and rebuild his reputation as a manager. 
    You'd take Brendan Rogers in a heart beat to try and stabilise the club. A manager who picks a team rather than players and who knows what type of player works for him. Leicester are organised and know their game. We are the total opposite. On performance you wouldn't put a single one of our players in this Leicester team.
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    mez reacted to acidicleo in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    Hope he is put of his misery soon..
    Dont want to see fans turning really badly against a club legend...
    I think we can still claim top 4 from here with the right manager..
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    mez reacted to Munkworth in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    It’s like one of my jokes though, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry!
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    mez reacted to loz in Leicester v Chelsea (PL) Tues 19th Jan 2021 20:15 GMT   
    I think Silva has to play unless he is genuinely puffing.  Agree with your other changes. Pulisic would be the one I'd drop. I suspect Giroud will be benched too. I'd drop Kovacic too and bring in Gilmour or Havertz. 
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    mez reacted to RickUK in Super Frank Lampard   
    For the people thinking there is no truth in his job being at risk?  Do you remember who our owner is, he does not make decisions based on sentiment. Liam Twomey and Simon Johnson do have sources at the club. So I would have caution to dismiss the report that quick.  We are 3 points off Spurs yes, and also 3 pts off 12th.   Too many people, and i myself may be included, are judging Lampard because of their affection for him as a player and his club legend status.  You have to ignore that and focus solely on him as a manager - He seems out of ideas and has no clue what to do.  Jody Morris is useless aswell
    We all want him to turn it around, and stay here as long as he wants, but the job does seem too big for him.   And i can guarantee if this was Scolari, AVB, Sarri, or Avram Grant etc , EVERYONE would have the knives out wanting them sacked.  And dont deny it
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    mez reacted to Slojo in Super Frank Lampard   
    I've pretty much already said it after the game, but my verdict on it right now. Time to go. 

    I see no evidence that Frank can turn this around and I can only see it getting worse. We should jump ship now while we can still salvage a good season. And if by some miracle he turns this around and we get some good results, I don't trust in his managerial ability that the exact same thing isn't going to happen again in the following season. Do I think he's the only problem? No. He's no doubt had it very hard compared to a lot of other managers and football is currently in a very strange climate. But it's no excuse to be playing so badly for well over a month now. On paper we have a very good team with quality players, but they're not being utilised effectively. 

    If you're sick of sacking managers and want something different, okay, I raise you this. Why Frank? Just forget about who he is for a minute, the player, why do we put all our eggs in one basket for a man who has won nothing, and started his managerial career just over 2 years ago? City and Liverpool both brought in top managers for the long term and gave them big contracts because Klopp and Pep can provide evidence in their CV's that they know how to build title winning teams. Frank doesn't have any of that. He doesn't deserve that luxury of time when he has no evidence that as a manager that he can turn this around and get this group of players winning things. On paper, Frank is the most unqualified manager we've had under Abramovich. 

    It isn't just results, it's about the dire football situation and how badly these players are underperforming. There appears to be no identity or way of going forward from here. It all looked good before the Leeds game, no doubt about it. But it's a bit of a coincidence that as soon as we started playing teams in the top 10, winning games became impossible. What's that now? 1 win in the last 8 games? Yikes. Overall, as a unit, I see little to no improvement from last season despite spending over 200 million on players and bringing top profile targets. Defending is better for sure, but what happened to the attack? If it's not one problem then it's another. 

    So, I say, nip it in the bud before it gets any worse, this current situation isn't helping anyone. I think currently it's going to be difficult to get a high-profile manager right now, so I hope the club has a shortlist of candidates who can take the reins and salvage this season. It's happened plenty of times before and it's worked out well, all besides one time, Hiddink part two. But even then, we ended up winning the league the season after. People on here act as though if you want the manager gone, you're being hyperbolic and it's all doom and gloom, on the contrary, I think some of you act like it's all doom and gloom if we sack Lampard, and that's it, nothing can get better, we've reached a low point. When realistically, it could be the complete opposite. 

    Love him as a player, as a bloke, but as a manager, he's not cut out for it. I say it with my chest, I think it's time to go, the sooner the better. 
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    mez reacted to Scott Harris in Super Frank Lampard   
    I really do think it is more of a tactical issue than the players being bad right now, and that doesn't look good for Lampard.
    I have said this a few times over the past few years now, why are we playing a style of football that doesn't suit the majority of our players? We have been playing possession based football since Sarri was bought in, but who have we bought in to fit that style of football? One player, Jorginho. Even the summer signings were all bought from clubs that don't play that type of football, so why are we persisting with it? It just makes no sense too me. 
    We buy Werner, Havertz, Chilwell, Silva and Ziyech. None of them played for teams that played possession based football that I can remember, so why the f**k are we sticking with it? You play the system that gets the best out of your players, but we haven't been doing that for years now.
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    mez reacted to Slojo in Super Frank Lampard   
    Difference is Avram only managed a small sample of games. Besides that, the stats there tell a good story about our previous managers. Not the whole story, but that offers some perspective at least doesn't it. 54 games and only half of them are won, that's not good is it? 
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    mez reacted to icecoolguy22 in Super Frank Lampard   
    That Avram Grant is quite a manager, isn't he? Bet we could use him right now. I read Drogba's book, he said Grant didn't do much ( a compliment on him being smart), but hired experienced assistant manager and coaches to run the day to do. We look at Lampard, his coaching team is just as inexperienced as he is, definitely missing something. We talk about player's  strength, Werner similar to Rashford, would strieve on early through balls into space. United is and has figured that out and play to their stength, and they are winning games. We are still playing the ball around at walking pace, and I'm not even going to talk about Werner playing on the wing.
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    mez reacted to Slojo in Super Frank Lampard   
    This is not good. He's tied with AVB for the worst Chelsea manager for PPG record. 
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    mez reacted to Gol15 in Super Frank Lampard   
    I think that many fans won't be happy with this 50% win rate, if it continues in this specific manner that is.
    That goal that Villa scored was a very stupid goal for us to concede, it's crazy how a big team like us can allow something like that to happen, it makes us look so bad and so naive.
    That should have never ever happen to us, nor to any big team for that matter. First the handball not being called and Kante being a passenger because of it, then the collision between Christensen and Grealish after which Grealish stands up while our CB doesn't, and a simple cross to the far post that nobody covered. It's hard  to find a script that bad.
    With Sarri there was a big problem when we couldn't manage to score first. But if we did score first I felt that we might just win the game.
    Now when we score first we seem happy to let the opposition come back into the game, exactly on their own terms. That's just not being competitive enough and it's not acceptable.
    We're too nice towards the opposition and I'm not the first one to say it. Nobody is afraid to take on our players, even Arsenal kids and even when Kepa isn't playing. The opposition uses whatever means to get ahead, while at the same time we look uncomfortable while having a lead... Instead of playing smart and looking for an opening and to use the pace of Pulisic/CHO, we look scared while we're leading!
    We have now a strange mentality and I think that if Lampard doesn't address that, it won't matter who he plays or who he buys.
    Maybe the one thing that Ziyech brings part from his vision is his balls (no pun intended), he just doesn't give a sh*t! You see him out there you know that he thinks he's better than the guys on the other side of the pitch!
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    mez reacted to Slojo in Super Frank Lampard   
    So if we finish bottom half of the table, in his 2nd year with over 200 million spent. You won't judge Lampard? You won't think there's anyone else better who can make use of this squad? 

    I completely understand it's a transition season, but there has to be limits here, we need to see improvement and a key identity/strategy, it's all gone to pot again. I won't accept it if we can't make top 4 this season, absolutely no reason why we shouldn't, or at the very least challenge for it. If we are finishing midtable that's absolutely piss poor. 
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